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Chapter 278: Blood Swallowing

Chapter 278: Blood Swallowing
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Night Kill was one of the rare upgradeable specialties.

A Night Walker’s fighting ability during the night would fiercely increase as this specialty leveled up.

But leveling this specialty would take a long time. Last time it happened was when Marvin took over the Southie. So much time passed in a blink and since then Marvin had killed countless creatures during the night. Ultimately, killing those two Dark Side Vampires leveled up the specialty.

After it leveled up, its description changed as follows:

[Night Kill (Hidden Specialty - Activated)]

Type: Passive/Upgradeable

Level: 2

Effect: During the night, Attack Power +6%, Attack Speed +6%, Movement Speed +6%, Burst Power +6%, Reaction Speed +6%.


This was a simple and rough passive!

But anyone who played the game knew that the most powerful specialties or skills were these kinds of passive skills. It could raise the strength of all kinds of attributes, let him become even sharper, improve his perception, and make his movements nimbler.

These kinds of invisible benefits could play a big role in battle.

For example, in the fight with those of the Dark Side, although his Night Boundary had such an overpowered effect, if his body wasn’t good enough, he simply wouldn’t be able to follow up with those difficult aerial maneuvers.

Even if an ordinary Sha clansman could use Night Boundary, he wouldn’t be able to aim his gun at the Vampire’s head before being kicked away!

That was the difference!

The body was the foundation, and the six main attributes decided the body’s quality. Apart from those, there were the passive skills and specialties.

Attributes, specialties, skills and spells, and fighting techniques.

These four groups of things made up one’s fighting strength.

Excelling in one area didn’t necessarily mean being powerful. Only with comprehensive strength in those fields would one become a powerhouse.

For example, many Half-Legend’s attributes were similar to those of Legends.

But because the latter were strengthened with Legend specialties, in most cases, Half-Legends weren’t their match!


Marvin was very pleased with the Night Kill specialty.

As an upgradeable specialty, who knew what frightening effects it could display in the future after reaching Legend realm.

Just that specialty was enough to satisfy him. Moreover, the Night Walker organization had given him so many nice surprises and favors.

Regardless if it was the old blacksmith guiding him with great care, or Constantine and O’Brien fervently supporting him, or even the blessings and inheritance of the Night Monarch, he had gained a lot more power than other classes.

This world wasn’t based around fighting alone.

Fighting the world alone was stupid and futile.

Using the players’ words: Strength in numbers!

A lone person fighting a group was very domineering, but in Marvin’s eyes, a group of Legends beating up a god was also very refreshing!

Who would be narrow-minded enough to want to duel nowadays?


After checking the specialty, Marvin’s eyes focused on that Dense Blood Nucleus.

After intense scrutiny, he confirmed that there was no malicious curse or poison on that Dense Blood Nucleus. Gwyn was certainly a strange Vampire. Him being so strangely magnanimous made Marvin hesitate a bit.

From the veins on the nucleus, it could be seen that this Dense Blood Nucleus had recently been condensed.

Anyone could understand or gain something from it.

There were many ways to use it. And the simplest one was simply to swallow it.

Even if the effects of swallowing were a bit inferior, Marvin couldn’t wait for an Alchemist to refine it into a more perfect treasure.

He stopped wasting time and directly swallowed the soft Dense Blood Nucleus.

Three minutes later, his body felt a bit cool!

A cold aura spread like strands of hair, continuously battering against his body!

Marvin let out a comfortable groan!

The pleasure of taking a Dense Blood Nucleus was said to be almost the same as the pleasure bloodthirsty Vampires had when they enjoyed their prey.

No wonder many Dark Side Vampires were addicted and unable to stop themselves.

Thankfully Marvin's willpower could be considered quite high. After three minutes, the Dense Blood Nucleus was completely absorbed.

He could feel his body becoming sturdier.

His current mature appearance couldn’t be compared to his original weak appearance.

He was sturdier but didn’t lose any sharpness and was filled with power.

The only regret Marvin felt while looking at the logs was that this Dense Blood Nucleus didn’t give him any increase in Constitution.

It was his Strength that increased by one point.

But this wasn’t a big deal. In any case, with the Golden Blood, his Constitution had already reached 15. After that, he had only needed to add two attribute points to Dexterity to reach Godly Dexterity.

Marvin was now level 17 and the remaining attribute point had been put in Dexterity, letting it reach 29. Only one more point to reach 30.

And although 16 Strength was somewhat on the low side, but relying on his Night Walker specialties was enough to deal with all kinds of situations.

Moreover, he still had the Shapeshift Sorcerer’s abilities!

If he needed Strength, he would use the Asuran Bear… Oh, it was Fierce Asuran Bear now!


Aside from raising his Strength, the Dense Blood Nucleus also gave Marvin a Vampire specialty.

[Low Flight]!

This was a passive specialty that 3rd rank Vampires had!

Marvin was glad his luck was decent, as this was a very practical ability.

But a series of new logs suddenly flashed before his eyes:

[New bloodline power found, currently transforming your body…]

[Bloodline power insufficient, swallowed by the Main Bloodline (Numan)...]

[Swallowing complete, new bloodline’s power affiliated under the Main Bloodline…]

Marvin was surprised to find that the specialty he got from the Dense Blood Nucleus, Low Flight, was rearranged under the specialties of Shapeshift Sorcerer’s Human-shape!

And the previous Vampire specialty was slowly disappearing.

‘Such a tyrannical bloodline… It can actually swallow the Vampire bloodline.’

Marvin was inwardly flabbergasted. He never came across something like that in his previous life.

The Golden Children had hero-like body templates, and he didn’t try any special bloodline.

He hadn’t expected the Numan bloodline to be so powerful that it could directly swallow the Vampire bloodline.

But this was also good, because it prevented it from causing any future troubles.


After checking his condition one more time, Marvin sped back to Hope City.

He tried Low Flight a few times on the way back.

The specialty was really eye-catching, but it was relatively taxing on his stamina.

Using it in a fight would be good, but outside of battle, it was better to simply use his feet.

Soon, he was back at the boundary of Rocky Mountain.

But just as he reached Hope City, Marvin heard a wail!

It came from Lion Town!

‘The ritual started!’

Marvin’s heart felt cold.