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Chapter 288: Silver Scholars

Chapter 288: Silver Scholars
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As expected, news quickly spread in all directions.

The first to arrive were officials from some cities of the Pampo Seashore, as well as adventurers and some powerhouses.

Then it was the Saint Desert, followed by the Three Ring Towers, Steel City, and other unfamiliar faces from the central regions. They all started going toward Rocky Mountain.

This was a rare event.

Rocky Mountain had always been viewed as a barren land, a place no one was willing to go to.

But this time, because of the Sources of Fire's Order, many people came here.

Most of them didn't know what a Source of Fire's Order meant, but there were inevitably some sages in the powers supporting them that did.

A Source of Fire's Order was the last hope in times of disaster.

Just as Marvin expected, the scene of Kate getting the seven of them had been broadcast throughout Feinan, enticing all these people.

The only thing that made him feel better was that the day after the occurence, more meteors streaked toward the north.

A total of nine meteors streaked dazzlingly across the northern wasteland just like those seven before.

Seeing them, the people seemed to realize something.

These nine meteors all fell in the most dangerous area in the North, the Black Devil Forest!

Unlike Rocky Mountain, the Black Devil Forest was a central area in the North, separating the North in two.

Because of the attraction of those nine meteors, quite a few of those who originally intended to go to Rocky Mountain were lured over there instead.


Two days later, in Hope City, the undercurrents were stirring.

The work to rebuild their home was still in progress, but many foreign shadows began to appear in Hope City.

This made the inhabitants very uneasy.

Even though the Black Dragon's corpse had already been put in Marvin's Thousand Paper Crane, the traces of the fight and the bloodstains were still there.

The broadcast of Rocky Mountain had attracted the attention of all the people of the South.

Fortunately, the Three Sisters' forces were powerful. There were the Sorcerers of the Demon's Hand working together in teams, and Jessica, who was Legend that had reached the 6th layer of Fate Power.

As for Kate who had just returned, she was a new Legend.

A territory having two Legends living there was considered somewhat rare.

Meanwhile, Marvin's condition was getting better under the treatment of the best healers.

Most of Rocky Mountain's Sorcerers were experts at destruction, not healing. He was barely able to walk now.

Even so, he needed to handle what would come next.


"The seven Sources of Fire's Order will keep resonating with each other."

Marvin looked at those seven small lights in Kate's hand and said in a heavy voice, "If you keep them together, they will keep producing great fluctuations that can be discerned by people with good perception."

"We have to keep them apart, and Rocky Mountain can only safely keep three."

Kate slightly nodded. She knew the importance of the Sources of Fire's Order, but in theory, only one of them was enough. Having too many would invite trouble instead. Marvin suggesting them to keep three was mostly to guard against the unexpected.

"Of the remaining four, I also need three." He calmly raised his request.

The three sisters had no issues with this.

If not for Marvin bravely stepping forward, Hope City might have already been destroyed by the Black Dragon.

And they had an agreement that he was entitled to the Sources of Fire's Order.

"What about that remaining one?" Jessica asked.

"Let it go." Marvin's answer was far beyond her expectations.

Kate had painstakingly gotten it from the dangerous ancient temple, and they had to let it go?

Kate was also a bit perplexed.

But at that time, Lorie slowly agreed, "Right. Let it go. This is the best way."

Kate and Jessica looked at each other. They naturally understood their little sister the best.

Lorie's Fate Power was Wisdom, letting her see beyond what an ordinary person could.

Since she also said to let it go, then there must be a good reason.

Thus, after a slight hesitation, Kate loosened her left hand.


That Source of Fire's Order suddenly flew up and out the window, turning into a bright meteor as it rushed toward an unknown location.

Those powerhouses who had come because of the news saw the meteor flying overhead and immediately changed their routes, relentlessly chasing after it!

This released Source of Fire's Order would make a lot of people fight for it!


Secret chamber.

Kate waved her wrist and two boxes appeared. Each box was adorned with a simple decoration.

These were the boxes she found from the ancient temple.

They were most suitable to host the Sources of Fire's Order.

She divided the remaining six Sources in two and handed one box to Marvin.

At the same time, she also handed Marvin a cold tablet.


She solemnly looked at Marvin as she said that.

Marvin nodded somberly.


At night, a plain carriage quickly left Hope City.

The coachman was one of the most trusted subordinates of the three sisters. And besides Marvin, there was an old acquaintance in the carriage.

Demon's Hand Leader, Sorceress Daisy.

She previously fought alongside Marvin against the Black Dragon Clarke.

The current Marvin was extremely weak and truly needed the protection of the powerful Sorceress.

And Jessica and Kate were unable to leave.

They had to defend Rocky Mountain.

This was their home, and getting the Source of Fire's Order in the first place was in order to develop their homeland.

The carriage left Hope City and tread across Rocky Mountain's uneven land before arriving at the edge of the Saint Desert.

From there it headed south, leaving for the boundless wilderness.

There were no roads in the wilderness. It was filled with fog, and the coachman often had to stop to adjust their path.

Daisy also had a crystal ball that could point toward their destination.

The whole journey was shaky and bumpy, but Marvin firmly held that ice cold tablet in his arms.

He already had the Sources of Fire's Order, and just had to fulfill another promise.

That was to save Ding!

But the peculiarity of the Fate Tablet made Marvin uncertain who he should go to for help.

The Great Elven King?

Nicholas was said to be heavily injured, while Ivan was wandering in the Dead Area west of the Pampo Seashore. Going to Thousand Leaves Forest might be useless.

Other Legends shouldn't be able to deal with this.

This was a matter touching upon knowledge of the core of the Universe.

If there were any people able to give Marvin some guidance, it could only be them.

Wind Castle, Pearl Tower, Silver Scholars.


They rode in the carriage for no less than three days and three nights before finally seeing a huge construct amidst the sea of sand.

A massive tower soared toward the sky from the middle of that construct.

This was the Pearl Tower.

The Pearl Tower gathering all of Feinan's knowledge!

It's rumored that this place had traces of God Lance's power, with his Divine Power's blessing.

Thus, this place was the Scholars' paradise, their permanent sanctuary.

But not everyone could enter Wind Castle.

To enter, one needed to have the Great Scholar title.

But Marvin knew there was another way.

"Let's go!"

He muttered under his breath, "I hope the wise Silver Scholars won't disappoint me."