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Chapter 271: Sacrifice

Chapter 271: Sacrifice
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Jessica’s speed was incomparable, having used a Legend flying skill!

Marvin looked at that small figure who had rushed toward the huge Black Dragon and remained silent.

Perhaps only those with the halo of a Fate Sorceress, those children of the plane, could dare do something like this?

What made it even funnier was that facing that small figure, the Black Dragon was absolutely terrified!

Clarke suddenly opened her wings and crazily flapped them in Jessica’s direction.

This created strong winds!

The winds even reached Marvin’s location on the plain, and formed a sort of hurricane, blowing Marvin nearly a kilometer away!

Fortunately he was very nimble and managed to keep his footing by using all kinds of Night Walker’s skills.

It was such a frightening gale, able to put Marvin in such a difficult situation even when he wasn’t the target.

It clearly showed how powerful the winds that Jessica was facing were!

But Marvin saw that the winds didn’t break the Fate Sorceress’ flying technique.

She was only stopped for a moment, as a light cyan color flashed around her body!

Null Wind Element Boundary.

This was the nemesis of Wizards who focused their training on Wind-type magic!

Seven colors flashed around Jessica’s body as a smile appeared on her face.

But this smile looked like the smile of a Demon in the eyes of Clarke!

Fate power!

The delicate woman was like a meteor, directly smashing against the Black Dragon’s head!

The latter staggered and completely lost her balance, falling head first on the plain!

Some "wuwu" wailing noises could be heard.

The Black Dragon’s fall crushed who knew how many people of the Dark Races!

The seven-colored Jessica was like a god. Her move was totally unlike a Sorcerer’s, looking more like a Monk’s!

Admittedly, apart from Inheim, Marvin hadn’t seen a Monk that could be able to toy with Black Dragon Clarke!

Yet, he saw her grab the Black Dragon’s neck and do a shoulder throw!

Her appearance really belied her power, her body looking unsuitable for a melee fighter.

The entire city wall was already filled with people.

Even if they couldn’t see Jessica clearly, they could see that seven-colored radiance.

That light shone through all of Rocky Mountain. It was this unequalled woman who overpowered the chaos of Rocky Mountain, step by step.

She was the one who brought order, not allowing anyone to cause destruction and discord.

Her opponent was even a god’s descendant!

The seven-colored halo was ravaging the Black Dragon. Everyone in Hope City was overjoyed while the Dark Races’ side remained silent!

They were completely stunned .

The humans from the World Above actually had this kind of powerful expert?

The great Black Dragon Clarke who was a leading figure in the Underdark… was actually getting beat up by a delicate woman…? It was too surreal.

Clarke’s angry roar grew increasingly louder. She had always been known as a Black Dragon unequalled in battle, but was now getting beat up by a small dainty human woman.

This made Clarke lose face, but she didn’t have an alternative.

In the previous fight, she had already tasted this Fate Sorceress’ strength.

If she kept fighting, she was bound to taste defeat.

The Fate Sorceress was truly an existence that was beyond the laws of the world.

A shadow was suddenly spit out of Clarke’s mouth.

Jessica looked at that shadow and her face turned green. She wanted to press the attack, but Ding’s voice echoed next to her ear.

"Move! The Black Dragon God’s projection is descending!"

"Your Fate Sorceress strength isn’t enough!"

Jessica ruthlessly kicked the Black Dragon, sending her 400 meters away in one breath.

The Black Dragon looked so pitiful after the ravaging. But a vague shadow shoot down from the sky.

"Lowly human, you dare to injure my blood."


Jessica returned to flying in the air, coldly looking at that shadow. "Do you even know how to say anything else?"

"Lowly human this, lowly human that, could it be that you don’t remember this lowly human destroyed one of your projections earlier?"

The vague shadow raged, "You dare…"

But he was mercilessly interrupted by Jessica. "Well, today I feel pretty good, so I’ll let you off for the time being. Beating you and cooking you to eat Dragon meat when I’m in a bad mood would be pretty good too!"

After saying this, the seven-colored halo surrounded Jessica and Ding as they quickly returned to Hope City.

As Ding said, her power as a Fate Sorceress was a bit lacking. Exterminating a Black Dragon was a bit strenuous, let alone along with a projection of the Black Dragon God.

But Jessica’s display truly made Clarke and the Black Dragon God apprehensive. The two looked at each other, and didn’t have any thoughts of pursuing.

And Marvin could only stand under the walls of Hope City, silently putting away [Weeping Sky].

It’s not like he would be successful every time.

Welp, there could always be next time. The matter of Jessica tearing a Dragon apart should happen sooner or later. He only had to wait until her strength reached that stage and then he would have plenty of opportunity to steal that Dragon’s head during the fight.


