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Chapter 280: Crazy Clarke

Chapter 280: Crazy Clarke
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Black runes were drawn around the altar, using the Ancient God Language to draw out the power of ghosts.

Marvin stood at the edge of the altar and could feel the steady flow of power from those creatures' deaths being absorbed by the altar.

This was the power of a ritual sacrifice.

A Black Dragon Scale was floating in the center of the altar.

Sixteen Dark Elves were sternly guarding it.

Even though the Heavenly Observer was standing guard, they were still loyal to their duty.

If it was before, Marvin might have been afraid of being noticed by the other side's perception. But with Eriksson's Brooch, Marvin knew he could walk a few times around them and they still wouldn't find him!

This was the strength of a Legendary Item.

In fact, if not for this brooch being kept by the God of Etiquette for a short time, this treasure would be a genuine artifact instead of a Legendary Item.

But if that was the case, Marvin wouldn't be able to use it.

True Artifacts weren't something a False Vessel could handle.

And this brooch also required the wearer to possess a Divinity. Marvin had two Divinities so he was able to wear it.

He ignored the chaos in the sky and quickly approached the altar.

He found a small hole and quickly fished out three small jars!

These jars were completely filled with a special liquid, Lava Acid!

This was one of the few things in Feinan that could destroy a Black Dragon Scale. Three jars were all that Hope City's Sorcerers were able to gather.

It had to work!

Marvin took a deep breath.

He then gathered his strength and successively threw the three pots toward that Dragon Scale!

The jars went through the altar's defenses and knocked into the Dragon Scale. A frightening aura and barrier were emitted from the Dragon Scale and instantly broke the jars!


The three jars shattered one after the other as a scarlet liquid sprayed out, landing on and around the scale!

In an instant, the Dark Elves and the Heavenly Observer saw a heartbreaking sight: The Black Dragon God's Dragon Scale was burnt!


It stopped floating and fell in the the Lava Acid, eventually losing its spirituality.

Marvin heard a frightening ethereal word!

It was coming from the Astral Sea.

He was dazed because of the voice and almost froze on the spot.

The Dark Elves were startled and angrily rushed over to surround him.

They didn't know how Marvin was able to sneak in.

And the Heavenly Observer was just as surprised. It noticed the brooch Marvin was wearing and suddenly came to a realization.

But it was already too late. Marvin showed a strange smile and disappeared from the Dark Elves' sight before they could attack!

Shadow Step!


He vanished from the edge of the altar.

He quickly used Stealth once again.

Before everyone's eyes, he disappeared, leaving no traces!

Stealth at 180 was this fierce!

The ritual sacrifice was forcefully interrupted!

Those who had been killing their own men were bewildered. The smell of blood was very intense, but it had already lost all meaning!

They stopped their movements and blankly looked at the sky.


Black Dragon Clarke roared out, "How could it be?"

"Despicable human… How could you escape from the sight of a Heavenly Observer! Shameful rogue!"

"I'll kill you!"

Clarke was about to go crazy!

She never would have thought that someone in this world could elude the sight of a Heavenly Observer and destroy that Black Dragon Scale!

This was the most important treasure the Black Dragon God had set aside for her.

Not only could it summon the Black Dragon God's projection to protect her at crucial times, but it would also serve as a plane mark.

Clarke knew from the Black Dragon God that a great disaster was about to happen and that she must seize a domain on Feinan in advance. Thus, she had the Underdark's Races start a war on the surface.

It's just that someone proud like her hadn't thought she would meet this kind of setback!

The powerful Fate Sorceress was one thing, but what was going on with that cunning human?

What trick did he use to escape from the Heavenly Observer's sight?

But it was no longer important.

The Black Dragon Scale was destroyed and the ritual sacrifice was a failure. The Black Dragon God's avatar couldn't descend.

With the Fate Sorceress overseeing Hope City, the Underdark's troops had no hope of breaking through!

But she was even more disgusted by the fact that this seemingly average Fiend Sorceress actually summoned a Great Void Demon's projection!

Even if it was just a projection, its fighting ability was very fierce and she was almost swallowed by it a few times.

A Great Void Demon was a very frightening lifeform. If she was swallowed, despite being a Black Dragon, she might not necessarily be able to escape.

Clarke and the Black Dragon God's projection suffered from a few of Jessica's spells because of the Great Void Demon's appearance.

After all this, they hadn't expected that the Black Dragon Scale would be destroyed!

They lost their hope!

Clarke's eyes bulged out in anger.

She raised her head and let out an ear-shattering Dragon Roar!

She gave up on Jessica and Daisy as her huge body swooped down toward that altar and the surrounding Dark Races, spewing a frightening Dragon Breath!

She went crazy!

She already didn't care about friends and foes, and only thought of finding that guy who destroyed the Dragon Scale.

The fearsome Dragon Breath covered the altar and its surroundings, thoroughly collapsing the Underdark's army.

They frantically ran away, pushing aside others to escape, in fear of being hit by the Dragon Breath.

This was something even Marvin hadn't expected!


'This female Dragon is crazy.'

Marvin helplessly sighed and immediately broke out of his hidden state as he started to sprint.

Then, an open door suddenly appeared in front of him!

"Follow me!" Daisy looked pale.

Marvin unhesitantly went in.

The next second, the Dragon Breath swept over.

Marvin and Daisy's figures immediately appeared on Hope City's wall!

"How are you doing?" Marvin asked with concern.

Daisy barely managed to smile. Summoning a Great Void Demon's projection was already more than her strength could handle. Even if she was a Fiend Sorcerer and had signed a pact with that Great Void Demon, this was still something out of her range.

Soon, two people helped take her to a resting place.

Lorie and Ding quickly came over. The former immediately sighed in relief when she saw that Marvin was unscathed.

But at that time, the Black Dragon venting her anger in Lion Town started flapping her wings furiously and crazily flew toward Hope City's wall!

"No good!"

"This crazy Dragon wants to crash into the city wall!"

Marvin shivered!