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Chapter 285: Tearing a Dragon Apart!

Chapter 285: Tearing a Dragon Apart!
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As soon as Marvin burst forward, his body automatically turned to diamond!

With Unbreakable Diamond protecting his body, Marvin didn't fear a trifling Black Dragon!

Moreover, he was now someone with 6th layer Fate Power!

Marvin had never known that Fate Power could be lent.

But he didn't have time to think about this.

He had to quickly get rid of Black Dragon Clarkson and the Black Dragon God's projection!

Only in that way could he live up to Jessica and Ding's efforts.

With the seven-colored halo lingering around Marvin, Jessica seemed incredibly weak.

She arduously opened a Teleportation Door and caught Ding before staggering away to Hope City.

'Everything depends on him…'

This woman who had always been so strong was relying on someone else this time.

This was very rare for her because there were very few problems she couldn't settle!


The current Marvin had become very powerful in the eyes of the Black Dragon.

Because of the 5 Luck, Jessica's 5th layer Fate Power upgraded to the 6th layer.

Even if it was only one layer of difference, it would make the difference between victory and defeat in this war.

Facing the overbearing Marvin, Clarkson chose to dodge!

He swung his tail and cleverly maneuvered his body to fly up, smoothly evading Marvin's attack.

This guy was truly different from the previous irascible Clarke. He was more patient and more treacherous.

And then he actually used the Black Dragon God's projection as a probe.

Under the instigation of the Black Dragon, the projection threw itself at Marvin.

As they drew near each other, Marvin recklessly and ruthlessly punched!

This simple and agile punch was surrounded with the power of Unbreakable Diamond and the 6th layer Fate Power, and pierced straight through the frightening shadow!

The Black Dragon God's twisted face apparently wanted to say something, but some strange space-time distortion appeared at his mouth, quickly forming into a whirlpool.

The Black Dragon God's projection was scattered away by Marvin!


Hope City was silent.

Heartbeats sped up and faces flushed. But no one dared to shout!

There had been too many reversals today.

Sir Robin apparently obtained Lady Jessica's help and became a brave hero once again.

But who knew if the situation would change once more!

After all, this Black Dragon had died and been reborn once.

They were crazily praying in their hearts: Sir Robin, you must win!

Sir Robin, you must win!

This belief actually converged into an intense flow of information crazily pouring into Marvin's head!

'This is… the perception of the Fate Power?'

Marvin seemed to understand.

Through Jessica's Fate Power, he could hear the thoughts of everyone in Hope City.

Maybe this desire was too intense.

'I must kill the Black Dragon!'

Marvin looked back and noticed Ding and Jessica already in a weakened state, especially the former. She was held in Lorie's embrace, apparently sinking into slumber!

5 Luck! This was a huge burden for a Fortune Fairy.

'Must win!'

The same belief resonated in Marvin's head. He viciously glared at the Black Dragon flying high in the air.

It had already been 13 seconds!

After another 27 seconds, Diamond-shape would lose its effectiveness and Marvin would enter a weakened state again.

At that time, he would only be able to rely on Fate Power to kill the Black Dragon.

Without further hesitation, Marvin flew up!

The six layer Fate Power granted him the ability to fly rapidly!

After seeing Marvin one-hit the projection, the Black Dragon was immediately scared witless.

He had a very high perception and could feel that Marvin was now strong enough to rip him to pieces!

'How could this mere human because so powerful!'

'No, his power comes from an external source, I can feel it. It is being consumed!'

'Right, I should flee first, I'll win if I drag this on.'

Clarkson kept thinking and then under everyone's gazes, he suddenly flapped his wings and fled upward!

They were all stunned.

They had never seen a Dragon who fled before even fighting.

This completely went against the pride and self confidence of Dragons.

If this was the former Clarke, she might have already charged up and handed her life over to Marvin.

But Clarkson didn't think badly of it, feeling his decisions were very wise.

He spread out his wings, increasing his speed to the maximum!

In the blink of an eye, the lowly humans of Hope City became tiny dots far below him.

Clarkson couldn't help but feel proud.

But next second, a huge strength caught his tail and fiercely dragged him down!

That strength was so overwhelming that Clarkson faltered and was thrown all the way into the ground!


The Black Dragon fell down from the sky, smashing a huge hole in a plot of farmland!

In the hole, Marvin's Unbreakable Diamond body emitted seven-colored radiance as he coldly looked at the twitching Black Dragon under him!

6th layer Fate Power was no joke!

"I said I won't mess up, so I most certainly won't!"

"Ding, watch closely, you wanted to see a Black Dragon being torn apart!"

Hearing Marvin's grim voice, the twitching Black Dragon let out a mournful howl!

Dragon blood suddenly spurted!

Marvin had grabbed a wing and shockingly pulled it out!

Clarkson kept struggling but Marvin steps felt like thousands upon thousands of tons bearing down on him.

He was like a dying dog, unable to move.

Hope City's people were staring blankly.

He was really tearing a Dragon apart with his bare hands?



Following the fierce sound, a huge stretch of Clarkson' scales was ruthlessly pulled out by Marvin!

Blood spurted out, accompanied by the anguished howl of the Black Dragon.

Sixteen seconds left!

Marvin hurried up and continued tearing him apart.

He would either grab his tail and slam him again, or simply tear a rib out!

In just ten seconds, a third of the Black Dragon was already completely torn apart!

The organs inside his huge body kept pulsating as the smell of blood spread everywhere.

Some couldn't bear with it and threw up.

And even more people were shocked at Marvin's frightening strength.

Then, Marvin grabbed Clarkson's heart!

"No!" the Black Dragon powerlessly cried, "I am willing to be your slave! Don't kill me!"

"Sorry. I don't lack slaves." Marvin faintly smiled.

With only three seconds left, he crushed the Black Dragon's heart!

As it burst, something passed through into Marvin!


Marvin was filled with this pleasurable feeling.