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Chapter 275: Legend Item

Chapter 275: Legend Item
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Marvin turned to look and saw that it was a bat!

It bared its sharp fangs and pounced at Marvin’s face!

But Marvin reacted too quickly for it. A cold light flashed as he unsheathed his curved dagger and cut that reckless bat in two.

There weren’t too many bats like that in the underground palace. The threat to Marvin was relatively small.

Unless his luck was really bad, even if he ran across an elite, variant, or ice bat, or some other situation, he would be able to deal with it.

He continued along the pitch-black passage.

When exploring somewhere like the underground palace or the Underdark, the advantages that Night Walkers enjoyed were simply incredible.

Through Darksight, Marvin could see everything clearly.

The second layer of the Underground Palace was created by Yin as an eternal resting place for his heirs.

But he didn’t have many heirs and most of them were active in the North. The coffins lying there were currently empty.

Further down the path, he could see a sumptuous room.

The room was filled with Yin’s treasures.

These treasures were invaluable, but most of them would trigger a response from the guarding golems if they were disturbed.

Marvin went past the rooms one by one, his heart full of desires that he was barely able to restrain.

The treasures here surely weren’t inferior to Evil Spirit Overlord Diggles’.

Finally, Marvin found what he wanted in the 7th room.

Eriksson’s Brooch.

It was an extremely thin and light brooch to the point that if you carefully took it away without touching any other item, it wouldn’t alarm the golems.

This was also why Marvin had dared to come here for treasure.

He took out a pair of tweezers and gently retrieved the brooch out from a crack in a book.

The entire process was silent and didn’t alarm anyone.

Marvin let out a sigh of relief.

He quietly wiped away his perspiration and put the brooch in his storage item.

‘Finally got it!’

‘Eriksson’s Brooch! The Lurker’s Artifact!’

Even Marvin who had seen many storms couldn’t help but show a look of delight.

He had been longing to get his hands on that brooch. It was just that it wasn’t as important as the Source of Fire’s Order.

But since his original plan had been thrown out of order, he got the brooch first to help Hope City deal with the invasion.

This item’s properties were pretty self-explanatory:

[Eriksson’s Brooch]

[Quality: Legendary]

[Property 1: Stealth +70]

[Property 2: Immune to the Heavenly Observer’s specialties - (World Insight/Boundless Awareness)]

[Requirements: Rogue/Divinity]


This was first really important Legendary Item that Marvin obtained!

These two properties were heaven-defying.

With Stealth +70, any rogue getting this treasure would see their ability skyrocket.

Stealth had been constantly improving due to Marvin's continuous use of it.

His current Stealth was already at 110, so with those 70, it reached a frightening 180!

180 points of Stealth was close to what he had as a Ruler of the Night in the past!

And once he leveled up his Ranger class once more, he could obtain 24 Skill Points and put 20 points in Stealth.

He could get the hidden property for 200 points of Stealth, [Stealth Master].

[Stealth Master]: You can walk quickly and run without breaking Stealth.

This was the highest realm of Stealth. It was like a mobile version of Hide, just that the results weren’t quite as good.

Although he didn’t reach 200 points of Stealth, 180 was already frightening enough.

He could at least dodge the Heavenly Observer easily!

‘The Black Dragon God might not have expected that before the God of Etiquette, Eriksson, fell, he often left the Astral Sea and incarnated as ordinary mortals.’

‘He secretly made that brooch to avoid being spied on by the gods above with their Heavenly Observers.'

‘This treasure is now in my hands.’

Marvin was rather satisfied, but he didn’t dare to tarry and immediately chose to head back!

This was the Vampire Primogenitor’s domain. Just taking a treasure from here was already very risky.

If he delayed and an accident happened, wouldn’t it be terrible?!

He followed the wide path and couldn’t help but speed up.

He soon returned to the damp room and followed the secret path. After a few seconds he safely arrived at the back of the spiral flight of steps.

It was going smoothly.

Marvin went back to the hall and made preparations to leave, when something troublesome happened.

He met with a few Vampires!


"Karnoth, was your older cousin really fooled so easily?"

At the door of the castle, three Vampires seemed to be waiting for someone.

A female Vampire among them was talking. Her voice was extremely alluring, but it was different from the enticing power of Succubi that worked deep within one’s body and numbed their limbs. Her voice felt more controlling.

Marvin knew that Vampires had very high Charisma. It was very easy for them to subdue a mortal with weak willpower.

Who were these three Vampires waiting for?

Marvin hid in the darkness and coldly watched this scene.

He could vaguely feel that one of them was a bit familiar.

‘Karnoth… Karnoth… Could it be that guy?’

Some memories of the attack on the Scarlet Monastery came to mind. Madeline had also asked for the support of a group of Vampires.

But that group of Vampires was from the Bright Side, unlike those from the Dark Side who willfully slaughtered innocents.

At that time, there was one who didn’t know how high heaven was and wanted to turn Marvin into his Blood Slave. Marvin suppressed him, but to give Madeline face, didn’t harm him.

That guy’s name was Karnoth!

‘And that older cousin he talked about should be the courteous Gwyn?’ Marvin recalled.

He had a pretty good impression of that Gwyn, he was very polite and very strong.

What were these three Vampires scheming?

Marvin couldn’t help feeling curious.

He quickly approached with Stealth active.

In any case, he had Eriksson’s Brooch now, so he didn’t have to worry about his Stealth being seen through by a few Vampires.

Vampires had impressive Perception, but it was far from that of Drows.

180 points of Stealth was enough to overpower the Perception of most lifeforms without Divinity in Feinan.

Walking closer, the discussion between the three became a lot clearer.

He heard Karnoth confidently saying, "Rest assured, I betrayed the Bright Side and joined the Dark Side this time. The clan is definitely furious."

"They will definitely send Gwyn, who they think of as a hero, to capture me. Hehehe, unfortunately, they didn’t know that my dear older cousin has yet to give up on me."

"I suggested that if he brought the [Dense Blood Nucleus], I would return to the Bright Side. He will definitely do so."

"Look, isn’t that him coming?"

A bat was hurrying over in the distant sky.


T/N: Author added a post after this, it’s the usual post for votes, but he also mentioned something about his other novel. Apparently the two worlds are very differents and his other book has a slower start, but gets interesting later on. The two worlds might sound very different, but there are many hidden links. And there are also traces of the later stage of the "Night".