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Chapter 279: Mind Reading

Chapter 279: Mind Reading
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On the city wall of Hope city, Lorie’s expression was grave.

"They officially started." She felt a surge of grief.

A huge barrier surrounded all of Lion Town. It was the frightening Sacrifice ritual, and even the Dark Races weren’t spared.

They had followed the Black Dragon Clarke to attack Rocky Mountain, all in order to survive and get food!

It definitely wasn’t to throw their lives away.

But now that Lady Tess died, the Dark Elves’ forces showed signs of instability, and the other races were even more anxious because the Sacrifice ritual also included some of their people!

A lot of the Dark Races wanted to retreat.

Lion Town had plenty of food, and those provisions would be enough to let them pass the long winter.

But the wicked Black Dragon didn’t allow that to happen.

If they tried to escape, they would be brutally murdered.

In a short time, Lion Town’s atmosphere had become extremely cold.

At the Black Dragon’s personal order, each race, apart from the Dark Elves, had to contribute at least 100 of their kin.

And the Kobolds, Gnolls, and common Goblins were even more miserable. They had to sacrifice at least half of their population!

With the Black Dragon personally taking care of the sacrifices, who would dare resist?

The original Lion Town had long since been leveled. Countless creatures were bound on a dark altar.

A third of them were captives from the surface while the other two thirds were the Underdark’s creatures!

The Underdark’s army watching from the sides looked at them with sympathy.

That wasn’t what the Black Dragon had promised!

She had promised them food and freedom.

Now they were reduced to powerless existences!

If not for the Black Dragon being too powerful, giving them no chance to resist, they might have already scattered in chaos.

The bloodbath had begun.

Clarke turned into a woman wearing a long black chang pao¹ and loudly chanted on the altar.

(T/N1:Traditional man’s gown… Clarke strikes again.)

And the dense bloody smell already began to fill the air.

Countless creatures howled in grief as they died and their resentment gathered over. This energy was enough to temporarily open a passage through the Universe Magic Pool.


"He still hasn’t returned?"

Jessica was in a bad mood. "Although it would take two to three days, how could I bear to look on helplessly as innocent humans die."

Ding interrupted, "I already said that kid was totally unreliable…"

But she didn’t get to finish her words before a voice appeared on the city wall. "I always considered Fortune Fairies as experts in sarcasm."


A happy expression flashed in Lorie’s eyes.

Jessica was direct. "Done?"

Marvin nodded.

"Then let’s go!"

Rocky Mountain’s leader clenched her fists. "According to the plan, I attract their attention while you secretly get in and destroy that Dragon Scale!"

"The others will carefully wait in the city!"

"Lorie, this place is in your hands."

Lorie nodded frantically.

Marvin took a deep breath and indicated he was ready.

But another figure appeared beside Jessica.

It was the Fiend Sorcerer Daisy.

"I’ll also go with you."

"As the head of Demon’s Hand, I have a bit of power."

Daisy gently smiled.

A hint of worry flashed through Jessica’s eyes. "Don’t tell me you want to…"

"At least I can help you share a bit of pressure." Daisy stopped Jessica’s words. "Moreover, after Sir Robin destroys the Dragon Scale, he would certainly be pursued by the Black Dragon or the Projection. He would need me to save him."

Jessica was silent for a moment before ultimately nodding.

She gently hugged Daisy and whispered a few words in her ear.

Marvin felt strange while looking at these two women, and an evil thought couldn’t help but pop into his mind:

Was a tomboy like Jessica interested in women?

Looking at these two women’s intimacy, it seemed their relationship was a bit out of the ordinary.


"Mister Robin, you have the wrong idea."

At that time, Lorie said from behind him, "Big Sis isn’t interested in women."

Marvin was immediately alarmed. "You can hear my thoughts?"

Lorie showed a cute smile. "Sometimes I can, Sometimes I can’t. In short, it could be considered as a very vexing ability."

Marvin inwardly wiped his sweat.

This girl was too frightening. Her Intelligence had actually reached that level?

Mind Reading could only be reached at the realm of the wisest Sage.

Even gods wouldn’t be able to read a person’s mind. They would at most be able to notice their emotions.

Because everyone was protected by the Power of Order, which was a type of law that no one could ignore.

Marvin was very curious as to what degree Lorie’s innate skill could reach.

But the current moment clearly wasn’t suited for such talk.

On the side, Jessica and Daisy had finished their discussion.

It was time to start the plan!


In Lion Town’s sky.

Jessica, radiating seven colors, arrived like a meteor.

The Black Dragon on the altar suddenly raised her head, anger flashing through her eyes!

She already knew the Fate Sorceress would come to destroy the ritual, but the ritual had already started, so now they only needed to continue their slaughter!

With the Dragon Scale as the plane mark, there wouldn’t be an issue.

A clean white eye was suspended above the altar, and it kept glancing at every corner of Lion Town at an incredible speed.

This was the Heavenly Observer’s main body!

No enemy could hide from its sight!

Clarke suddenly stamped her feet and rushed up!


She turned back to her Black Dragon shape in an instant, as her human-shape was really too weak after all!

And in another direction, a shadow also pounced over.

That was the Black Dragon God’s Projection.

They knew they weren’t Jessica’s match in a one on one, so they needed to join hands to handle her!


Before Jessica could reach them, the Black Dragon’s chest faintly swelled up before releasing a frightening Dragon Breath!

The Black Dragon’s Dragon Breath carried terrifying acid. That acid’s power was on par with Dissociation, and people infected would become a mass of pus after corroding!

But this time, it wasn’t only Jessica in the seven-colored radiance.

There was another woman!

The Black Dragon felt a bit surprised.

But then, a bloody mouth emerged out of nowhere and completely swallowed the Dragon Breath!

The Black Dragon and the Black Dragon God’s Projection were startled!

"Pah! It tastes rotten, but it is full of energy."

"Dear Mother, you haven’t summoned me for a while."

Behind that bloody mouth was an abnormal face followed by a long neck covered in barbs.

It was greedily looking at the Black Dragon and the Projection.

"So it’s something big to make up for how rarely I’m summoned."

Meanwhile, Daisy was deathly pale!


The battle in the sky was about to begin.

And on the ground Marvin easily hid from the Heaven Observer’s sight with Eriksson’s Brooch.

Three minutes later, he calmly approached the altar.