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Chapter 269: Black Dragon

Chapter 269: Black Dragon
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Raven’s appearance disturbed Xiu’s tempo!

He was originally going to pretend to escape and then wait until Tess relaxed, before attacking once again.

Even if she was the Black Dragon God’s Apostle with superior recovery ability, he was still 99% sure that he could kill her!

He hadn’t expected that he would suddenly be attacked by this Dark Elf.

Where did this Dark Elf come from?

Merely an instant had passed between his sneak attack and him preparing to escape.

That Drow’s perception was that high? To be able to catch him with such good timing?

Xiu felt a bit depressed, but Tess didn’t wait for him to recover before rushing over.

Divine Spell - Imprison!

Xiu was immediately confined inside a pitch-black prison.

He couldn’t even move!

This was the power of the Black Dragon God. Mortals simply couldn’t face it.

Desperate, he could only use his ultimate self preservation skill!

His body suddenly turned to dust and flew out in the darkness.

Tess didn’t have time to use another Divine Spell before Xiu condensed his body.

He then disappeared once again.

But he really left the cave this time!


In a dark alley, Xiu pitifully appeared next to the Fiend Sorcerer Daisy.

The latter’s expression fell. "Failure?"

Xiu’s face was still cloudy as he nodded. "Let’s go!"

"Hold on. What about Robin?" Daisy asked in surprise.

"I don’t know!" Xiu cruelly said, "I already said I didn’t want others to work with me, and that guy hasn’t appeared since we split up."

"In other words, you failed your attempt but Mister Robin has yet to expose himself?" Daisy calmly analyzed, "Then we still have a chance."

Xiu angrily answered, "Are you crazy? You want to wait for him here?"

"Even a god’s Apostle is unable to interrupt my teleportation spell," Daisy calmly said. "I haven’t lost confidence, and it isn’t the time yet. The mission hasn’t completely failed, thus it is reasonable to keep waiting."

"They will use all their manpower to search Lion Town!" Xiu bellowed in a low voice. "Listen, I don’t care about that Robin. How about you take me out of here, this place is very dangerous!"

Daisy sneered, "An Ace Assassin only has this much courage?"

"Could it be that you think those ordinary Drows can see through my hidden spell?"

Xiu grit his teeth!

He was only an ordinary Ace Assassin, and couldn’t leave Lion Town without Daisy’s help.

If Daisy didn’t leave, he could only wait!

Roughly twenty minutes later.

A strong whistling sound could be heard in the sky above Lion Town.

They looked up and saw a huge silhouette flying in the sky!

Daisy and Xiu exclaimed in fright, "Black Dragon!"

"Go!" Xiu said angrily.

Daisy bit her lips and opened the Teleportation Gate immediately, letting the two of them escape!


Hope City.

"What? The mission failed?"

"And you both returned?"

"What about Mar… Robin?"

Lorie’s mood wasn’t good.

She looked at the two so-called experts, their faces full of fear. This was the natural reaction of humans toward Dragons!

That was Dragon Might.

It could scare two 4th rank experts into running away without fighting!

After the girl listened to Daisy’s report, her expression was gloomier. "In other words, the mission has yet to fail and you left Sir Robin in Lion Town?"

"It’s not like that." Daisy forced a smile. "Robin…"

The originally silent Xiu suddenly opened his mouth. "The appearance of a Black Dragon already exceeded the mission’s level."

"The mission I was assigned was to kill an Apostle. I recognize my failure, but that Robin definitely won’t succeed!"

"Moreover, Black Dragon Clark¹ appeared in Lion Town! He is the son of the Black Dragon God. His abilities exceed that of an ordinary Black Dragon!"

"I don’t want the mission reward. With a Black Dragon there, how could the assassination be successful?"

Xiu seemed very vexed.

And he had reason to be vexed. As an outstanding expert, he had made a promise, and the outcome of the assassination attempt made him lose face. Now that he had returned, fleeing with his tail between his legs because of a Black Dragon, he had failed to live up to the expectations of a Half-Legend.

Especially since he left a member of his team behind. This made him very worried.

"You are wrong."

Lorie coldly watched Xiu. "The Apostle you failed to kill… Sir Robin will kill her."

"As for the Black Dragon, it might be something you can’t overcome, but that might not necessarily be the case for others."

Daisy and Xiu both looked at Lorie with shock.

The young girl’s words were simply unreasonable!

Even if that Robin really had skill, and something like a Druid Assassin might sound really cool, but how could it be better than an Ace Assassin when it came to assassination?

After this attempt, Tess would increase her vigilance. Robin simply wouldn’t have a chance!

As for the Black Dragon, the little girl didn’t even know the difference between heaven and earth.

Not everyone was a Fate Sorceress like Jessica!

Did she think that Robin and her older sister were equally terrifying?


Xiu coldly declared, "If that Robin kills Tess, I’ll do three assassination missions for the Three Sisters, free of charge. And if he gets rid of the Black Dragon, I’ll work for you for three years!"

