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Chapter 291: Mark 47

Chapter 291: Mark 47
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Marvin had paid attention each time the black hole rejected that History Calendar.

There was a shadow of a short person in the Pearl Tower!

Ordinary people might not be able to notice it, since after all it was in the darkness, but Marvin, who had received the Night Monarch's blessing, could clearly see something behind that black hole.

It was a mechanical construct!

And it seemed to have a very strange body!

It was wearing an oversized western hat and clothes with all kinds of colors that seemed to have been scribbled on by people.

It was this construct that threw out the History Calendar!

'This mechanical construct, could it be Pearl Tower's housekeeper?'

Marvin wanted to get a better look, but after each attempt, the black hole opened by the Great Scholars closed back down.


After the 3rd floor also rejected the History Calendar, all the Great Scholars were sweating, not knowing what to do.

This kind of thing had never happened in the past!

The Pearl Tower actually rejected their request, and thrice at that!

Wasn't it just way too bizarre!?

They looked at each other in dismay, and before the eyes of all the ordinary scholars, they wrote down the 2nd Floor!

If the 3rd floor wouldn't work, then it should still be eligible for the 2nd floor, right?

That was where the rise and fall of kingdoms would be recorded!

But the depressing issue kept happening. It was like the Pearl Tower had eaten something that had gone bad and was venting on the scholars.

After easily opening the entrance of the 2nd floor and putting the History Calendar in, it didn't take long before it was yet again thrown back out!

It was even more ruthless that time. The scroll directly smashed against the head of one of the Great Scholars, and as for the azure Memory Crystal, it was thrown about 60 meters away and almost shattered.

Everyone was aghast!

Marvin didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

How could it be so troublesome?

Seeing these Great Scholars drenched in sweat, Marvin wanted to tell them, 'How about we forget about it…'

It was a pity that he didn't know much about the origin of the Pearl Tower of the City of Knowledge. There were few pieces of lore about it.

Although he was an expert player who obtained the Great Scholar title and sneaked into the City of Knowledge to gather all kinds of information about monsters' weaknesses in order to sell it at a high price, no one had a good understanding of the Pearl Tower.

The players had never even manage to witness the simplest of recording ceremonies.

Pearl Tower was an enigma for pre-transmigration Marvin.

He only knew that the wisdom of the Great Scholars here was comparable to the gods'. And the Wind Castle was a place that had existed in the era of the Night Monarch!


"Crazy! This is crazy!" the youngest Great Scholar couldn't help but shout.

"Could it be wanting us to record Sir Marvin's deed in the 1st floor?"

"This is simply an insult! This is a disgrace for the City of Knowledge!"

The other scholars remained speechless.

Today's matter was really strange.

They couldn't help but turn their heads and look at Marvin with some embarrassment.

What should have been a simple recording ceremony actually became such a farce. The scholars felt as if they lost face.

"1st floor it is then, let's try," suggested the oldest Great Scholar while clenching his teeth.

Soon, the History Calendar and the azure Memory Crystal were once again prepared.

They started their incantation, using their connection with the Pearl Tower to open the entrance to the 1st floor.

But this time, before they could even put the scroll in, a mysterious power rushed out from the Pearl Tower!


"A bunch of idiots!"

Following that hoarse voice, the History Calendar scroll wildly charged around like a crazed ghostly monster!

In an instant, the twelve Great Scholars were swept away, their glasses knocked to the ground. The unluckiest was even hit in the head!

That ghost-like scroll carried enormous power and actually charged toward Marvin.

Marvin had a bad feeling, as his current skills were far his usual level. Before he could react, his body was wrapped by the huge scroll and carried up in the sky!


Marvin was startled and scared. His Night Walker skills weren't usable during the day, and he couldn't use Eternal Night due to the extreme acceleration stress!

If he really fell from there, he might not survive!

It was absurd that something like this happened during his simple trip to the City of Knowledge for information.

The scroll carrying Marvin shot up until it ultimately reached the 7th floor!

A hoarse mechanical voice echoed throughout the sky:

"This History Calendar will be stored in the 7th floor!"

All the scholars were stunned!

The next moment, a huge hole appeared in the 7th floor and the scroll, the azure crystal, and Marvin himself instantly went in!


The world was spinning.

Soon after, a warm flow of water gradually submerged Marvin's body.

Who knew when it happened, but his body was already completely bare.

When he regained consciousness, he was soaking in a spacious bath.

The water in the bath was light pink and seemed to contain some sort of power.

Marvin was surprised to discover that his body was recovering from its frightening condition at an alarming speed!

"What's happening!" He felt bewildered.

At that time, the mechanical voice echoed beside him, "Your body was very weak and needed some repair and maintenance."

Marvin was dumbstruck.

Before him was that mechanical construct wearing an oversized western hat.

It was a bit small but it had a genuine face and its eyes had a rare black color!

This construct lifeform looked a bit mechanical and seemed to be functioning due to a mysterious rune.

In the past, Marvin had seen quite a few Dwarven remains, but something like this was a first.

This funny looking mechanical construct gave him a feeling.

He was like a living person.

"Please call me Mark 47. I know your name is Marvin. The way you are looking at me is the same as when Master first saw me," the construct said.


Marvin was a bit curious.

"Who is your master?"

The construct tilted its head. "Master already left a long time ago."

"I was asleep for a long time. I have quite a lot of procedures stored in my mind, so it is a bit confusing."

"But I still remember when he just arrived. At that time, this place was called the Limestone Tower. He was as weak as you, and was still carrying a small dragon when he lost consciousness. Ah… I remember now!"

"Master's name is [Lance]."