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Chapter 292: Essence Data Transformation

Chapter 292: Essence Data Transformation
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The Wizard God who, according to the myths, established this world? That Wizard God Lance?

Marvin was wide-eyed.

During the course of the Feinan Continent game, the shadow of that mysterious person would faintly appear here and there.

When the gods spoke about him, it was with a hint of reverence.

Wizard God was merely a title proudly used by the Wizards. Lance created the Universe Magic Pool, which made the Wizards proudly believe they were Lance's favorite.

And thus Lance was turned into the Wizard God.

In fact this name represented the highest god who established Feinan.

It was rumored that his Divine Power was far higher than the [Peak] and the other gods were completely unable to compare.

In the game, everything related to Lance was priceless.

This Pearl Tower was rumored to have been left behind by Lance, as there were godly traces around.

Early on, those were open to the public. But later, following the passage of time, the rise of Wizards and Lance's departure, the Pearl Tower was only accessible up to the 6th layer for the City of Knowledge.

This was something the scholars of the Wind Castle were puzzled about.

But regardless, Marvin had now arrived inside the Pearl Tower.

And there was a amusingly dressed mechanical construct talking to him, and its master was Lance.


'Well, it wouldn't be strange for a great god to leave a construct to look after his place. Looks like this Pearl Tower is a vestige of God Lance.'

'But, what is the meaning of its existence? The top seats of the City of Knowledge used it to write down the changes in history appearing in the plane, but from the analysis of players, the Pearl Tower is bound to have more secrets.'

As Marvin thought of this, he was surprised to discover that his own body had already completely recovered.

"What is this liquid?" he asked Mark 47 curiously. This liquid was simply better than even the strongest Divine Spell. Marvin had received such a serious injury before and even the entire Hope City's Sorcerers and Clerics had no solutions, only able to slightly help. But after soaking in this liquid, he had shockingly recovered so quickly.

His strength was back at 100%!

His skills even increased a bit, but what shocked him the most was that he noticed that his own muscles had become more outlined.

Did this pink liquid also have the effect of absorbing fat?

There was no specific indicator on the logs.

He noticed that he accumulated 71879 battle exp after killing the Black Dragon while the experience requirement to reach level 6 Night Walker was 76000. It looked like the Black Dragon didn't give him enough, but that was without counting the 20000 battle exp he had yet to distribute!

Slaying that Dragon was enough to make his Night Walker class reach level 6, giving him overall level of 18.

For Marvin, this was a very important number. In all of Feinan, very few people knew what level 18 meant.

Most people aimed for and fought against the Legend barrier.

But for Marvin, 18 was a step he would have to stay at for the time being.

Because as far as he knew, most Secondary Planes could only contain level 18 powerhouses at most!

These Secondary Planes revolved around Feinan and were isolated from Feinan due to the Universe Magic Pool, so gods could perform miracles there to attract followers.

A huge amount of lifeforms were inhabiting those Secondary Planes. They didn't have the protection of the Universe Magic Pool so there was a totally different power system.

Clerics were the most powerful. They usually were very pious, but because the Secondary Planes lacked the protection of the Universe Magic Pool, the Abyss' Demons and Hell's Devils often invaded. The Secondary Planes were usually in chaos. This kind of situation was something the gods were most willing to see.

In times of chaos, pious people would be even more devoted to their prayers to gods. This way they would get more Faith.

You could say that the Secondary Planes were a way out that Lance had given the 3rd Era New Gods.

But they weren't satisfied with that, wanting more, and thus they eyed Feinan.


As for Marvin, the Secondary Planes were just as important.

If he wasn't wrong, there was as many as 137 Secondary Planes that were occupied by gods. Those were territories established by the thirty or so New Gods.

Even though Feinan was huge, if they were attacked by the armies of those planes, they might not be able to resist.

Fortunately, immediately after the Great Calamity, the gods would be busy handling that frightening Astral Beast. It must be known that that Ancient level Astral Beast could swallow Feinan in one bite.

Without Lance's treasures, that Astral Beast would have nibbled away more than half of Feinan before the gods could end it!

The entire multiverse would also be on the brink of crisis.