After saying this, he left without looking back.

Daisy stood there awkwardly. "Young Lady Lorie, we really…"

"No need to say that again." Lorie looked calm. "You worked hard, go rest. A Black Dragon truly isn’t something that just anyone can fight."

Daisy nodded and left the city wall.

After the two people left, Ding came out from behind Lorie.

The young girl immediately flew into a rage!

She firmly grabbed Ding’s fleshy face and pinched it as hard as she could.

She pinched while muttering loudly, "How could they leave Sir Marvin by himself in such a dangerous place!"

"No good, I’ll go rescue him!"

A fanatical light flashed through Lorie’s eyes.

"I must rescue Sir Marvin!"

Ding painfully howled, "Why do you sisters like to pinch my face when you worry!?"

Lorie shook Ding as if she didn’t hear her. "Go, go, go!"

"Gimme ten points of Luck, I will single-handedly storm into Lion Town!"

The Fortune Fairy looked at her. "Ten points?! Do you want me to die?!"

Giving blessings would use up the Fortune Fairy’s strength.

Despite her being an incarnation of a Fate Tablet’s fragment, she couldn’t just bless as she wanted. One point of Luck was already the limit.

Lorie asking for ten was definitely going after her life!

Suddenly, a clear cold voice echoed behind her, "Lorie, don’t make trouble."

"Ding is still small, she can’t excessively overdraft her power!"

A woman who looked extremely similar to Lorie walked over and arrived at her side.

Lorie was overjoyed. "Big Sis!"

Jessica slightly nodded, and an angry look soon appeared on her face. "The Black Dragon God is really too despicable. He made Clark divert my attention and then stealthily launched a surprise attack on the surface!"

"He even sent a projection to protect Clark, and even though I crushed it, it allowed Clark to run away. Truly annoying!"

After saying this, she couldn’t help but snatch Ding from Lorie’s hands.

After pinching her face out of habit, she looked at Ding hopefully. "Increase my Luck by ten points and I’ll single-handedly kill the Black Dragon God."


Half an hour ago, inside a cave in Lion Town.

Xiu escaped, but Raven stayed.

Tess was pleasantly surprised, but she started questioning Raven’s previous whereabouts first, as Dark Elves were very mistrustful.

Raven’s reply was flawless.

"I was held captive by a powerful human and only recently was able to find an opportunity to turn the tables."

"He apparently has a very important secret, so I didn’t rashly kill him. But regardless of how much I punished him, he didn’t say a word."

"This secret seems to have something to do with the Source of Fire’s Order, but I’m unclear about the specifics. I believe only someone with your abilities can solve this problem."

Tess slightly nodded. "Good, I’ll personally interrogate that human."

"But before that, I have to test your belief toward the Black Dragon God!"

Dark Elves were very paranoid, and Tess was clearly a good example.

With Raven reappearing after disappearing for so long, she couldn’t believe her right away.

Raven was perfectly composed.

Tess opened her hands and chanted a few sentences, casting a simple [Distinguish Faith].

There was no issue with Raven.

Tess finally relaxed.

Raven’s faith in the Black Dragon God was still extremely firm.

This scene naturally made Marvin laugh inwardly.

What was the Book of Nalu? It was an artifact written by the God of Deception using his sweat and blood!

Don’t even mention the insignificant Apostle Tess; even if it was the Black Dragon God himself using Distinguish Faith, he also would obtain that same result.

This was the powerful ability of the Book of Nalu, with its halo of deception.


"I locked that man in a warehouse on the plain, how about we bring a team of guards and go there?" Raven suggested.

Tess nodded. She was different from the other Underdark’s Races. As a God Apostle, she knew a lot more.

The importance of the Source of Fire’s Order was clear.

The two immediately left the cave and took a small team of Dark Elves as they quietly left Lion Town.

Soon, they arrived at an abandoned warehouse.

"That person is inside." Raven pointed at the back door of the warehouse.

"Wait outside, without our order, don’t allow anyone in."

The other Dark Elves immediately scattered and started cautiously checking their surroundings.

Tess and Raven entered the warehouse together.

Tess just pushed open the door when a black dagger slashed across her neck!

Caught off-guard, Tess’ head immediately fell to the ground!

She didn’t even have time to let out a sound before falling on the ground.

Raven gently closed the back door.

Marvin came out of the shadows, relaxed and pleased, ‘I didn’t expect that killing an Apostle would be so easy.’

‘Seems like the Black Dragon God didn’t care too much about her. Such a fragile Apostle, shouldn’t she get at least a few more applications of Major Regeneration?’

Marvin kicked Tess’ head.

But suddenly a frightening Dragon’s roar echoed from Lion Town.


"Who killed my father’s Apostle?!"

"Despicable murderer, I see you!"

Marvin’s expression suddenly changed, ‘Clark!’



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