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Chapter 281: A Real Man!

Chapter 281: A Real Man!
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"It doesn't matter! With Big Sis around, the Black Dragon won't be able to get near Hope City!" Lorie asserted.

Marvin sighed in relief.

Sure enough, the Black Dragon only covered half the distance before Jessica, covered in her seven-colored aura, interrupted her!

Fate Power!

Her body was even more dazzling and her skin even more fair and tender, but it was hiding a barbarian-like explosive power.

She looked delicate, but she was like a Titan as she grabbed the Black Dragon's tail and pulled her back!

Clarke suffered under the formidable pull and roared while turning.

But what awaited her was a ruthless 180° violent throw!


The Black Dragon, who had always been good in melee battle, wasn't the Fate Sorceress' match!

"Get back to the Underdark!" Jessica yelled angrily.

"Swear to never let your army set foot in Rocky Mountain!"

The radiance on her body became more and more brilliant. She was like a female war god!

Hope City's inhabitants were dumbstruck while witnessing this scene.

At this moment, their faith became even more resolute.

With Lady Jessica, with the protection of this war god, Hope City would never fall!

People began cheering for the Three Sisters with all their hearts!

There were staff from many other organizations who had escaped and temporarily taken refuge in Hope City. But seeing Jessica fighting so heroically, they couldn't help but be awed.

It was so bloody!

A cute girl was facing a Black Dragon in a melee fight for Hope City.

What about them?

The Three Sisters' reputation was originally very good, and witnessing their resolve in protecting Hope City won over most of Rocky Mountain's inhabitants.

People's feelings were like that.

Without a huge villain appearing, a wise and powerful leader wouldn't be as noticed.

Marvin felt the subtle mood change and sighed inwardly.

Maybe the reason Rocky Mountain was able to establish a country after the Great Calamity, apart from the powerful three sisters, was largely thanks to the people's feelings.

This place was a criminal paradise, where people doubted each other and harmed each other.

But in this war against the Underdark's Races, they had no choice but to cooperate.

They found out about the good sides of one another.

Under Lorie's influence, and Jessica's influence, a buoyant mood was spreading.

Mankind was such a magical race. When such a positive mood spread, the entire group would become even more positive.


But unlike those people fanatically worshipping the Three Sisters, Marvin felt something wrong from the city wall.

'Logically, the Black Dragon shouldn't be Jessica's match at all!'

'How come the fight is still going on… Even if the Black Dragon's defense was a factor, in the game trailer, Jessica literally tore the Black Dragon apart.

'How could it take so much time?'

Marvin was somewhat surprised.

At that time, he started to hate the game company's video editor. Why did he make the trailer so gorgeous, yet so short?

Would he die if he released a complete video?

In this situation, even if Jessica's strength was enough to oppress the Black Dragon, it hadn't reached the stage of being able to easily tear her apart!

What had happened to make it like this, what was the missing link?

Was it caused by the butterfly effect of his transmigration?

Marvin couldn't figure it out.

His expression became even graver.

Because the Black Dragon God's projection also joined the fight!

The situation was slowly being turned around by the enduring Black Dragon!

The Black Dragon God's projection was equivalent to a Half-Legend and even if it was unable to deal too much damage to Jessica, it could help Clarke quite a bit.

The two seemed to have their minds linked, their cooperation was impeccable.

Even with her power as a Fate Sorceress, Jessica could only fight back, unable to finish them.

This kind of close battle wasn't something Marvin was willing to see.

He knew that Fate Power was finite.

If her Fate Power was lacking, Jessica would be at a disadvantage. At that time, the battlefield might become even more desperate!

It might end up in a draw!


"It's a pity… Big Sis' Fate Power just reached the 5th layer."

"If she was at the 6th layer, that repulsive female Dragon would have already died!"

Worry leaked from Lorie at his side.

She also possessed Fate Power and was naturally more aware of the nature of the power than others.

And her Intelligence gift allowed her to clearly understand this fight.

On the surface, Jessica was clearly winning, but in reality, it was turning into a war of attrition. It was extremely unfavorable for Jessica.

"5th layer?"

Marvin was a bit stunned. At that time he noticed that the seven colored radiance on Jessica's body was really made up of five constantly flickering halos.

The halos were concentric circles wrapping around her layer upon layer.

Hold on!

He clearly remembered that in the trailer, Jessica had six halos flickering around her!

That was the Fate Power's 6th layer realm!

Marvin was confused.

'Has Jessica been progressing slower?'

'Or… Did the transmigration, or perhaps something else, make the Underdark's winter come earlier and push the attack from the Underdark Races forward?'

Marvin had a headache.

His memories of the timeline before the Great Calamity were generally good.

After all, the players descended on Feinan half a year after the Great Calamity and Marvin was among those players who liked to study the lore and would pay attention to every detail!

But even so, before the Great calamity, he was unable to make a perfectly accurate plan.

Regardless, the current Jessica truly didn't reach the level of tearing a Black Dragon apart with her bare hands!

The words she said before were most likely bravado.

'If it truly doesn't work, I can only lend her the Dragon Slaying Rifle to her,' Marvin thought.

He hadn't expected the situation to suddenly change!

The Black Dragon God secretly used a Divine Spell and it was coordinated with the Black Dragon's Divine Wish and trapped Jessica inside a black cloud!

The crafty Clarke roared with sinister laughter and ignored the trapped Jessica to once again fly at the city's wall!

Everyone went pale.

This time, Jessica couldn't stop her!

"Quickly flee!"

Jessica couldn't move! Even though the Fate Power protected her, she was unable to lend them a hand!

She would be trapped inside the black cloud for at least ten more seconds!

And a lot could happen in those ten seconds!

In an instant, the Black Dragon's imposing shadow approached.

The people on the city wall were fleeing in terror.

But there were two people who didn't move.

Lorie was still standing there, small stars floating in her eyes.

Standing next to her was Marvin's tall silhouette.

In his hand was a spear covered in a cloth. He was standing on the city wall, silently looking at the crazily approaching Black Dragon.

In that split second, time seemed to come to a halt.

The Black Dragon was ruthlessly speeding and about to crash against him.

The next second, a brilliant light flashed on the city wall!

Diamond-shape activated!

It was time to show what a real man was!


长枪 literally means long(长) gun(枪), but when used together usually refers to a specific type of spear. It's been ambiguous enough before to believe it was referring to a gun, and if you search 长枪 on the Chinese version of Wikipedia, it takes you to a disambiguation page asking if you're trying to look up a spear or a gun.