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Chapter 277: Dense Blood Nucleus

Chapter 277: Dense Blood Nucleus
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Since Marvin went through the trouble to follow them here, he was definitely determined to get that Dense Blood Nucleus!

But it wouldn’t be easy to get that treasure from Gwyn’s hands.

In an instant, Marvin made a decision.


Facing Karnoth’s powerful attack, Gwyn displayed his outstanding physical abilities. He dodged by simply leaning back, his body almost parallel to the ground.

But before he could counterattack, the other two Vampires had already approached from the sides!

Their speed was about the same as Gwyn’s, making the three on one a bit troublesome.

Gwyn didn’t panic in the face of death. He immediately found an opening and chose to use his own Sprint skill rather than Low Flight to escape in that direction!

At that time, he left behind a phantom image.

The two Vampires pursued relentlessly.

But suddenly, a strange distortion appeared next to the female Vampire!

"This is…"

The female Vampire hesitated.

Marvin was already next to her!

Night Boundary!

His incredibly high Stealth could directly elude the Vampire’s Perception, and the sudden use of Night Boundary left no chance for her to react.

Marvin coldly smiled as the ice-cold gun was already pressed against her temple.

Just as she thought of resisting, an acute pain burst on her lower back!

Marvin had swept her legs, smashing her body against the ground.

But [Satan] never left her temple.

Under her terrified gaze, a gunshot echoed!

The frightening fire followed by the powerful silver bullet exploded half of the Vampire’s head.

Despite her being a Vampire with Bloodthirst active, she was still unable to resist the shot at such close range!

The sudden attack left the three Vampires, including Gwyn, stupefied!

They had never met such a weird Sha clansman before.

He appeared like a Thief and was using the highest kind of gun and silver bullets!

This person was simply a Vampire’s nemesis.

Marvin had also noticed this point.

A Night Walker’s powerful assault and firepower suited being a Dual Wielding Ranger, but could also be effective when paired with the Battle Gunner class, as long as the bullet had enough penetrating power.

This might be one of the reasons Constantine chose Night Walker as his advanced class.

Night Walker skills used with the Battle Gunner’s weapons would really bring out frightening effects.


"Who are you?"

Karnoth glared at him angrily.

He didn’t recognize him, as Marvin was still disguised as Robin.

Gwyn’s gaze also focused on Marvin’s body, trying to see through him.

But Karnoth’s words didn’t stop Marvin’s movements!

He didn’t say a word and just disappeared on the spot!

Shadow Step!

"Careful! Norlan!" Karnoth loudly yelled.

But it was already too late. Marvin already arrived behind the other Dark Side Vampire. That Vampire reacted quickly, immediately rising up from the ground, trying to fly away.

Unfortunately, Marvin was too familiar with Vampires’ weak points!

He relied on his 48 points in [Sleight of Hands] to quickly change weapons as he used Shadow Step!

Two daggers in hand.


He rose up at an incredible speed and in a blink, was on that Vampire’s back.

He kicked the Vampire’s waist. This was their biggest weak spot. The Vampire suddenly stopped mid-flight.

Then, it was showtime.

His legs hooked around the Dark Side Vampire’s waist as the two daggers crossed paths in the air, beheading the Vampire!

Vampires weren’t Evil Spirits; they would die when their heads were removed.


The Vampire’s head fell on the ground.

Karnoth stared at the scene in a daze. His imprint became a lot dimmer.

Because fear already replaced the Bloodthirst, occupying his thoughts.

"Who the hell are you?!" Karnoth kept checking his surroundings.

After Marvin killed the two Dark Side Vampires, he used Stealth once again.

But what made Karnoth feel like he was falling apart was that Marvin had entered Stealth right in front of him, disappearing before his eyes!

Such a terrifying Stealth ability… Could it be a Legend?!

Thinking of this, he shook from fear!

At that moment, an ice-cold gun barrel was pressed in the middle of Karnoth’s back.

Just as he was about to move, Marvin's voice echoed, "I know you can fly very fast."

"But it would never be as fast as a bullet, right?"

Karnoth bitterly asked, "Is your distinguished self a great Legend?"

"Could you be the rumored Demon Hunter Constantine?"

Marvin was dumbfounded. He hadn’t expected that Karnoth would mistake him for Constantine due to him vanishing and using Sha weapons.

But Constantine and Marvin were indeed both Night Walkers.

"Talk less nonsense." Even though Marvin was pointing his shotgun at Karnoth’s back, he was still focused on Gwyn.

The latter suddenly greeted, "Mister Marvin, long time no see."

"Marvin?" Karnoth immediately froze in place.

Marvin smiled. ‘That Gwyn is more than meets the eye.’

His Disguise was so powerful, but he still saw through it.

"Who is Marvin? I am Robin." But he still wouldn’t admit it.

Gwyn shrugged, hesitating for a bit before lowering his cloak, revealing a fair face.

Marvin took a glance and froze!

Fortunately, Karnoth didn’t flee right then. That guy was too worried about his life.

Marvin froze because Gwyn’s face was really too beautiful!

That gentle figure and pretty eyes were completely different from what a man should have!

"You are a woman?" He couldn’t help but ask.

Gwyn calmly said, "A man."

Marvin remained silent.

A man so beautiful… No wonder he was wearing a cloak all day long.

Gwyn looked at him with a sincere expression. "Mister Marvin, or Robin, this doesn’t matter."

"You killing those two Dark Side Vampires proves that you have enough strength to kill Karnoth, but you didn’t."

"Let me guess, you want to exchange him for the [Dense Blood Nucleus] in my hands, am I right?"

Marvin smiled. "I like talking with intelligent people. Indeed, I can give hand over your younger cousin’s life in exchange for the Dense Blood Nucleus."

Gwyn expressionlessly shook his head, disappointment in his eyes. "He already did the conversion ritual, thoroughly becoming part of the Dark Side."

"I have no reason to trade a Dense Blood Nucleus for someone from the Dark Side."

Karnoth’s expression suddenly became unsightly.

Marvin smiled cryptically. "Who said the ritual was irreversible?"

"Give me the Dense Blood Nucleus and I’ll tell you the method."

Gwyn frowned.

This frown was extremely cute on such a beautiful face.

Even if he didn’t have any charm enchantment, Marvin still felt stunned!

Unfortunately… He was a fucking man!

Marvin inwardly cursed.

Gwyn hesitated for a moment and ultimately threw a pink crystal over.

"Tell me your method," he coldly said. "Otherwise…"

Receiving the Dense Blood Nucleus, Marvin kicked Karnoth flying and said, "Take him to Radiant Castle and you’ll get the things you want."

Gwyn frowned, but seeing Karnoth stumbling to escape, he could only chase after him.

Marvin put away his weapons and looked at the two Vampires’ chase before ultimately heading back.

Karnoth was definitely not Gwyn’s opponent on his own. He could feel a formidable power on Gwyn’s body. That power was apparently sealed and thus hadn’t come out.

But if he used it, he might be equal to a Legend!

Marvin didn’t deceive him. Radiant Castle really had Vampires focusing their research on a reverse conversion from the Dark Side to the Bright Side. But the information network of the Deathly Silent Hills’ Vampires wasn’t effective enough to know about it.


After getting on the road back, Marvin quickly found a place to sort out his own state.

He had retrieved Eriksson's Brooch, the main objective. But he also got two more pleasant surprises.

After checking, he confirmed that the Dense Blood Nucleus was real. Gwyn could be considered one of the rare honest Vampires, which might also be due to confidence in his own strength.

And the other pleasant surprise was that Marvin’s [Night Kill] specialty had leveled up!