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Chapter 290: Rejected

Chapter 290: Rejected
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The next morning, below the Pearl Tower.

A great amount of scholars gathered.

They were learning scholars from the City of Knowledge and were here today not only because it was the day of the recording ceremony, but most importantly because of a very important piece of news:

The famed Plane Destroyer Marvin personally came to the Pearl Tower to watch the great recording ceremony. And after the ceremony, he would solve one of the three great unsolved mysteries!

The peaceful City of Knowledge hadn't had such a lively event in a long time.

It was true that the learning scholars are refined learners of history and science, but they were also extremely curious men.

They wanted to see what theory this rumored mysterious Baron Marvin would come up with.

Everyone was in a circle at the bottom of the pure white Pearl Tower.

The twelve top seated Great Scholars were sitting in a circle around a round table.

Marvin's position suited his status, as he was sitting in a rattan chair for the honored guest, calmly awaiting the outcome.

He liked the ambiance of the City of Knowledge a lot.

Even if there was a lot of people here, it wasn't noisy. Even if an intense curiosity burned in their eyes, they were conscientiously keeping quiet.

This was natural.

[Great Hero Marvin destroyed the Decaying Plateau]. This great event had already been recorded in the History Calendar, and the ceremony was to decide which floor this History Calendar entry should be stored in!

Indeed, even if the Pearl Tower pierced through the sky and was open to the scholars of the City of Knowledge, it only had seven floors.

Even the 7th floor was said to only be opened when the thirteen top seated Great Scholars worked together to open it.

But the strange thing was that ever since the City of Knowledge was established, there had never been a 13th Great Scholar.

Whenever a new Great Scholar appeared, there would inevitably be an old Great Scholar dying.

Twelve Great Scholars seemed to be the maximum amount.

And, although the City of Knowledge encircled the Pearl Tower, their scope of authority over it was in fact very small.


Since the beginning of times, major events were recorded in the first six floors.

The more important an event was, the higher the floor it would be stored in. This was a very simple standard..

The floor that a record should be stored in was decided by the twelve Great Scholars.

The other scholars had already started discussing this.

In order to not influence the Great Scholars that were using their wisdom to make such an important decision, those learning scholars discussed in very low voices.

But Marvin was keen and alert, and using his Listen skill to clearly understand what they were saying.

"Sir Marvin destroyed the Decaying Plateau, and an illusion appeared throughout Feinan. Such a major event should at least be recorded in the 3rd floor."

"Yes, I remember that every time an illusion appeared in the sky, it would go to the 3rd floor or higher."

"Legend Wizard Anthony's fall was recorded in the 3rd floor. Anthony protected the East Coast for close to a hundred years, but in comparison, Sir Marvin destroyed the Decaying Plateau who kept invading all of Feinan in the past years, which should be more important."

"Indeed, Sir Anduin had previously studied it. The Decaying Plateau was getting closer to Feinan each year. According to his calculations, within about three hundred years, Diggles and his army would have been able to go come and go as if from the Shadow Plane, barring some great change."

"In short, the Decaying Plateau would be a huge hidden danger. If I was a Great Scholar, I would definitely put it on the 4th floor."


Marvin could faintly hear them discussing constantly in low voices.

His body was currently weak, and he needed to recover.

Once he dealt with the scholars' question, he would ask about the Fate Tablet.

Whether Ding could be brought back to life would depend on the knowledge of these scholars.

As for which floor his act of destroying the Decaying Plateau would be stored in, Marvin actually didn't care.

Destroying the Decaying Plateau certainly wouldn't be his most amazing accomplishment!

The Great Calamity had yet to start. His stage had yet to truly arrive.

He would make enough preparations before the Great Calamity to ruthlessly topple those so-called gods.

He would build a lawful country in the chaos.

In front of the deceptive religions, he would protect the people's freedom.

He would create a safe refuge in the era of rampant monsters.

This was the ideal future Marvin envisioned for White River Valley!

This was his true plan.

And it was definitely bigger than destroying the Decaying Plateau.

'This Great Scholars sure are taking their time.'

Marvin was barely staving off his boredom. He had already been sitting for half an hour and was frowning while looking at the scholars.

The others were actually very calm.

In the City of Knowledge they didn't lack time.

The scholars, who were able to endure spending so much of their time engrossed in research, had no issues waiting.

Moreover, while such a ceremony had happened quite some times in the City of Knowledge, this time, the peculiarity was that the Hero of the event had surprisingly appeared in the City of Knowledge.

So of course the Great Scholars would be cautious while making their judgement.

A dozen minutes later, the youngest Great Scholar took up his pen and wrote down his opinion.

Soon, the others made their own decisions.

A person in charge of the ceremony gathered each Great Scholar's scroll.

He carefully read through once and surprise flashed through his eyes.

Everyone watched him, full of expectation.

With this atmosphere, even Marvin was feeling some anticipation.

He checked once more and finally yelled:

"The decision of the twelve Great Scholars is unanimous!"

"The History Calendar of Sir Marvin destroying the Decaying Plateau will be stored in the Pearl Tower's…"

"5th floor!"

Once those words resounded, even the previously collected scholars couldn't stay calm!

They all had shocked expressions.

They couldn't help but start talking about it.

In the eyes of the ordinary scholars, the 3rd or 4th floors were the most suitable.

But the 5th floor, wasn't that too high?

That was the standard of a Hero saving the entire continent!

Marvin destroying the Decaying Plateau was an act of eradicating a hidden danger, not directly saving the continent, right?

But the man who announced the results already left, meaning that this matter was settled.

Moreover, the twelve Great Scholars had unanimously made this decision, making others unable to refute it.

They were the wisest people in Feinan.

Their decision shouldn't be wrong.

The gathered scholars gradually calmed down and looked at Marvin with gazes full of envy and worship.

The Great Scholars looked at each other and nodded.

Since they had made their decision, the recording ceremony was next.

Soon, a huge scroll and a deep blue crystal were lifted by two strong men.

The Great Scholars all stood up and recited an ancient incantation in low voices.

Shortly after, a black hole appeared on the fifth floor of the Pearl Tower.

"Woosh!" The scroll and deep blue crystal were sucked into the hole.

"Now, let us talk about the unsolved mystery, Sir Marvin…"

The leading Great Scholar had yet to finish speaking when a shadow flashed within the black hole!


That scroll and deep blue crystal were astonishingly thrown back out of the black hole and floated above the Great Scholars!

Everyone was in an uproar!

Marvin was also shocked. What was this about?

Could his deed be unworthy of entering the 5th floor?

The Great Scholars were startled.

It was the first time any of them had experienced such an event!

The Pearl Tower normally didn't react like this.

The Great Scholars' decisions were generally correct.

But the Pearl Tower's 5th floor unexpectedly rejected it this time!

"How could this be? Diggles was the Evil Spirit Overlord with the strongest potential. Such a matter, how could it lack the qualifications to enter the 5th floor?" muttered the youngest Great Scholar.

The scholars all started chattering again.

The Great Scholars discussed it again and ultimately decided to put it on the 4th floor.

They went through the recording ceremony once again.

But this time, they were left even more surprised!

The Pearl Tower's 4th floor also refused Marvin's History Calendar!

The Great Scholars almost went crazy!

This was certainly something that had never happened in the past!

As for Marvin, he abruptly stood up because he saw something strange at the top of the Pearl Tower!