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Chapter 284: Luck and Fate

Chapter 284: Luck and Fate
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The Black Dragon seemed imperturbable after his rebirth.

He was completely different from the previous Clarke, much more composed.

He watched the small Ding with interest, as a frightening radiance emitted from his evil eyes.

"Little thing, luck cannot help you."

"No one can triumph with just luck."

Ding seethingly retorted, "Isn't luck part of one's strength? In theory, with enough luck, a mortal could kill a god with a punch."

The Black Dragon laughed involuntarily.

But he still seriously debated with Ding.

"Generally speaking, something with less than 5% of ever happening is considered as something that won't happen. The probability of a mortal killing a god is less than one in countless millions."

"Unless Wizard God Lance took interest, no one could have such good luck..."

"But hold on… I smell a bit of Fate aura on you. Your origins seem unusual."

"Tell me who you are."

The Black Dragon looked seriously at Ding.

On the side, Marvin, and even Jessica, were ignored by him.

Everyone remained silent.

Why did the Black Dragon become such a chatterbox after transforming?

Had his soul been trapped for so long without anyone to talk to that he would even chat with a random pet? If it was like that, the people in Hope City would feel more relieved.

They could casually find talking pets and let them take turns speaking with the Black Dragon for days on end and there would be no need to fight.

This was Hope City, the place where Fiend Sorcerers gathered. Looking for a few talking pets would be very easy.

But unfortunately, most people didn't notice the important point in the Black Dragon's words.

Aura of Fate!

It wasn't something any pet could have.

In most people's eyes Ding was only Young Lady Kate's personal pet.

She had a big mouth, loved to chatter, loved to throw tantrums, and was occasionally playful.

In the eyes of Hope City's inhabitants, Ding was very lovable.

But no one knew her true identity, and no one saw her as a powerhouse.

They looked at this confrontation between the small Ding and the huge Black Dragon and they forgot to worry about themselves for the moment, starting to sweat for Ding instead.

They feared the Black Dragon would viciously swallow Ding whole.


Outside the city, Ding proudly raised her head while facing the Black Dragon's question. "I'm Ding!"

"Oh, Mister Ding." The Black Dragon's tilted his head. "Why…"

Ding interrupted furiously, "I'm female!"

"Well, Miss Ding it is."

Clarkson's patience seemed to finally run out. "Tell me, why is there the aura of Fate on your body?"

"If your answer can satisfy me, I might let you keep your life."

"After all, I've never seen a lifeform like you before."

But Ding proudly gloated, "There are a lot of lifeforms you haven't seen."

"And I don't need you to spare me, because I came to defeat you."

Ding's voice spread to all of Rocky Mountain.

Lorie smiled as she stood on the city wall, her eyes clear and limpid. But her smile only lasted a split second.

'If Ding really makes a move, then she… And Second Sis…'

Before she could think further, she was interrupted by the Black Dragon's thunderous laughter!



"You are killing me!"

The Black Dragon was laughing his ass off. Clarkson shook his head. "Forgive my boldness, but from what I can tell, you have no fighting ability! You have no attack power at all."

"How could you defeat me?"

The Black Dragon exposed his pointy teeth. "Forget it, you can still enter my stomach as an appetizer."

But the next second, Ding solemnly flew up.

Her eyes stared at the weakened Marvin and she took a deep breath before telling him, "First, you know I don't like you."

"Second, I'm only doing this because I have to."

"And lastly, I want to see a Dragon get torn apart."

Marvin was stunned.

'What did Ding say?'

Before he could react, Jessica sharply yelled, "Ding!"

"You can't do this!"

She apparently realized what Ding was going to do and tried to stop her.

But it was already too late.

Under the Dragon's curious gaze, Ding's fleshy wings quickly flapped. "Hateful guy, accept this Great Ding's punishment!"

[Aurora Burst]!

The Legend spell!

Aurora Burst!

Marvin was startled.

He couldn't dodge in his state.

Furthermore, he didn't want to dodge because he remembered something about Ding.

Last time, she used Aurora Lightning on him and the outcome was a point of luck.

This time it was the much stronger Aurora Burst. Could it be…?

But Marvin had no time to guess.

The frightening magic instantly took shape and smashed against Marvin's body!

Everyone in Hope City was absolutely surprised!

Even the Black Dragon was stunned.

What was going on? Friendly fire?

But Marvin knew that Ding truly had no attack power!

When Aurora Burst hit him, his weakness state was removed.

And his logs suddenly showed that he had gained 5 luck! Even if it was listed as [Temporary], it still left Marvin dumbstruck!

1 Luck was enough to awaken his Shapeshift Sorcerer bloodline.

Then what would 5 Luck do?

In an instant, Marvin could feel his body transforming.

The Shapeshift Sorcerer's state was refreshed!

Diamond-shape was usable again, and moreover, the time was lengthened to 40 seconds!

40 seconds of Unbreakable Diamond!

If the players could see that, they might yell out "BUG"!

At the same time, resolve flashed through Jessica's eyes.

"After accepting the baptism of the Plane's power, my body really could no longer accept more Luck."

"Since even Ding's willing to stake everything on you, trusting you like this, then why shouldn't I bet on you too?"

With her mysterious words, the seven colored radiance began to peel away, layer after layer.

The five layers of Fate Power left Jessica's body before ultimately descending on Marvin's.

Marvin felt filled with power.

And after landing on Marvin's body, those five seven-colored halos mixed with each other before splitting again.

After a few seconds, the Fate Power had six layers!

6th layer Fate Power!

Marvin held his breath and took a deep look at the devitalized Jessica and Ding.

There was no need for words.

He turned to face the Black Dragon and the Black Dragon God's projection.

"Leave it to me."

"I won't make a mistake this time!"

Marvin, imbued with the 5 Luck and the 6th layer Fate Power, solemnly made this vow.

Suddenly, his body burst forward like a rocket, charging toward Clarkson!