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Chapter 286: Fate Tablet!

Chapter 286: Fate Tablet!
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A powerful Dragon and god's descendant had his heart crushed by a man. After the source of the godly power was broken into pieces, he wouldn't be able to resurrect once again.

The crafty Clarkson was thoroughly torn apart.

The large crater on the eastern side of Rocky Mountain looked like a plate, and Black Dragon Clarkson was the dish served!

All of Hope City, no, all of Rocky Mountain was completely silent.

Everyone was looking at that figure with its flickering seven-colored radiance.

He looked tall and thin, but under the radiance, he was like a deity.

Dragon Slayer Robin, it wouldn't be long before his name spread through Feinan!

Not to mention, his amazing skills that were completely different from what was usually heard of Dragon Slayers would be widely spread.

Tearing a Black Dragon apart?!

Even some gods might not be able to do it.

But Marvin, with Jessica and Ding's help, forcibly accomplished it!

The silence lasted for no less than half a minute.

But it was soon followed by a burst of cheers!


Marvin was standing on the body of the dead Clarkson, his body gradually weakening.

The Luck on the property panel gradually decreased while the seven-colored radiance also dimmed.

A part returned to Jessica while the rest was exhausted.

Marvin got a lot of experience after this battle!

First was the experience from the Black Dragon itself which totalled close to 11000. It immediately became about 22000 due to the fact that it was part of the Dragon race, and then it was further increased because Clarke/Clarkson was a variant. In the end, he gained close to 30000 experience!

This battle experience was vital for the urgently needed level up of his Night Walker class!

Then there was a Divinity.

The Black Dragon God's projection didn't possess a Divinity, so after being scattered away with one punch, it didn't give Marvin any benefits.

But Clarkson was different. As a god's descendant, he naturally had a bit of Divinity from the Black Dragon God.

The False Vessel that Endless Ocean gifted Marvin could automatically absorb Divinity, and thus, Marvin now had three, two of which came from the Black Dragon God, and one from the World Ending Twin Snakes.

'The False Vessel can store up to 5 Divinities, and won't be able to keep absorbing Divinities after that unless I upgrade it.'

'Divinities are incredibly useful, increasing all resistances, and some artifacts have explicit Divinity requirements.'

Marvin looked at his 'Divinity (3)' and felt very satisfied.

In fact, the first contact he had with a Divinity after entering Feinan was the Lich's severed finger he got from the Crimson Monastery. But at the time, he didn't have a False Vessel to absorb it, so he could only choose to sacrifice it. It was a huge sacrifice, but he got some early fighting strength in exchange.

Without those two Phantom Assassins' help during Marvin's time of trouble, he might not have had such a smooth journey. Thus he felt it was very worth it.

Marvin had two goals at the moment: to quickly level up his Night Walker class until he reached the level required to advance to Ruler of the Night, and to get a Source of Fire's Order.

The former needed a great amount of experience along with accomplishing an advancement quest. There was a lot to prepare in order to become a Legend, and not all level 20 Half-Legends could successfully become Legends. Furthermore, the quality and extent of the preparations would influence the Legend's strength.

And there was a bit of a relationship between Divinities and Legend's [Domain], which Marvin valued very highly.

Apart from this, tearing a Black Dragon apart gave Marvin great fame.

Naturally, this was Region Fame (Rocky Mountain).

After all, this place was only a small corner of Feinan. If it was Jewel Bay or the Central's Steel City, or other such major cities, it might have become World Fame.

Obviously, the Fame was associated to [Mysterious Powerhouse Robin].

From this, Marvin gained one more powerful identity, which he was very willing to see happen. Having a lot of identities was very good for hiding his own strength and catching others off guard.

The only thing that had disappointed Marvin was that the rumored Dragon Blood bath had no effect!

Black Dragons didn't normally use spells. Clarke had used the Divine Spells bestowed to her by the Black Dragon God, and Black Dragon Blood lacked the magic trait, so even though Marvin's body was drenched in its blood, besides a fishy smell, there wasn't a bit of benefit.

'And maybe because the Golden Blood, Earth Crystal and other things have increased the strength of my body quite a few times, the Dragon Blood bath, which supposedly has a similar effect, lost its effectiveness. Sure enough, as Constantine said, even if Dragons' bodies are treasures, they still have to be carefully processed.'

Marvin sighed and sluggishly walked down from the Black Dragon's body.

He actually walked very cautiously, for fear of tripping. He was feeling very weak after all.

But to everyone in Hope City, this was the demeanor of an expert!

They watched Marvin walking neither slowly nor fast, with clear and light steps.

He looked unaffected after tearing a Black Dragon apart, as if he was used to it.

Some more ridiculous people felt that Marvin's pace was hiding something mysterious and inwardly memorized it with faces full of worship.

Only Marvin knew that it was due to his legs weakening after the fight.


Black Dragon Clarkson was slain. The Underdark's Army, which had already been crumbling, thoroughly scattered.

They followed the tunnels and returned to the Underdark. And following along with the Dark Elves who were at loss was a vigorous silhouette sneaking through the Underdark.

Raven was full of determination.

Marvin's order would definitely be accomplished.


Everyone in Hope City was celebrating.

But in the depths of the Three Sisters' castle, the mood wasn't as joyous as it was outside.

Jessica was expressionless and Lorie was deeply worried.

Marvin was lying down on a bed, unable to move.

He had been brought here by a Sorcerer from Demon's Hand on his way back to Hope City.

With the Fate Power slowly disappearing, the violent side effects gradually began to emerge.

His bones were crushed!

His internal organs broke down!

His bodily functions began to fail!

Marvin was clearly conscious, and could feel all the pain.

This was the result of overusing one's power!

Fate Power wasn't something he could handle after all.

But he wasn't the one in the worst condition in this room.

The one most seriously injured was lying on a small bed next to him.

Ding's body had begun to gradually turn transparent. She was already unable to maintain her form as a Fortune Fairy.

A part of her body was faintly turning to stone.

It was the appearance of the Fate Tablet fragment!

In an instant, her body suddenly hardened!

A frightening aura rose up from the castle!

In Feinan and the Astral Sea, all the powerhouses and the gods were startled.

"The aura of a Fate Tablet!"

"A Fate Tablet appeared in Feinan?!"

"Hold on… There seems to be movement at the Universe Magic Pool!"