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Chapter 273: Ancient Castle Tulip

Chapter 273: Ancient Castle Tulip
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Ancient Castle Tulip.

A castle forgotten by history. Pampo Seashore’s inhabitants might have already forgotten that there was once a flourishing territory here.

The castle was established on a cliff by the seashore, towering over the sea.

This ancient castle had once been covered with tulips brought from the east, both inside and outside. This was because the wife of the ancient castle’s Lord was most fond of tulips. That was where the castle got its name.

But a sudden disaster ended this territory, leaving it in ruins. It gradually became part of the Wasteland of Death, a desolate area that no one was interested in.

Apart from the lighthouse near the seashore and the dilapidated pier, this place didn’t have any signs of its former splendor.

It was purely an abandoned castle.

Marvin hadn’t come to this castle before, but he had seen some videos in the forums and thus knew some things about it. He was the kind of player that would remember any bit of lore he learnt about.


‘Regardless of how glorious it once was, now there are only some unscrupulous Vampires here.’

‘When the Ancient Castle Tulip was released, the most powerful member of the Blood Race was only a Vampire Marquis and there was no trace of a Vampire Duke,’ thought Marvin as he quietly sneaked into the ancient castle using Stealth.

A Vampire Duke was equivalent to the Legend realm, while a Vampire Marquis had a 4th rank class holder’s strength and was at the same realm as Marvin.

He quietly walked past the castle’s wooden path, and apart from two ordinary crows, Marvin saw no lifeforms.

Perhaps most of the Vampires were asleep.

A few might be awake, but they would be driven by their urges and rush north to hunt.

It has to be known that the Vampires occupying this castle and the ones Marvin met in the Deathly Silent Hills were different.

The Vampires in the Deathly Silent Hills were part of the Bright Side and they could be said to have friendly relations with humans. They would only drink the blood they needed and wouldn’t willfully slaughter innocents. The Vampires living in Ancient Castle Tulip were different, part of the Dark Side. They always regarded themselves at the greatest race in Feinan, and would not only massacre and hunt down humans, but also do it to every other race, spreading panic everywhere.

In other words, Marvin had no intention to be lenient with this group of Vampires.

Even if he was in Stealth, the equipment he was wearing felt a bit out of place.

A pair of curved daggers at his waist, and the pair of pistols he got from Constantine, [Astaroth] and [Satan], on the sides of his thighs. These names weren’t random. They were the names of an Archdevil and a Demon Lord.

He was carrying a shotgun on his shoulders and he had switched the Sha’s bullets for special silver bullets.

If he was unfortunate enough to encounter any Vampires, it would be hard to avoid battle.

Marvin was already prepared.

It’s just that Ancient Castle Tulip was more desolate than Marvin expected.

He quietly passed through a hole in a wall as cold wind blew everywhere, but there was still no sign of any Vampires.

He knew most Vampires were hibernating in the depths of the castle. If there weren’t any in the surroundings of Ancient Castle Tulip, then he was lucky… or perhaps the Vampires were.

Because he didn’t need to go deep in the castle.

From what he remembered, the entrance to the underground palace was in one of the side corridors of the castle hall.

Marvin calmly reached the hall entrance.

But he was surprised to hear a faint singing voice coming from a door covered in spider webs.

Marvin raised his vigilance!


A warm light could be seen coming from the room. Marvin approached to take a glance and was shocked!

Because the hall was actually filled with people!

Bright light came from the chandelier, illuminating the entire room.

A group of nobles wearing clothes from the Pampo Seashore were dancing elegantly.

The men looked like gentlemen and were young and handsome.

And the women were very beautiful and were wearing very revealing dresses. Marvin even noticed a girl carelessly flashing her assets!

‘What’s happening!’

Marvin felt as if he had seen a ghost.

This was an abandoned castle, so how could so many people appear here? And be partying?

He looked at the logs and didn’t find any will checks!

This wasn’t an illusion, it was real!

‘Hold on…’

Something flashed in the corner of Marvin’s mind...

This really wasn’t an illusion.

This was an event that happened in the hall in the past!


When Marvin watched the video that player had shared, he didn’t watch the entire trip through the castle, directly skipping to the main part at the end, when the expert got [Eriksson’s Brooch].

He knew the underground passage was in this hall, but he still needed to find the exact location.

But seeing this ancient scene, Marvin suddenly felt weird.

This scene truly had happened.

But he didn’t know why this scene from the past once again appeared in the hall.

Marvin opened the door and walked in.

Sure enough, no one, not even the waiter, paid attention to him.

He tried to touch someone, but found out that his hand easily went through that person’s body as that person continued to chat with the talkative and immodest woman.

It was like a 3D projection of the past.

It was real, yet unreal.

At that time, Marvin’s eyes fell upon a young man and young woman.

These two hurriedly left the dance floor and went to a path next to the hall.

Marvin immediately followed them.


"Jason, we don’t have much time. My husband will be back soon."

In a dark corner, the luxuriously clothed woman urged the man while starting to crazily remove her clothing.

And that handsome sturdy man also followed suit, the two people jostling into a changing room.

Marvin followed them.

In any case, it was a matter that had happened in the past, so it wouldn’t hurt to check.

Moreover, this place seemed to be very close to the passage to the underground palace mentioned in the video.

Marvin guessed that it should be related.

But Marvin was surprised to find that after entering the changing room, the phantoms of the two people disappeared.

The closed room seemed very normal.

Marvin slowly moved forward, walking a few steps in the direction the couple must have taken.

Suddenly, the floor disappeared under his feet!


‘A secret path!’

He then fell down through that opening!