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Chapter 266: Breakthrough! Bloodline Limitations!

Chapter 266: Breakthrough! Bloodline Limitations!
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Golden Blood was a treasure that could be used to increase the purity of one’s bloodline!

Among the treasures Marvin knew about, Golden Blood was the safest one for breaking through bloodline limitations.

It was the most precious secret of Rocky Mountain’s Sorcerers.

Marvin was able to awaken his Sorcerer bloodline thanks to Ding’s help.

But he had to face the bloodline limitations afterwards!

His Shapeshift Sorcerer class was limited to level 5, which if considered alone would be at the boundary of the 1st rank.

Without a special opportunity, his Shapeshift Sorcerer level would never increase beyond that.

For Marvin, Shapeshift Sorcerer was a very useful sub-class.

Night Walker and Ranger were his main classes. His final advancement, Ruler of the Night, was quite powerful, but the Shapeshift Sorcerer class would still be very good for complementing its strength.

Earlier, Marvin was able to lead everyone through the blockade by relying on the powerful Shapeshift of the Shapeshift Sorcerer!

Whether it was a Night Walker or Ranger, they didn’t have the ability to forcefully break through a battlefield.

Thus, Marvin had always been paying attention to methods that could help his Shapeshift Sorcerer class break through.

And with Lorie using such an attractive bargaining chip, he couldn’t help but be tempted.

It had to be known that this thing was very rare in Rocky Mountain.

Without the three sisters’ permission, others couldn’t even think of buying it!


As for assassinating Tess, after assessing it for a bit, he came to the conclusion that it wasn’t as risky as it seemed.

Even if the Dark Races were powerful, they still relied more on numbers.

There weren’t that many experts. As long as they weren’t entangled with those especially crazy freaks, stealthily approaching, assassinating, and then fleeing should still be feasible.

Marvin was a 4th rank expert after all. And the power of the Night Walker class had already been shown countless times.

As for Tess herself, even if she was the Black Dragon God’s Apostle, she should be using a lot of Divine Power in order to maintain [Shroud the Sun].

The power she could display was limited.

As long as the plan was suitable, they wouldn’t necessarily have a low chance of success.

Moreover, Lorie promised Marvin that he would have two capable partners to help complete the mission.

And even if Lorie’s magic power was unstable, she could still interfere with Tess’ divination spells.

That way, she could most effectively ensure the safety of the trio of assassins.

After they agreed on a time, Marvin temporarily left the city wall and went to the Demon’s Hand Camp to rest.


"Marvin, he is a lot more elegant than I imagined!"

Just after Marvin’s silhouette disappeared from the city wall, Lorie’s composed and calm attitude went through a huge change!

Her eyes were dreamy as she covered them with her hands. "I almost couldn’t keep up the appearances!"

"He is certainly the hero who destroyed the Underworld. He really is so handsome!"

Ding frowned and said, "He only destroyed the Decaying Plateau, how is that the entire Underworld!"

"Is there a difference?" Lorie blinked and replied, still smitten, "Didn’t you see him accept my request, he really is a gentleman."

The Fortune Fairy hatefully and angrily retorted, "That was because you offered Golden Blood in exchange!"

"That shameless guy sure knows how to take advantage of an innocent girl!"

Lorie suddenly said worriedly, "Big Sis said she wanted to put him on the fiancé list… What should I do if he becomes my brother-in-law?"

Ding was speechless.

She already couldn’t keep up with the young girl’s thoughts, which were all over the place.

Then, she asked with an odd expression, "By the way, where did you get [Golden Blood]?"

Lorie beamingly answered, "Sis set some aside for me last time. She told me to use it to break through, but I don’t think I need it."

"I have a feeling that Sir Marvin needs it more!"

Ding felt like coughing blood!

That was Golden Blood!

It was a treasure Jessica had to risk her life to get. How could it be given away like that? And for an assassination?

"Oh yeah, in order to increase the chances of success of the mission, I decided to give him the Golden Blood first and let him raise his strength before the assassination."

"...Ding? Are you okay?"

Lorie shook the already fainted Fortune Fairy.

The latter didn’t answer and kept playing dead.


Demon’s Hand.

The organization of Rocky Mountain’s Sorcerers. When the South Wizard Alliance was established, the first thing they did was exile all Sorcerers.

The Wizards believed Sorcerers’ magic came from the Devils or the Demons. They were a group of people walking on the edge of wickedness, and extremely unreliable.

They expelled all Sorcerers, and ultimately, the banished Sorcerers gathered in Rocky Mountain under the call of a mysterious power.

The Sorcerers that had been pushed around began to unite.

They established their own organizations and Demon’s Hand was the most famous one among them.

Demon’s Hand had an independent area and land in Hope City. Their buildings were odd and eccentric, not sticking to one pattern.

