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Chapter 287: The Universe Magic Pool’s Turmoil!

Chapter 287: The Universe Magic Pool’s Turmoil!
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The aura of the Fate Tablet gushing out in Hope City attracted the attention of people all across Feinan.

Despite it lasting only for a split second, the powerhouses still noticed!

Some began to stir because in the God Realms above Feinan, only the Luck, Disaster and Fate positions were missing!

Rocky Mountain!

Many used all kinds of different means to feel the Fate Tablet's aura and firmly intended to act, but an even more powerful aura broke out at that time!


"The Universe Magic Pool!"

"In the depths of the Universe Magic Pool, in a place we can't reach."

"The powerful and unfathomable Lance really put the 4th Fate Tablet inside the Universe Magic Pool? Why did he do that?"

"It's rumored that the 4th Fate Tablet is needed to advance to a higher universe! We have to get it."

In the God Realms, thoughts kept being exchanged.

They saw through that first aura of Fate. It was only a Fortune Fairy.

Even if the Fortune Fairy was an incarnation of the Fate Tablet, it had already lost the Fate Tablet's uses.

That aura was emitted by the dying Fortune Fairy, as she was turning into the tablet.

What truly interested them was that the aura triggered a resonance.

When Ding thoroughly transformed, a sound suddenly burst from the depths of the Universe Magic Pool!

A vibration began to echo in Feinan.

Gods and powerful Legends were stunned to find that the Universe Magic Pool's walls shuddered.

Soon, the cry turned into a roar!

The eternally calm Universe Magic Pool was in turmoil!

An even more powerful aura burst out from the depths of the Universe Magic Pool, and even if most of it was stopped by the walls, it still spread to every corner of the multiverse.

This was the aura of the Fate Tablet.

Because of Ding's fall, a resonance was triggered.

Some perceptive powerhouses even felt that this aura was filled with sorrow.

The seemingly calm Feinan would once again become chaotic.

And the gods in the Astral Sea were now absolutely certain that the 4th Fate Tablet was in the center of the Universe Magic Pool.

Attacking the Universe Magic Pool was already a must!


To the west of Rocky Mountain, inside a frighteningly gloomy underground temple.

Kate, who had been cautiously moving forward, suddenly felt pain and spurted a mouthful of blood.


She saw the scene of Ding's fall, the Black Dragon, her older sister, and Marvin!


Her tears couldn't help but pour down.

"Why… Why did this happen?"

She stood weakly in the center of the damp ice-cold temple after searching for the Source of Fire's Order for many days in vain.

Her eyes were soulless.

The biggest impact of her pet's death was on her.

Her strength originally had reached Half-Legend, but now it fell down to 3rd rank!

But Kate didn't care about this.

She cared about that round and adorable Ding who liked to brag and had a bad temper, but always gave blessings!

"No! You can't die!"

Resolve flashed in her eyes.

"You can't die…" she repeated.

A mysterious aura began to frantically spread through the ancient temple.

With Kate at the center, a repelling Barrier spread out. A large number of bricks and rocks fell down and flew away.

But she was safe and sound.

Three seven-colored halos quietly descended on Kate's body.

Three layers of Fate Power!

This was the power of a Legend.

But her face was full of tears.

Because she could feel that that Luck blessing Ding sent her before had already thoroughly disappeared.

There was not a trace left.


Hope City, in the infirmary in the depths of the castle.

Tears could be seen in Lorie's eyes, but she didn't weep.

The only thing remaining on the small bed was that cold tablet.

In fact, it was only a fragment.

On it was a picture of a lifeform baring its teeth. It was remarkably similar to Ding's shape.

Jessica firmly clenched her fists, six seven-colored halos hovering around her. After the Luck gathered on Marvin's body, it strengthened her Fate Power, and thus, after returning to Jessica, it kept its 6th layer strength.

But the price they paid was disastrous.

Ding overused all her power and could be said to have fallen.

She had returned to her original shape.

A lot of runes were written on the back of the tablet, characters that even Ancient Gods might not necessarily understand.

"Is there any way to bring Ding back?" Lorie asked while looking at Marvin.

Marvin stayed silent.

Even Lorie with the [Wisdom] gift saw no hope, and he was only a mortal. Even if he knew a bit about Feinan, how could he know how to bring a Fortune Fairy back to life?

After all, the existence of a Fortune Fairy itself was an oddity.

He had never seen a similar situation before.

He felt so powerless for the first time.

History was gradually changing while he still wasn't strong enough!

She said she wanted to see the Black Dragon torn apart. Marvin did so, but she had already lost consciousness.

Thus, she didn't get to see it in the end.


"There is always a way," Marvin muttered slowly.

"I'll go to the [Pearl Tower]."

"The Scholars there surely have a way to save Ding. Do you see those runes? Her contract with Kate is still there, so she only lost all her power... There definitely should be a way."

Lorie nodded.

Jessica let out a long breath. "Your injury is very grave. You need to rest for several days…"

Looking at Jessica firmly, Marvin interrupted, "No good. I need your best Priest and Clerics to help connect my bones properly."

"Kate definitely suffered a serious backlash from what happened to Ding. Regardless of whether it's Rocky Mountain or White River Valley, we need the Source of Fire's Order. Jessica, you'll defend Rocky Mountain. You can't leave, so I'll go."

Saying this, Marvin smiled. "Rest assured, I am a man who has received 6 Luck, so how could anything go wrong?"

Jessica took a long look at Marvin, and slowly nodded.

But suddenly, a frightening bursting noise spread through Rocky Mountain!

Marvin and the others saw this scene through the window:

A light was flickering erratically in the sky as seven balls of fire were spinning around a woman.

Endless mountains and seas stretched out behind her.

She looked like an Ancient God, standing on the clouds while coldly looking forward.

"Second Sister!" Lorie shouted in surprise.

The Sources of Fire's Order!

Marvin's eyes were wide open!

Those seven balls of fire were shockingly what he had been looking for all along!

He hadn't expected Kate to truly find them all.

But then, he thought of something bad.

'Hold on…'

'The importance of the Source of Fire's Order to Feinan is no less than that of removing the Decaying Plateau…'

'Last time, I was broadcasted throughout Feinan when I was using the Golden Scissors…'

'Then Kate…'

Marvin didn't dare to think about it further!

With this event, Rocky Mountain was going to go through a lot of changes!