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Chapter 294: Three Sisters

Chapter 294: Three Sisters
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Marvin was silently standing on Hope City's wall.

He heard that three fights had already taken place, and the remaining six Legends had yet to go on stage.

In other words, Jessica had already dealt with three alone.

The man he saw get kicked to the ground when Marvin came out from the Teleportation Gate was someone fairly impressive.

It was Pampo Sea's Aurora Sword Saint, who had advanced to Legend twenty years ago with his exquisite swordsmanship.

But Providence wasn't fair. Ordinary classes couldn't be the match of Fate Sorceresses.

Moreover, Marvin felt that after Jessica reached the 6th layer, her understanding of her power was a lot better.

Whether it was due to her Fate Power increasing by a wide margin, or her using her power more cleverly, he didn't know.

In short, even after three consecutive fights, she still appeared lively, as if those fights hadn't even happened!

Kate and Lorie were standing at her sides.

Beside them, three braziers were burning, each emitting a faint radiance that could warm one's heart.

Sources of Fire's Order.

They were surprisingly placed on Hope City's wall.

'No wonder so many legends were attracted.'

'This is an arena…'

Marvin asked around and he understood what had happened.

After that scene of Rocky Mountain appeared in the sky, quite a number of Legends rushed from all parts of the South to Rocky Mountain to get a Source of Fire's Order.

During his brief trip to the City of Knowledge, Rocky Mountain had welcomed more than 10 Legends!

Half of them came from the Pampo Seashore while the other half came from various other regions in the South.

The Three Sisters' method to settle this was simple.

Want the Source of Fire? Sure, do you dare fight me?

Thus, a rare single elimination tournament appeared.

Duels of Legends.

All the Legends had a lot of confidence in themselves. Also, since Rocky Mountain was quite far away, Jessica's name hasn't spread far yet. They were more afraid of that Legend "Robin" who had torn apart the Dragon Clarke with his bare hands. But everyone was confused because Robin didn't appear.

Since the Three Sisters came out with that kind of rule, the Legends' hands were tied, as it would be hard to avoid contempt if they didn't follow it.

Even if the Source of Fire's Order was important, they felt their reputation was more important.

Thus, most of them agreed to decide over a duel, and those who won a fight over Jessica's side would take a Source of Fire's Order.

The losers would vow to not have any bad designs over Hope City.

It seemed fair, but the scheme in the hearts of the group of Legends was clear. Hope City's side only had three Legends. This included the one who was just passing by, Robin. If that Robin left after tearing the Dragon apart, then only Kate and Jessica remained. Even if the latter's strength was impressive, the former had just advanced to Legend.

There were nine Legends who agreed to fight, 9vs2. Even if it was elimination based, they should win.

But they had miscalculated.

Fate Power was a special existence, making Jessica brave and fierce. The first challenger was a Legend Wizard very confident in his own strength, but didn't last long before he was barbarously punched by Jessica.

Before she'd hit him, he had used legendary binding and illusory spells… But to no effect!

Fate Power's resistance toward magic was frighteningly high. The Legend Wizard was instantly eliminated.

The second challenger was a Legend Barbarian, also coming from Pampo Sea. This man was the one who lasted the longest among the three.

Of course, that didn't mean he was able to deal any damage; it only meant he was able to endure...

From what Marvin was told, they only fought for about three minutes.

The Barbarian suffered from her beating for two minutes and forty five seconds.

If not for his amazing endurance specialty, he would have already been knocked out by Jessica early on!

After three minutes, he took the initiative to concede. He was crouching on the side, recuperating while spitting out blood.

Legends weren't invincible. Receiving such serious injuries was a very dangerous matter!

The following people were a bit nervous.

After those two Legends, Jessica had still been full of energy, and she apparently wanted to vent a bit.

And these pitiful Legends became the targets of her venting.

The remaining people had discussed for a while before the Aurora Sword Saint said he wanted to give it a try.

That was when Marvin had arrived.

The Aurora Sword Saint was twitching on the ground. He was famous, but he hadn't expected to end up in such an awkward state!

This was the strength of Fate Power!

"We concede."

The remaining Legends just gave up.

There should be more Sources in the North, and some guessed that there would be a 3rd descent. It wasn't worth fighting that crazy woman as if their lives were on the line.

They were imposing rulers in their own domains, but were beaten down by Jessica in Rocky Mountain!

'This woman isn't simple.'

This was what all the Legends were thinking.

Naturally, there was also another reason for them to concede. That Dragon Slayer Robin appeared!

He looked tall and thin, and oddly only had strength of the 4th rank.

