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Chapter 268: Assassination

Chapter 268: Assassination
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Lion Town changed a lot after the Underdark’s forces invaded.

The big Ankhegs turned this place into a bunch of tunnels and pits. The houses on the street were leaning at strange angles.

Because they had the protection from Shroud the Sun, the creatures from the Underdark weren’t weakened as much. But they were still used to living in caves, not in humans’ houses.

A spacious cave was dug under a small hill in the western part of Lion Town.

Bright light was emitting from the cave, and from time to time, a series of blood-curdling screams could be heard.

If your Listen skill was high enough, you could even hear the sounds of whipping.

Marvin listened from a distance and couldn’t help but feel cold.

Even if he already knew Drows had bad characters, experiencing it himself was a bit different.

This was Tess’ temporary dwelling, and was also used as a base of a operations.

A squad of Dark Elves were guarding outside the cave, watching their surroundings meticulously.

This made it hard for Marvin to approach.

His Stealth was really high, but high level Drows had quite frightening Perception, and there were so many.

They could even notice the wind blowing on grass.

Even the more specialized Ace Assassin Xiu shouldn’t be able to sneak past this group of Drows, not to mention a Ranger like Marvin.

They needed to find another way.

Although Marvin didn’t know Xiu’s location, he was convinced that guy had already made a move.

‘Such a proud person, he probably can’t wait to show his strength.’

‘Tssk… Saying you don’t need anyone’s help. Then surely you won’t mind people watching your show if they don’t help?’ Marvin sarcastically thought.

Even if Marvin was a loner before and he never liked collaborating with those overly proud players, he also wasn’t that kind of person.

Having good skills could make someone arrogant? Baaaah!

Marvin stood there, not moving.

He knew he only needed to wait and the Ace Assassin would deal with this problem.

And just as expected, three minutes later, on a spacious street of Lion Town, two Fomorians suddenly appeared!

These two Fomorians were pretty fast. They were holding onto each other, surprisingly fighting!

They made quite a mess with their scuffle, and moreover, they were quickly approaching Tess’ dwelling!

‘Isn’t that pretty clever?’ Marvin thought, still sarcastically.

Marvin got a grasp of Xiu’s abilities.

Quickly thinking of triggering a fight between two dumb Fomorians, and thus substantially diverting the Drows’ attention, Xiu was really an expert.

The Fomorians’ fight was so fierce and loud, it even slightly shook the earth nearby.

This greatly interfered with the Drows’ vigil.

"Stop these two idiots!" a female Drow coldly ordered.

Immediately, four Dark Elven warriors rushed over and tried to separate the two Fomorians.

This kind of situation was a common occurrence. Fomorians were good fighters in wars, but they didn’t know their place.

Few could restrain them if Lady Tess wasn’t there.

The intelligence of this group of monsters was really too low, making it hard for them to use their brains and better suited at being ordered around.


Taking advantage of that chaotic moment, Marvin quietly moved forward into the cave.

Xiu definitely entered too.

But Marvin didn’t know his location.

He cautiously advanced.

The cave was very deep and had many tunnels and rooms.

He followed the increasingly louder whipping sounds and finally found Tess.

Inside a wide cave, two dark elves were naked and tied to a copper pillar. They were suffering from the Dark Elven Matriarch’s whipping!

She took off her mysterious gown and was completely naked!

She then put on a pair of snakeskin gloves while anger practically rushed out of her eyes!


"You didn’t even find Raven!"

"The manpower I gave you was wiped out and you didn’t even bring me back a body! How do you want me to explain this to his Highness, the Great Dragon God!"

The more she talked, the angrier she got. She rushed over and kicked a male Dark Elf’s certain place.

The latter wailed.

Tess was actually wearing high-heeled shoes!

Marvin looked away, feeling a burst of cold in his lower body!

But he was even more shocked by Tess’ words.

‘Could Raven be related to the Black Dragon God? Otherwise, why would Tess care so much about her?’

Marvin stayed calm and kept to the shadows.

Xiu was apparently being just as patient.

After a while, Tess seemed to grow weary of scolding and surprisingly released those two male Dark Elves.

She lazily laid down on a gently inclined bed and coldly ordered, "Come. You two, if you can satisfy me today, I’ll spare your lives."

The two Dark Elves looked at each other in dismay and rushed over!


However, at that time, some fluctuation appeared in the air.

Marvin noticed, Xiu was making his move!

Light flashed in his eyes.

That guy had waited enough.

A shadow twisted and penetrated through the body of a Dark Elf, attacking Tess!

Ace Assassin unique skill [Shadow Pierce]!

It could pierce through the Shadow Plane in an instant to land in front of the target!

This skill was characterized by its direct nature. It could only pierce in a straight line, but it had an extremely high speed!

The next second, a frightening straight dagger ruthlessly flew.

Tess completely hadn’t expected an Assassin to be in her own cave!

A group of Dark Elves with extremely high perception were standing guard outside!

However, as the Black Dragon God’s Apostle, she naturally had her own life-saving method.

During this matter of life or death, Tess forcefully moved and chanted something.

A great amount of Divine Power rose up from her body and formed a powerful barrier.

She simply used Divine Power to protect her body.

Ordinary weapons couldn’t break this defense.

But since Xiu dared to come assassinate a God’s Apostle, he obviously made proper preparations.

His straight dagger had a trace of red light on it.

The dagger directly pierced through the Divine Power protecting Tess’ body and stabbed into her chest!

Fatal Injury!

Deadly Poison!

Tess’ complexion immediately turned ash green!

A complacent smile appeared on Xiu’s face.

‘A weapon against Divine Power, truly unexpected.’

‘Worthy of an Ace Assassin…’

Marvin was also a bit surprised.

But then, a black aura flashed through Tess’ face.

That was the Black Dragon God’s power!

Xiu’s expression seemed somewhat unpleasant. He didn’t wait for Tess to counterattack and immediately disappeared!

Tess struggled on the bed. Her wound was still bleeding, but it looked like she didn’t feel it.

Her eyes were full of hatred.

If not for the Black Dragon God bestowing her the [Major Regeneration] ability, she might have been killed by this Assassin.

She was about to order people to look for that Assassin, but who could have guessed that two shadows would suddenly appear and knock against each other!

Xiu was thrown on the ground with a pitiful appearance. He had just used an escape ability but it was interrupted by someone out of the blue.

However, Tess yelled aloud, overjoyed.