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Chapter 272: Wasteland of Death

Chapter 272: Wasteland of Death
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Before the Universe Magic Pool shattered, regardless of how powerful the gods were, they couldn’t directly send an avatar to Feinan.

It was also because of this that they couldn’t show their "miracles" anywhere other than the secondary planes and had to develop their believers there.

That, along with the firm Wizard Rule, led to the current situation in Feinan. Few people had faith in gods.

Of course, there were still some believers in some areas.

For example, the Silver God and the Craftsman God were different because they didn’t need to display miracles, as they would gain faith anyways.

But most gods weren’t known, or more precisely, the masses didn’t know clearly about their existences.

This was the reason they wanted to attack the Universe Magic Pool.

The New Gods from the 3rd Era that originally came from Feinan but couldn’t even send an avatar there were understandably very annoyed.

But the Universe Magic Pool didn’t cut off every method.

There were always some loopholes, and Ancient Gods like the Black Dragon God knew more of those secrets.

Sacrifice was one of these.

Sacrifices weren’t well understood, but after so many years of development, all kinds of frequent sacrificial ceremonies have been demonized by the masses. Even erudite casters didn’t necessarily know the true nature of sacrifice.

But Marvin knew.

Sacrifice was a kind of trade, sacrificing a life to obtain more power. This was the essence of sacrifice.

The Black Dragon God’s projection and Clarke worked together to prepare an ancient ritual that would temporarily open a small passage.

This passage would link to the Astral Sea beyond the Universe Magic Pool, and even if it wasn’t big enough for the Black Dragon God’s avatar, it was more than enough for a claw.

Marvin knew that they definitely couldn’t underestimate that claw.

The Black Dragon God wasn’t a god on the same level as the Shadow Prince. He was a lot more powerful.

If this avatar’s claw fused with the projection, then even Jessica might not be a match for it!

It looked like they really wanted to conquer Rocky Mountain!

However, interrupting the ritual was actually very simple because the entire process required a medium.


"... The medium is the Black Dragon God’s scale."

"Clarke spat out a shadow when she summoned the projection, and inside it was the Black Dragon God’s scale."

"It’s also because of this that his projection could accurately descend at that location in Feinan. The scale is like a plane mark, leading the path for the projection."

Facing two of the three sisters, Marvin told them with assurance, "Now, they are holding a ritual in the same way."

"As long as you destroy that scale, the Black Dragon God would lose the plane mark and nothing else could leave enough energy to link to the God Realms, not even his projection."

Jessica calmly pointed out, "You’ve said so much, but you haven’t settled the issue. How do we destroy the Black Dragon God’s scale?"

Lorie’s expression was filled with expectation. "I believe Sir Marvin certainly has a way."

Marvin gently smiled.

Since he stood and said all this, he naturally had a way.

In any case, this trip to Rocky Mountain had already been delayed for so long that he couldn’t get to the Source of Fire’s Order immediately after the meteors fell. It would be better to take advantage of the Underdark Army attacking Hope City to make more profits.

The previous portion of Golden Blood made Marvin realize that the Three Sisters were very wealthy.

"Plane marks can’t be casually moved. Moving it would very likely cause the avatar’s descent to be temporarily offset. Thus, they would definitely put it in a well hidden location while carefully protecting it."

"In fact, finding it isn’t too big of an issue. If I’m not wrong, Lorie, you should be able to, right?"

Marvin looked toward the little girl.

The latter pretended to be calm as she nodded, her heart still betraying her as it beat increasingly faster.

She had the ability to see through many things, or else she wouldn’t have been able to see that sacrifice in Lion Town from the city wall.

Having her look for a Dragon’s scale wasn’t too much of an issue.

"The issue lies in how to destroy it."

Jessica considered the situation patiently. "You just heard that the Black Dragon God summoned a [Heavenly Observer], Lion Town is completely under his sight. If an outsider entered, he would definitely issue a signal."

"Well, my own strength would indeed be insufficient."

Marvin looked at Jessica, replying, "I have a way to secretly destroy the Dragon’s scale."

The two sisters’ eyes shone. "What way?"

Marvin calmly said, "Give me two days, I’ll definitely destroy that scale."

"But destroying the Dragon’s scale would definitely make Clarke and the Black Dragon God extremely angry. A battle would be unavoidable."

Jessica hurriedly assured, "Don’t worry, I’ll definitely protect you."

Marvin shook his head with a smile before revealing a sharp expression. "No. I only need you to help block the Black Dragon to give me a chance to shoot it down."

Jessica finally ended up being convinced by Marvin’s plan.

Since this matter couldn’t be delayed, Marvin immediately bid farewell to the two sisters and left Hope City under the cover of the night.

Their sacrificial ritual would definitely need three to five days, while Marvin should be able to deal with it in two days.

The Heavenly Observer was a very troublesome lifeform, but with him there, the Black Dragons would end up lowering their vigilance.

There weren’t many things that could hide from an Heavenly Observer in this world, but there was that one thing.

Marvin knew that it was hidden in an underground palace.

It was in the desolate plains in the northern part of Rocky Mountain, a region known as the Wasteland of Death.

There, death could be felt all around. Skeletons and ghosts were everywhere. It was also linked to the Saint Desert in the east, while there was a huge sea to the west.

Further north, a succession of cities spread across the Pompo Seashore.

That was the South Wizard Alliance’ western headquarters.

Marvin’s destination was an abandoned castle in the west of the Wasteland of Death.

It was occupied by a group of Vampires that weren’t very friendly to humans.

Usually, not many people were willing to go to such a god forsaken place.


The new moon was hidden by the black clouds as a lonely shadow appeared on the wilderness.

Not far away, an abandoned castle could be seen.

Marvin took a deep look at the castle.

‘Finally found it. [Eriksson’s Brooch] should still be there.’