But despite that, Marvin was still getting ready to reduce the gods' power in the Secondary Planes before the Great Calamity, weakening his foes while increasing his own strength.

On one hand he would develop White River Valley and establish a safe location, while on the other hand he would act against his enemies. Marvin was confident he could resist the gods' invasion after the Great Calamity.

During the game, even though the gods kept coming to Feinan, their preaching didn't go smoothly. It was mostly due to those [Golden Children]!

Half a year.

Six months after the disaster, people had no way of getting by. The gods were busy handling that Astral Beast and couldn't develop their churches, while at the same time, Feinan was suffering from the aftermath of the fall of the Universe Magic Pool.

That was when the [Golden Children] arrived.

They naturally had Hero-like templates and their starting attributes were frighteningly high. They would kill people and monsters, and as for gods… they would also kill them.

Countless players were at the core of the fight against the gods trying to harvest faith.

This time, Marvin's soul crossed over to Feinan, but he had a feeling.

The Golden Children wouldn't appear this time. If they didn't appear, Marvin would have to shoulder the duty of all the players.

This was a very difficult duty, but Marvin was willing to try.

Thus, once he reached level 18, Marvin would take a trip to the Secondary Planes.

It was just a matter of time. But for Secondary Planes, time wasn't an issue.

For the Secondary Plane Marvin was most familiar with, the time flow was 20:1. In other word, 20 days in that Secondary Plane was equal to one day in Feinan. This was enough for Marvin to accomplish what was necessary.


Marvin was thinking deeply while soaking in that pink liquid. The construct waited a bit before rousing him from his contemplation.

"This is Essence Restoration Liquid, and it is very precious. I would hate to use it even when wounded. Master left a bit for me."

Mark 47 continued with a deadpan face, "If not for you being the same kind of existence as me, I wouldn't use such a thing for you."

Essence Restoration Liquid?

Marvin had yet to comprehend the first sentence before the latter one shocked him!

Who was the same kind of existence as you?

Please! You are a construct, you are a robot, and I am thoroughly human, okay?

Apparently noticing the derision on Marvin's face, Mark 47 remarked unpleasantly, "I am a perfect construct."

"Your line of thought is so human. I've seen that kind of expression so many times, and why? Are you looking down on constructs?"

Marvin was startled by the response.

He seemed to be getting more experience and knowledge ever since he entered Pearl Tower. Things he had never encountered in the past kept appearing one after the other in this place.

Perfect construct, wasn't it like a high-end robot?

This lifeform, or artificial lifeform... even in his world where science and technology was very developed, it was still being tested.

"What's Essence Restoration Liquid? Also, why are you saying that we are the same?" Marvin asked cautiously.

This construct was certainly special.

Mark 47 sat there, raising a leg over the other in a very human-like manner and started talking about the specifics of the Essence Restoration Liquid.


After a few minutes, Marvin had a rough understanding of the pink liquid.

According to Mark 47, this world's living beings and non-living beings were separated by the existence of essences.

Essences made up the individual, and could be divided into visible essences and hidden essences. The most basic were the six visible essences, which naturally were the six attributes of the body.

The rest were hidden essences, which supported the effects of the visible essences.

Marvin's serious injury made Marvin deficient in hidden essences. But this was really a strange way of seeing things. It seemed just like a robot's parts, where everything would be fine as long as new ones were exchanged.

And Essence Restoration Liquid was a really precious substance that could restore those lost hidden essences.

Regardless how grave Marvin's injury was, as long as there was enough Essence Restoration Liquid, he could quickly recover.

Such an effect was comparable with the 7th circle spells, [Greater Wish] and [Greater Prophecy].

Moreover, Essence Restoration Liquid wasn't only limited to humans. It could restore all kinds of lifeforms, like Evil Spirits, Ghosts, Demons... type didn't matter. It sounded like the legendary Panacea.

Marvin understood a bit but was still confused.

But he was more concerned about his second question. "Then why do you say we are alike?"

Mark 47 kept his legs crossed and sized up Marvin for a bit. He unhurriedly answered, "Because our bodies have the [Essence Data Transformation] System..."

"But your system seems to have been altered…"