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Chapter 282: Lethal Weapon!

Chapter 282: Lethal Weapon!
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Facing Clarke's menacing approach, Marvin had no choice but to come forward.

He knew he couldn't fall back. Lorie was behind him, and so were many innocent inhabitants of Hope City.

Even if this place wasn't his territory, Rocky Mountain had many things that made him recall some pretty good existences.

He was willing to fight to protect this piece of land!

Moreover, back when he stole [Weeping Sky], he had already included Black Dragon Clarke in his kill list!

The current Marvin needed a huge amount of battle experience to level up, and killing a Dragon was no doubt one of the quickest ways to get that experience.

An ordinary Adult Red Dragon gave Marvin 16000 exp, so Clarke would definitely give more!

Thus, he had made a deal with Jessica to let him get the killing blow on the Black Dragon.

It was just that Marvin had overestimated the current Jessica. The Fate Sorceress was trapped and Hope City was on the brink of a crisis.

Now that it had come to this, Marvin was forced to make a move.

Because he knew that Lorie wouldn't retreat.

She was a wise girl, but her resolve didn't match her age.

She stood there, giving all her people confidence and courage.

At the same time, it also gave Marvin confidence and courage.

Facing the frightening Black Dragon, he stood forward and unhesitantly used his most suitable shape!


He only had eight seconds!

These eight seconds would make the difference between victory and defeat.

A trace of seriousness flashed through Marvin's eyes. After using Diamond-shape, he found that his body's attributes were close to those of a Legend Monk.

It wasn't limited to Diamond Body's effects of imperviousness. His Strength, Constitution, and Resistances all reached a pretty high level.

And his Dexterity also didn't fall.

It was such a frightening bloodline ability. Even if it was only for eight seconds, some people would be willing to trade their lives for this!

The Black Dragon roared, her shadow flying forward like a spectre of death.


The people desperately hid behind the city wall. They had nowhere to escape, nowhere to hide.

Occasionally, some would raise their heads, only to see that silhouette firmly standing there like a mountain.

"Who is he?"

"What is he thinking?"

"Isn't that Mister Robin? A few days ago he led us to break through the Underdark Army's Blockade!"

"Heaven! Don't tell me Sir Robin wants to block a Black Dragon on his own? It's true that he is a powerful Druid, but Black Dragon Clarke…"

All kinds of complex expressions flashed through the faces of the people looking at Marvin.

There was respect, reverence, restlessness, and also disdain.

Quite a few people thought Marvin was just an ignorant fellow wanting to show off.

He was like an ant trying to block the path of a human, overestimating his abilities. He wanted to slay a Dragon to become famous? Unfortunately, Black Dragon Clarke wasn't a good target!

She was a descendant of a god!

They all held their breaths as they watched the scene. But suddenly, a pleasant voice echoed in their hearts.

"You can do it."

It was the voice of a sweet girl.

Marvin also heard it.

That was Lorie's voice.

Her Fate Power, Wisdom, had endless possibilities.

The voice penetrated through Marvin's heart, wiping out his traces of uncertainty and bolstering his spirit.

Determination could be seen in his eyes.

'I can do it,' he said to himself.

Then, Marvin angrily shouted as he focused power in his left leg. Burst!

With his powerful Strength attribute, his entire body was like a bullet furiously flashing forward!

Alarmed cries rang throughout Hope City!

They hadn't thought that Marvin would take the initiative to attack.

This was simply throwing his life away.

The Black Dragon was flying toward them so quickly. Anyone who was hit would just turn into fine powder!

Moreover, he would be unable to block the Black Dragon's momentum.

Her speed was really way too high!

"Lady Jessica!"

They were all counting on Jessica.

But the Fate Sorceress was still trapped in that black cloud.

No one could save them.


Marvin's figure was swift like the wind, but in Clarke's eyes, he looked like a fly.

She laughed sinisterly and opened her bloody mouth!

This fly wasn't even worth using her Dragon Breath. She would directly swallow it.

But then, Marvin's silhouette suddenly disappeared in midair!

Night Boundary!

The Night Monarch's heir had appeared! Marvin nimbly fell toward the Black Dragon's back!

Very few people knew that the area behind the Black Dragon's neck was the perfect blind spot to attack!

Clarke clearly didn't notice where Marvin had escaped, as her gaze was focused on that small girl on the city wall.

A Fate Sorceress… ah… Truly a meal worth stopping for!

Others might not grasp the extent of their power, but Clarke, who had been tyrannically beaten up like a dog by Jessica, was very clear about it.

As a descendant of a god, Clarke knew a secret technique that would let her gain a Fate Sorceress' Fate Power by swallowing her!

For someone like her who kept pursuing more power, this was an easy and quick way!

The Black Dragon roared with laughter as she spread her wings, her bloody mouth ruthlessly approaching to bite Lorie.

Those who were looking toward the city wall all closed their eyes.

But the young girl was watching that strong shadow on the Black Dragon's back!


Marvin's silhouette fell just like a meteor.

His descent wasn't initially that fast but he carried great strength and an extremely firm conviction .


The wind blew, blowing away a part of the cloth covering the spear.

The tip of a sharp spear was revealed.

Clarke suddenly felt something was wrong.

She tried to turn.

But it was already too late.

This weapon that had killed countless dragons in the past was thirsting for more blood! Marvin could feel this weapon's cheer as soon as the cloth was removed!

As Marvin was falling, he discovered that his hand wasn't thrusting the Dragon Slaying Spear down, but it was actually dragging him down!

It went faster and faster!

In an instant, he ruthlessly crashed into the Black Dragon's neck.


The Black Dragon's powerful and tough hide was like tofu in front of this weapon as it directly pierced through!


A mournful angry roar was emitted from the Black Dragon's mouth before petering out. She completely lost her balance and was nailed onto the earth by the indescribable power.

This was the power of the Dragon Slaying Spear!

At that time, she was only a dozen meters away from the city wall.

The earth's rumbling left people dumbstruck!

In a mere five seconds, Lord Robin had forcefully stopped the Black Dragon's assault and was shockingly able to nail it to the ground!

What kind of power was that!

"Could Sir Robin be a Legend!?" One of them let out a cry.

But as Marvin was standing on the Dragon's back, panting in exertion, he felt something wrong.

'Hold on… Why is there no battle experience notification?!'


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