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Chapter 293: Twin Fate Flower

Chapter 293: Twin Fate Flower
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Essence Data Transformation system?

Marvin stared dazedly at this construct crossing his legs.

His biggest secret had been seen through by a construct?

What was this situation?

He began to suspect whether his transmigration was something that had been prearranged.

What happened with God Lance?

Seeing Marvin's shocked appearance, Mark 47 asked disdainfully, "Or else, why would I bring you here?"

"Or else, why would your deed be qualified to be stored in the 7th layer?!"

"Because you are unique!"

Marvin relaxed a bit. He was someone who had received a powerful ability, and without it he wouldn't have been able to adapt to this world so quickly.


From Mark 47's explanation, Marvin gradually understood.

Essence Data Transformation was a kind of system that could be used on a perfect construct.

But this skill wasn't something mastered by the ancient Dwarves. According the Mark 47, he had probably been the only one with the system in all of Feinan.

As the name implied, Essence Data Transformation would turn all aspects of the body into data, and would even work for the people one observed.

This would make it a lot easier for the user to examine and accurately understand his own strength.

Understanding oneself was often more difficult than understanding one's enemies.

The Essence Data Transformation system perfectly solved this point.

And according to Mark 47's scan, Marvin's system had two sub-modules.

One was the Essence Absorption Module, and the other was the Mission Essence Reservoir.

The former let Marvin absorb a part of the essence of defeated enemies based on a certain rule.

This essence would be stored as [Battle Experience] under the Data Transformation Module.

This explained why Marvin would obtain battle exp when killing monsters, and also why he could level up.

Because battle exp itself was essence, it would accumulate to a certain point before turning into his own strength.

This was a part of world's laws.

And the Mission Essence Reservoir was another part of the system.

The system would gather essence from the void to fill this Essence Reservoir and Marvin couldn't access it as he wanted.

Only when Marvin accomplished this Module's designated missions could he obtain some of the essence gathered inside.

This was [General Experience].

The difference between Marvin's version and the original Essence Data Transformation system was these two outstanding modules. It let Marvin stand out from the masses.

Otherwise, even if he trained painstakingly after his transmigration, who knew if or when he could advance to Legend.

Mark 47 had the Mission Essence Reservoir Module but not the Essence Absorption Module, so he couldn't kill to advance. He could only accomplish his missions and obtain some essence.

His current mission was very simple, to guard Pearl Tower and collect the scholars' History Calendars.

Whenever he was bored, he would read a book.

In the Pearl Tower, floors 8 and up hid countless books. Mark 47 claimed that he didn't like reading, but after his order was changed, he could only pass time by reading books.

He had stayed in Pearl Tower for a long time, waiting until someone with the same Essence Data Transformation system would appear.

He had a request he needed Marvin's help for.


"Ever since I woke up, a new order was planted in my brain, and I can't leave here."

"But after checking, I found out that there is an issue with my Memory Module. My Memory Chip was taken. I would like to entrust you with finding my Memory Chip."

Mark 47 then talked a bit about the appearance of his Memory Chip.

Marvin slightly frowned.

He had never seen that Memory Chip in Feinan Continent.

"It might be in an Outer Plane, not necessarily in Feinan."

"In short, this task is very important. I want to retrieve my memories."

"If you find it one day, you can give it to me. You'll get great benefits."

The construct said all this while touching the back of Marvin's hand.

The next second, a new quest appeared in Marvin's quest menu!

[Find the Memory Chip (Mark 47)]

[Description: The Perfect Construct Mark 47 lost his important Memory Chip and hopes you can help him find it. This might seem like looking for a needle in a haystack, but be aware, there might be some extra nice surprises.]

[Reward: 100 000 general exp]


100 000 general exp!

Marvin was wide-eyed.

This mission reward was really too generous!

"This essence, or you could call it general experience, was collected by my Essence Pool for so many years."

"As long as you complete my task, you can get this ample reward."

"It can greatly increase your strength," Mark 47 said.

Marvin nodded. He would definitely do this quest. 100 000 general exp could greatly decrease the time it would take for him to become a Legend.

But something like a Memory Chip... he really didn't remember anything about it. It seemed like it was time to deal with his own information network.


