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Chapter 283: Transformation

Chapter 283: Transformation
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The Black Dragon was attacking Hope City while the Fate Sorceress was trapped.

It was a desperate situation.

But in this desperate situation, a brave Dragon Slayer appeared in Hope City.

This raised the morale of the city's people.

They watched the Black Dragon's huge body crashed into the ground, and the rumbling sound echoed in their ears.

A crack formed in the ground, and even some parts of the city wall appeared to be crumbling.

But the people were overjoyed!

They didn't dare to believe what they were seeing, that Sir Robin actually succeeded!

This was like a scene from a novel or a poem: when people were facing a disaster, a hero would be born!

Some couldn't help rubbing their eyes, wanting to check through the dust whether Clarke was really dead or not.

But they could only see a cloud of dust, with a tall and thin shadow inside!

"Long live Sir Robin!" they all shouted.

But at that time, Lorie showed signs of worry from atop the city wall.


Marvin was still on the Dragon's back, entering a state of extreme weakness.

The Dragon Slaying Spear was neatly inserted in the Dragon's neck, severing her nerves and vertebrae. Logically, she should be dead.

But he didn't receive any battle experience in his logs.

This made Marvin worry.

He had already lost his strength.

The eight seconds of "man mode" had ended!

He was now an arrow at the end of its flight. Without supporting himself with Weeping Sky, he might not even be able to keep standing.

'What is going on?' Marvin gasped. In the dust, the Black Dragon's head faintly rose, before falling back heavily.


It seemed to be dying.

There was a vibration and Marvin suddenly slipped. Fortunately, he held onto the spear, or else he might have fallen from the Dragon's back.

But at this time, a strange phenomenon occurred.

The Black Dragon's body underwent a change.

The wound created by Weeping Sky shockingly began to enlarge.

Marvin had never seen this before.

He didn't know what to do and decided to struggle over onto the Dragon's head.

Then, the Dragon's neck split in two!

Her head was left on the ground as the Dragon Slaying Spear was covered in blood. A stench assailed his nostrils.

Some fear appeared in Marvin's eyes.

He wanted to retreat, but was unable to move.

Diamond-shape was an all-or-nothing ability.

If the opponent didn't die in eight seconds, he would die.

But this strange Black Dragon was apparently going against death.

Her body began to shrink down to one third of its original size.

But her bones, scales, and hide seemed tougher and sturdier.

Then, Jessica finally arrived!

She broke away from the Black Dragon God's projection and arrived next to Marvin!

Facing this strange situation, she was just as bewildered.

"This is…"

"She didn't die?"

As the Fate Sorceress, Marvin and the rest looked on in horror, the Dragon suddenly staggered up!


In Hope City, those previously overjoyed people were suddenly frightened and ashen-faced.

The Black Dragon, whose head was severed outside the city wall, suddenly stood up.

Her neck was split open, exposing a huge bloody gap.

Now there was a headless Black Dragon before them.

For most people, there wasn't anything more frightening than that!

"Hehehe… Weeping Sky!"

"Ocelot, Dixon, Shiloh, Jitt…"

"After going through so many masters, it is still so tyrannical."

Black Dragon Clarke's voice gradually became deeper.

If her previous voice still sounded like a female Dragon's voice, now it totally sounded like a male Dragon!


'What happened?' Marvin froze in bewilderment.

Why was there a Headless Dragon?

This wasn't Clarke's voice. These were definitely the words of another Dragon.

"I'd like to thank you. You are called Robin, right?" that voice inquired.

Following the Black Dragon's words, a completely new head started to form out of the bloody neck.

"My stupid younger sister occupied this body for too many years."

"Finally, someone killed her for me. I am very grateful."

"I'm finally free."

"Mister Robin, I'll give you a decent death in order to express my respect for you."

"Oh right. My name is Clarkson. By all means, do not confuse me with my stupid sister."

"She has been wasting this body's talent."

The entire Rocky Mountain witnessed this strange scene.

Including the Black Dragon God's projection!

He was expressionless, as if he already knew about the Black Dragon's peculiarity.

But Marvin and Jessica had terrible expressions.

Because they felt that with this change, the Black Dragon's strength had surprisingly increased.

If it was Clarke, then Jessica's Fate Power should still be enough to deal with her, but Clarkson's strength was already on par with Jessica's 5th layer Fate Sorceress strength!

Moreover, Jessica's Fate Power was constantly depleting while the Black Dragon God's projection was glaring at them from the side.

Everything seemed to be developing in the wrong direction.

Marvin's face paled.

Clarke death and rebirth was completely outside of his expectations.

"I should have told you earlier," Jessica said in a low voice, "I could feel a strong power with godly origin from Clarke's heart… I felt she was strange, but I didn't expect…"

Marvin remained silent.

This Dragon had so many secrets.

After having the neck broken and head severed, a new one grew out? If that wasn't a freak, then what was it?

Clarke and Clarkson were apparently two souls in one body.

For a long time, Clarke had the upper hand, but now that Clarke died, the other soul relied on that heart's godly power to grow a new head.

And also conveniently altered its body.

He became smaller but stronger!

"I'll do it." Jessica sadly sighed.

Her expression became a lot firmer.

In any case, Marvin had already gone all-out for Rocky Mountain!

She could see that the current Marvin might not even be able to defeat a 1st rank expert!

He would only be a nuisance if he stayed on the battlefield.


After finishing his transformation, Clarkson was very cautious.

He calmly waited for the dust to settle as he sized up Marvin and Jessica with his small head while displaying a strange smile.

"Now, how will you fight me?"

The Black Dragon God's projection also arrived.

The fluctuating mood of the people in the city once more hit rock bottom.

But at that time, a plump lifeform strenuously flapped her wings as it flew to Marvin's shoulder.

She only said one word.



T/N: So that's why the dragon was mentioned as an heir (male) and the he/she pronouns.

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