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Chapter 289: Unsolved Mystery

Chapter 289: Unsolved Mystery
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Sand was blown around unceasingly by the wind outside the castle walls.

A huge arched gate appeared ahead of the carriage.

The gate was closed, and only when a scholar, a great sage, paid a visit would the Wind Castle open its door.

Beside the main entrance, there was a smaller gate which was also tightly locked.

There were two banana trees outside and under the shadow of a banana tree, a youth was sitting on a rattan chair, reading a scroll with deep interest.

It looked like the sand blowing a few steps away had nothing to do with him.

Indeed, the banana trees were inside the barrier surrounding the whole Wind Castle.

The sand outside wouldn't be blown in.

This was the Wind Castle's natural defense mechanism. Without being allowed in, nothing could get inside this holy city.

This was a city of scholars, where no one could enter besides those who were willing to become scholars, those who became apprentices as children, and true Great Scholars.

The carriage slowly came to a stop outside the boundary.

The youth slightly raised his head, and then was somewhat stunned.

His scroll trembled in his hand as he noticed the youth getting down from the carriage.

He knew that person.

'Plane Destroyer, Marvin.'

A hint of worship could be seen in the youth's expression. 'I didn't expect to meet such a guest on duty today!'

Marvin quickly walked over and stopped before the boundary, greeting the youth.

The latter put away his scroll and politely walked over.

They were separated by the mysterious unbreakable boundary.

"Hello Sir Marvin, I am Shura.

The youth smiled bashfully. "Do you have something to do in the Wind Castle? But the rules here are quite inflexible. Even if you are a noble Hero of Feinan, an existence who destroyed the Decaying Plateau, you still can't enter if you don't have a Great Scholar title."

Marvin nodded.

He was surprised that the other party recognized him.

The Wind Castle would send numerous apprentices all over the world every year to gather all kinds of information.

The news of him destroying the Decaying Plateau was so big that these scholars would definitely quickly gather information about him.

This was the reason he decided to use his true identity.

After all, Marvin the Plane Destroyer, who had destroyed the Decaying Plateau on that famous tree, was definitely quite notable.


"I know that besides the inhabitants of the City of Knowledge, only the Great Scholars could enter the city."

"But I also heard that a few years ago, the Pearl Tower's twelve top Great Scholars reconsidered the rules of entry to the city. They put forward three questions, and one could enter if they answered a question, isn't that so?" Marvin said confidently.

The youth froze.

"Those three unsolved mysteries?"

"You said you want to solve the three unsolved mysteries?"

Shura's voice suddenly became sharp!

The next second, countless shadows appeared from the top of the Wind Castle.

"Shura? What happened?"

"Someone wants to solve the unsolved mysteries?"


"Heavens, I greet Sir Plane Destroyer!"


In an instant, that place at the top of the Wind Castle became very lively.

Even Marvin himself hadn't expected that his arrival would create such a commotion!

This was the effect of World Fame!

Destroying the Decaying Plateau made Marvin and the White River Valley's people a focus point of the entire world.

It was especially true for the well-informed City of Knowledge. Marvin's deed was something every scholar knew.

This kind of major event was unconditionally big enough to be recorded in the Pearl Tower.

It was just unknown which level it would be stored in.

The people kept discussing on the city wall, and even if Shura was just as excited, as the one in charge he held his scroll high and angrily shouted, "Silence!"

"Notify the top seats of the Pearl Tower!"

"Sir Marvin wants to solve the three unsolved mysteries!"

A few minutes later, the arched gate of the City of Knowledge opened with a bang.

Twelve Great Scholars wearing crimson gowns came out together.

Everyone on the city wall sighed in amazement.

Such a scene, how many years had it been since it had last happened?

The twelve top seats of the Pearl Tower together, wasn't this a rare honor?

Even if those Great Scholars famous throughout the continent came to pay a visit, surely they wouldn't receive this kind of treatment!?

Not to mention, he said he wanted to solve the unsolved mysteries.

If not for Marvin being extremely famous, these Great Scholars wouldn't believe his words.

Among the Great Scholars, some were young, and some were old. Obtaining this title wasn't specifically related to age, but rather depended on the depth of one's knowledge.

A middle-aged man wearing golden glasses took a step forward and solemnly addressed Marvin on behalf of the other Great Scholars:

"Respected Plane Destroyer, welcome to the Wind Castle."

"You truly aren't a Great Scholar, thus you originally wouldn't have the qualifications to enter the city."

"But you offered to solve a problem that has been bothering us for many years. If you truly accomplish it, you'll be free to come in and out of the Wind Castle as you wish."

"Could I ask, which question do you want to solve?"

Marvin calmly answered, "The matter of whether or not the multiverse is unique."

The man nodded and then consulted with the other Great Scholars for a moment before ultimately waving his hand.

The next instant, that pale yellow barrier disappeared without a trace and Marvin took a step toward the holy City of Knowledge.

"Welcome to Wind Castle."

"Now, let us go to Pearl Tower. It's good that you happened to come today, as your previous deed of destroying the Decaying Plateau will definitely be written down in the History Calendar."

"We need to hold a ceremony, and it is our honor to have you here as the person involved."


The Wind Castle, known as the City of Knowledge. The Pearl Tower was the most famous part of it.

And the History Calendar in the Pearl Tower was used to record the most important events in Feinan's history.

Since Marvin transmigrated, roughly four events were eligible to be recorded in it: The fall of the Great Legend Wizard Anthony, Marvin destroying the Decaying Plateau, a team of Legends crazily eradicating the Twin Snakes Cult, and the recent descent of the Source of Fire's Order in Feinan.

As for an event like the powerhouse Robin tearing a Black Dragon apart, it wasn't important enough to be recorded in the History Calendar.

Usually, those who could be recorded in the History Calendar were the greatest Heroes!

It meant leaving a mark in history.

On the way, the Great Scholar wearing golden glasses, Damian, chatted with Marvin for a bit.

"The recording ceremony will be carried out tomorrow, and your answer will also be requested after the ceremony."

"I hope you can give a perfect answer, or else the Pearl Tower will no longer be open to you."

Marvin nodded gently.

A scholar on the side couldn't help but ask, "Excuse me, could you explain the question about whether the multiverse is unique?"

Marvin calmly answered, "The multiverse isn't unique."

Everyone was in uproar!

A Great Scholar suddenly asked in the street, "What is your argument?"

A smile appeared in the corner of Marvin's mouth.

"You'll understand tomorrow."