After they finished chatting, Marvin put on some clothes. He now had some understanding of Pearl Tower and Mark 47.

Just as he had guessed, the construct was Pearl Tower's housekeeper. He had a lot of power over it.

But when Marvin asked for more information about Lance or the Essence Data Transformation System, the construct said that he would like to tell him, but couldn't.

This was because his Memory Chip had been taken away.

The information stored in his brain was very fragmented, and most of it was occupied by the books he had read.

It was clear that getting more information from Mark 47 about this world, Lance, or about his transmigration was currently impossible.

Before leaving, he didn't forget about his purpose for visiting the City of Knowledge.

He tried asking Mark 47 about the matter of the Fate Tablet.

But considering the state of the construct's memories Marvin hadn't expected that he would actually know!

The construct thought for a moment and looked at the Fate Tablet in Marvin's arms before slowly saying, "I do remember a bit about this thing."

"The Fate Tablet is a mystery… Wrong, it's a part of this world's laws. The world's laws are divided in two, Order and Chaos."

"The Fate Tablet is a crystallization of Order, and this fragment lost all of its power of Order, but it still could freely absorb all the free power of Order between heaven and earth. This is a very slow process, and might take a few hundred years."

Marvin frowned. "You meant that she might awaken once again after a hundred years?"

"No no no…" The construct explained, "After a few hundred years, the fragment can transform into a new lifeform. But that would be another consciousness. I can feel that the current consciousness is continuously fading away. Her consciousness will completely disappear in at most a year. The one born after a few hundred years would be a totally new consciousness."

"In the words of humans, it would be the same body with a different soul."

"Do you understand what I mean?"

Marvin nodded and asked in a heavy voice, "Is there a solution?"

This was what he was the most concerned about.

"The [Twin Fate Flower] is an organism living outside the Universe Magic Pool, and it is very difficult to pluck."

The construct made a very human-like shrug. "This should be the only thing able to save that fragment of Fate Tablet."

Twin Fate Flower?

A strange expression appeared on Marvin's face.

It was actually that thing!

Others might not know where to get it, but Marvin just happened to know of a place where Twin Fate Flowers grew all over!

Moreover, that place was where he planned to go next.

This was too coincidental.

The place where Twin Fate Flowers grew was also the location of one of the items Marvin needed to advance to Ruler of the Night.

'Looks like after going back, I'll need to take a trip to Arborea,' Marvin thought.

Arborea was a Secondary Plane under the gods. The upper level was 18 and it was very populated. However, since it was close to the Abyss, there were frequent battles and it was quite chaotic.

Most importantly though, Marvin knew how to enter that plane.


After thanking Mark 47, Marvin prepared everything and left Pearl Tower.

Unsurprisingly, he was immediately surrounded by scholars once he walked out.

They crazily asked Marvin about everything that had happened inside the Pearl Tower.

They weren't allowed in after all, and were very curious.

They even forgot to ask about the unsolved mystery.

Regarding this, Marvin could only say "no comment"… Because these were Mark 47's original words.

He gave Marvin a pass. In the future, when he was near Wind Castle, he could directly enter Pearl Tower, letting him bypass the City of Knowledge.

Under everyone's disappointed gazes, Marvin hurriedly left the City of Knowledge.

As he reached the boundary outside Wind Castle, he saw that the carriage was already gone. Fiend Sorceress Daisy had been waiting for him for a long time.

"All good?" Daisy asked.

Marvin nodded.

The next second, a Teleportation Gate appeared.

She had signed a contract with a Great Void Demon and Teleportation was her strong point. Hope City had a Teleportation Mark, and thus the return trip was very easy.

Marvin walked through the door as the radiant light flashed.

Then, he stood on solid ground.

But a rumbling sound echoed in his ears!

His eyes widened, only to see a seven-colored radiance wrapping around something ice-blue, before it fell from the sky creating a crater outside Hope City!

He rushed forward in a hurry, and found Jessica proudly standing below the city wall.

Laying on the ground was a man holding a long sword, continuously twitching with foam coming out of his mouth.

"Who else?"

The Fate Sorceress waved her fist as six layers of Fate Power shone brightly.

Six Legend powerhouses stood in silence outside Hope City.