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Chapter 270: Opportunity

Chapter 270: Opportunity
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The roaring Dragon’s voice burst out from Lion Town and even reached Hope City!

Lorie showed a happy expression atop the city wall!

"He succeeded!"

"Woosh! Woosh!"

Two shadows flashed over.

Ace Assassin Xiu, and Fiend Sorceress Daisy.

The two were looking toward Lion Town with disbelief.

That Robin was actually that strong?

He managed to get rid of the Black Dragon God’s Apostle even after Xiu made a mistake?

Xiu also couldn’t believe this!

But this information came out of Black Dragon Clark’s mouth, he couldn’t question it!

Tess died!

She died at the hands of an amateur Assassin, which made Xiu feel ashamed.

Thinking of this, his face felt hot.

He clenched his teeth in frustration. "He truly succeeded."

"Thus, I’ll honor my promise! I’ll do three missions for the [Three Sisters], free of charge."

Daisy also had a strange expression on her face.

It wasn’t that the Fiend Sorcerer wasn’t optimistic about Marvin’s abilities, but among the 4th rank advanced classes, Ace Assassin was definitely the most suitable for assassination.

She thought that the unfathomable Robin should be able to safely return, but she didn’t expect that he would truly kill Tess!

And in just half an hour!

The time they’d planned for the mission wasn’t even up yet!

In Hope City, news that the Black Dragon God’s Apostle had died immediately started spreading.

The morale went up, and they saw hope.

Even the Black Dragon God’s Apostle could be killed; was there anything impossible for Hope City?

On the city wall, only Jessica remained calm. "What’s the situation?"

"Who did you send to assassinate the Black Dragon God’s Apostle?"

Lorie’s eyes were fanatical. "The Great Hero, Sir Marvin."

"Marvin?" Daisy and Xiu froze. "Isn’t it Robin?"

"Aaaah…. This doesn’t matter, Tess already died."

The young girl noticed her slip of the tongue and hurriedly tried to change the subject.

The Fiend Sorcerer and Ace Assassin were skeptical. They had also seen the rumored [Magic Marvin], but Robin looked completely different!

Only Jessica’s expression turned grave. "No good."

"It would have been good if it was earlier, when I was still entangled with Clark. There are no powerhouses among the Dark Races stronger than Tess."

"But now, not only has Black Dragon Clark returned, he has also found some helpers to attack Rocky Mountain."

"That assassin is in danger!"

Lorie worried aloud, "We have to save him."

Daisy took a deep breath. "I’ll go back."

But there were still traces of fear in her eyes.

That was fear of Dragons.

"No need!" Jessica waved her hand. "I’ll go there!"

Saying this, she floated up, looking toward Lion Town.

"I’ll go with you!"

Ding laboriously flew up. She was then grabbed by Jessica and the two sped toward the darkness!


Just as the Dragon’s words burst out, an illusion appeared in front of Marvin.

He saw a huge Dragon’s head, coldly watching him.

Like the Black Dragon said...

‘He saw me!’

Marvin felt cold.

Black Dragon Clark was the son of the Black Dragon God on Feinan, and was linked to Tess in many ways.

After Marvin killed Tess, not only did he earn countless amounts of experience, but he also automatically absorbed a bit of Divinity!

This shocked Marvin. By relying on this Divinity, if Tess had worked hard, she would have eventually become a Legend, and possibly even a Half-God!

Absorbing this Divinity didn’t affect Marvin’s six main stats.

But it increased his resistances. His resistance to dark magic for example, and his resistance to poison.

Some other benefits were invisible.

That False Divine Vessel¹ Endless Ocean gifted him, could at most stock up five parts of Divinity and could contain Divinity from different sources.

Marvin’s Divinities came from plundering his enemies. First was the World Ending Twin Snakes, and now was the Black Dragon God, the most vicious in this generation.

But even if Divinities were good things, they were linked in countless ways.

This was why Clark was able to notice Tess’ killer, Marvin.

Clark should already be on his way!

With the Black Dragon’s flying speed, it would at most take three minutes before reaching this warehouse.

Thus, he’d better run first.


Marvin and Raven left from two different exits.

When the roaming Dark Elves heard the Black Dragon’s shouts, they were very surprised and hurriedly rushed to the warehouse.

But Marvin had expected this.

He and Raven easily avoided them and then removed Stealth to burst in a mad sprint.

Of course, the direction Marvin sprinted was toward Hope City!

Raven followed Marvin’s order and went to roam around the plain.

After all, she currently had no place to go. The Dark Elves should already know of her betrayal, and the humans couldn’t possibly accept a Dark Elf!

As Marvin was quickly hurrying forward, he also didn’t forget to take the cloth covering with [Weeping Sky] wrapped inside out of that special storage item!

Since Marvin rescued the young deers, Lorant didn’t bother him about it and directly gifted it to him.

Marvin was well prepared for tonight!

If it didn’t go well, he would fight.

Black Dragons’ strength was on the low side of the Chromatic Dragons, but Clark was different, because he was the son of the Black Dragon God. Fighting against him directly was definitely not a good idea.

But Marvin knew that support would soon arrive.

‘Lorie already said that Jessica was pursuing Clark.’

‘The roar of that little Black Dragon would definitely be heard by the Fate Sorceress, and she would definitely catch up.’

‘When the time comes, hmph…’

Marvin was carrying the rifle on his back, and he already started making calculations while running!

Dragon Slaying was something that one couldn’t get tired of!

He remembered the thrill of shooting off the head of the Red Dragon on that peak!

He didn’t even know that pitiful Red Dragon’s name.

And Black Dragon Clark was certainly a lot stronger than that Red Dragon.

If he could get rid of him, he would not only harvest a huge amount of battle exp, but also get even more benefits!

Thinking of this, Marvin was fired up.

But his reason kept reminding him that he couldn’t take care of him alone. Even if he could ignore Dragon Might, he was still a 4th rank!

Slaying such a Dragon alone before reaching Legend rank was just a dream.

He couldn’t even resist Dragon’s Breath. A casual claw attack could break Marvin into pieces!

He still had to be careful.

At that time, a thundering roar echoed through the sky, "Lowly ant, you can’t escape!"

Marvin’s heart tightened, it was Clark!

But almost at the same time, a prideful voice answered, "Ugly lizard, you can’t escape!"

Marvin immediately felt relieved!

He turned around and tightly held his rifle, as a hint of excitement flashed through his eyes.

The opportunity had come!


T/Change: Divine Vessel is the container – Divinity is the strange to imagine power.