This was because the Sorcerers had come from all over before gathering there, so they had all kinds of customs.

These customs even spread and were inherited by their descendants.

In short, Rocky Mountain was a place where all kind of social customs mixed together.

Walking through a street you could feel like you just crossed a continent after rounding a corner.

The Demon’s Hand Camp was set up in the east of the city.

It was the place where Sorcerers exchanged knowledge, but it was also the place where Sorcerers who signed the agreement to develop Hope City would gather.

Sorcerers were powerful. In times of war, they would display abilities that were hard to imagine.


Marvin found the VIP lounge under the guidance of a Knight.

He needed to wait for the two other experts there.

Everything needed was available in the lounge, and there were four or five separate rooms. Marvin chose one and went in to rest.

This trip through the Underdark to Rocky Mountain, and then breaking through the blockade afterwards, used up a large amount of his energy.

He urgently needed some sleep to replenish his energy.

Two hours later, he was woken by a feeling of hunger.

He went to the lounge to find something to eat.

The food supplied in Rocky Mountain was pretty good, or at least it was in the VIP lounge.

At that time, there was someone else in the lounge.

She was wearing a flaming red dress with a plunging neckline, exposing her fair skin.

She was quite beautiful and radiated sex appeal. It felt like the more you looked at her, the more you would become engrossed in it.

‘High Charisma…’

Marvin froze.

This woman’s Charisma was definitely above 25!

As everyone knew, Charisma was as important to Sorcerers as Dexterity was to Thieves or Rangers.

With such high Charisma, she must be a pretty powerful Sorceress.

A Sorceress appearing in an assassination unit wasn’t strange. The needed to penetrate deeply into the enemy lines. Without a caster, how would they be able to escape once the deed was done?

Legs wouldn’t be able to outrun spells after all.

"Hey, you must be that Mister Robin they talked about. I heard you were a Druid that is also talented in the assassination field."

The woman took the initiative to greet him. "I am Daisy."

Marvin faintly nodded, not too affected by the 25 Charisma ability [Boundless Attraction]. He only coldly said, "Robin."

When he talked with Lorie, Marvin already emphasized that he didn’t want to expose his true identity.

The young girl also understood Marvin’s request. From the start, he was just considered a mysterious master that had suddenly emerged.

Daisy was apparently a good talker and was different from a lot of ignorant and solitary Sorcerers. She was very good at communicating.

In a few minutes, she told the details she knew about the assassination mission to Marvin.

She also said there was another expert, apparently named [Xiu], who was the only actual Assassin of their team.

Xiu’s class was [Ace Assassin]. He was above level 18 and had the strength of a Half-Legend powerhouse.

If Marvin didn’t join, Lorie intended to have these two people conduct the operation, but Marvin joining would increase the success rate of the mission.

After all, Kate had known about Marvin’s Night Walker class, and its powerful assassination abilities weren’t inferior to an Ace Assassin’s.

As [Great Hero Marvin]’s number one fan, Lorie would definitely not miss those details.


They discussed in the lounge for a while, but the Assassin Xiu had yet to arrive.

Instead, another Knight arrived.

"Sir Robin, the thing you required is here. Young Lady Lorie said that you must be ready before 8 tonight."

That Knight was holding a box in his hand and gently handed it over to Marvin.

Marvin’s heart skipped a beat!

This was the Golden Blood?!

Giving it to him in advance?

He excused himself to Daisy and returned to his room with the box.

After locking the room to ensure that no one would bother him, he opened it.

Inside the box was a container of liquid.

Once he opened the lid, a sweet fragrance spread out.

The portion of Golden Blood looked like golden water. It was definitely a worthy treasure.

It could purify a Sorcerer’s bloodline, and using it would help break through one’s bloodline limitations!

Marvin was moved. He opened his stats window and unhesitantly spent 23000 experience on Shapeshift Sorcerer!

Thus, his Shapeshift Sorcerer class reached level 5 and couldn’t be leveled again with experience.

Then, he gently brought the container to his lips and drank it down in one gulp.

The liquid entered his body.

Marvin began to feel heat.

A mysterious power kept spreading through his body. This was the same feeling as that time on the snow mountain.

Back then, he was unconscious when he awakened his Shapeshift Sorcerer class.

But this time, Marvin was completely clear-headed.

He could feel a mysterious power awakening in his body.

A series of logs flashed in front of him:

[With the help of some mysterious liquid, you broke through your bloodline limitations.]

[Your Shapeshift Sorcerer class broke through the 2nd rank, you automatically reached level 6 without spending experience.]

[Your class specialty Boundless Shapeshifting obtained a new shape…]

Marvin blinked in surprise. At level 6, Shapeshift Sorcerer surprisingly got a new shape!