Back in Lion Town, Black Dragon Clarke turned to a Human-shape, a curvy and big breasted woman.

On her face there were some bruises.

That was all done by Jessica.

"Father…" She used the Ancient God language to communicate to the shadow, "The Fate Sorceress’ power is stronger than we imagined. If we don’t kill her, we won’t be able to attack Rocky Mountain!"

That shadow stayed silent for a moment, apparently ignoring Clarke’s attempt at speaking the Ancient God language. He took the initiative to reply in Common, "My projection isn’t sufficient to kill her, you have to summon my avatar!"

"But the Universe Magic Pool blocks everything," Clarke muttered gloomily, "and since that waste of a Shadow Prince lost the Time Molt, the gods’ avatars can’t enter Feinan, you said so yourself."

"No need to summon the entire avatar," the shadow said malevolently. "You only need to summon one claw."

"Come, let’s do a sacrifice."


"You are Marvin?"

Hope City, inside the Three Sisters’ castle.

Jessica was leisurely sizing Marvin up.

"Here I am called Robin." Marvin slightly smiled. He still hadn’t taken off his Disguise.

The name Marvin was too famous recently, and would attract attention in every city.

Sometimes, it’s better to be low-key.

"It doesn’t matter whether you are Marvin or Robin. You being able to kill the Black Dragon God’s Apostle, Tess, surprised me greatly."

Jessica continued sharply, "But you deceived my sister’s feelings! This is something I can’t let pass!"

Marvin was stunned. "I deceived her how?"

Jessica sneered, "Do you know how precious a portion of Golden Blood is? That was something I risked my life for, and Tess’ life is far from being worth the Golden Blood."

"Lorie is very kind, but she isn’t a fool. You definitely used some trick to deceive her into giving you that portion of Golden Blood!"

"Tell me, what do you think should be done."

Marvin remained silent.

No wonder Rocky Mountain’s Boss looked for him and said they had some private matter to discuss. It was in fact because of this!

He forced a smile. "Miss Jessica, maybe you misunderstood something. This deal itself was suggested by Lorie."

Jessica’s eyebrows twitched. "I don’t care, you taking the Golden Blood was taking advantage of my sister."

"I believe the world’s Great Hero Marvin isn’t someone that cheap."

Marvin rolled his eyes. "Be straightforward, what are you after?"

Jessica mischievously smiled as her eyes seemed to penetrate Marvin’s body. "Let me borrow your weapon."

Marvin coldly snorted.

Turns out she was after the Dragon Slayer rifle!

Indeed, with Weeping Sky, Jessica’s strength would be heaven defying. Slaying Clarke would take a matter of minutes.

But even without the rifle, Jessica could already completely bully Clarke in a one on one.

Marvin didn’t know when Jessica noticed his discreet actions, but he definitely wouldn’t hand that treasure over to others that easily.

"You are very powerful, but if you show the entire world that the Dragon Slayer rifle is in your hands, Dragons would join hands to attack Hope City."

"Moreover, Black Dragon Clarke isn’t the biggest problem of Hope City, right?"

"The Black Dragon God’s projection is."

Marvin attentively watched Jessica. "Your Fate Sorceress power isn’t infinite, you can’t do anything against them one versus two."

Jessica coldly snorted, remaining silent.

Marvin’s words were right. Even if the Dragon Slaying rifle was handy, using it would bring even more troubles.

If she used Weeping Sky to slay the Black Dragon, it wouldn’t be long before plenty of Ancient Chromatic Dragons would group up together against Hope City.

This wasn’t a situation she wanted to see.

"This treasure is something I don’t dare to rashly use. But the good news is that I am currently Robin."

Marvin assured with a smile, "If the Black Dragon dares to invade Hope City, I’ll act at a suitable time and settle the issue for you."

Before Jessica could reply, the door to the meeting room was suddenly pushed open!

Lorie hurriedly rushed in. "No good. They are doing a sacrifice!"

"What?" Jessica suddenly stood up.

Lorie explained, "I just saw them wantonly massacring people from various races, even some from the Underdark’s races."

"The smell of blood is very heavy. This is a very rarely seen technique, and through sacrifice they can open a temporary passage."

"If i’m not wrong, they want to summon the Black Dragon God’s… avatar‘s Claw!"

Jessica’s complexion became ashen. "We have to immediately wreck it!"

"There is no time." Lorie was very worried. "The Black Dragon God’s summoned a [Heavenly Observer]. The entire Lion Town is under his supervision. Your Fate’s strength isn’t enough to forcefully break through."

Jessica angrily clenched her fists.

But at that time, Marvin composedly stood up.

"I have a way."