But they all felt that this was just a disguise. How could you tear a Dragon apart with your bare hands if you were only at the 4th rank?

It was definitely fake. He was baiting them into challenging him, and then he would expose his true strength and completely destroy them.

Was this Rocky Mountain's plan?

The Legends secretly felt nervous.

But even if they conceded, their gazes toward those flames were full of longing.

Even if they weren't clear about the final use of the Source of Fire's Order, it most definitely was a rare treasure.

They were a bit unwilling to give up like that.

A few of them looked at each other and hesitated... what if they shed all pretenses and attacked together?

But they hadn't expected that a shadow would suddenly come out of the Shadow Plane!

Legend Shadow Thief!

A hand wearing a snakeskin glove appeared under the brazier and easily lifted it.


In an instant, the people watching the scene scolded inwardly.

He was actually taking advantage of the Legends fighting Jessica to steal a brazier!

After smoothly grabbing it, the shadow wasn't brash or arrogant and took a step to re-enter the Shadow Plane.

But the next second, he stiffened on the spot.

A powerful force erupted from the brazier.

Seven-colored radiance blinded everything. The Shadow Thief let out a blood-curdling screech as he immediately released the brazier.

The seven-colored light wrapped around the brazier and returned it to its original position.

After a moment of darkness, a small seven-colored dragon appeared and chased the Shadow Thief to bite him!

The pitiful Shadow Thief used a few escape skills, trying to avoid that dragon and escape to the Shadow Plane!

Everyone respectfully watched this other Legend run around on the city wall.

As one of the Three Sisters, Kate had always been very low key.

She was different from the flamboyant Jessica and the mischievous and smart Lorie. She didn't like to be in the limelight, avoiding people's attention.

But this didn't mean she wasn't powerful.

The experience in the ancient temple made her advance to Legend and although she only had three layers of Fate Power and was far from being as strong as Jessica, her Fate Power was Protection!

That seven-colored serpentine Dragon was the embodiment of her Protection Fate Power.

The three braziers were completely under Kate's Protection. Marvin estimated that even if Shadow Thief Owl came, he would have to consider whether he should make a move.

Let alone this Shadow Thief who clearly wasn't on the same level.

"Sirs. These three Sources of Fire's Order belong to Hope City, to Rocky Mountain."

"Whether you want to fight for it, or steal it, the Three Sisters will keep you company."

"If people want to fight for it, fair and aboveboard, I'll make a move, but I won't kill. As for those sneaking in, don't blame me."

Jessica coldly snorted and thrust her left hand into an empty space at a lightning pace, and a shadow twisted!


A mournful scream could be heard as she grabbed that Shadow Thief from the Shadow Plane.


Then, the Shadow Thief's thin body was thrown to the ground!

Before he could use another escape skill to leave, his body was grabbed once again.

The tall Jessica easily raised the Shadow Thief.

"Don't kill m…" But before the Shadow Thief could speak further, the Fate Sorceress punched him!

The muffled noise made terrified the onlookers. Jessica's fist went through the Shadow Thief's heart, killing him on the spot!

Everyone was silent.

The Shadow Thief's blood splashed on Jessica's fair face, her expression as cold as if she was a bloodthirsty Devil.

But in the eyes of everyone in Hope City, she was the War Goddess protecting them!

The Legends left silently.

The Aurora Sword Saint and the Legend Barbarian looked at each other in dismay as they rushed to thank Jessica, before leaving.

They expressed their thanks for her lenience.

If she had treated them like the Shadow Thief, they would have died instantly!

The gap between different Legends was very high.

They already had no reason to stay in Rocky Mountain.

With Jessica and Kate, Hope City was well fortified!

And the Three Sisters' reputation would spread outside of Rocky Mountain after this event.

Within three months, Bards would sing songs of their deeds throughout Feinan!


"Since that's the case, I can only ask you to take care of it."

After the fight, Marvin stayed and celebrated with everyone in Hope City. After speaking with the Three Sisters, he prepared to leave.

Kate caressed Ding's Fate Tablet, reluctant to part with it, before finally handing it over to Marvin.

Regarding the matter of the City of Knowledge, Marvin gave them a simple summary, but didn't speak about that secret part.

After all, even if he trusted the Three Sisters, he still couldn't talk about the matter of Mark 47.

Thus, as everyone bid him farewell, Marvin used the Book of Nalu and connected to Madeline.

The next second, a long distance Teleportation Gate appeared in front of him.

Marvin waved goodbye and stepped into it.

After a few breaths, he returned to eastern Feinan!

"Master, you are back," Madeline said submissively.

Marvin's eyes twitched.

"Why aren't you wearing anything?"