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Chapter 295: Slave

Chapter 295: Slave
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A long distance Teleportation Gate was visible on the tower outside River Shore City as the wind whistled by.

Madeline's body was completely revealed in front of Marvin!

Even though the sky was already dark, Marvin was a Night Walker and could clearly see Madeline's body.

The Half-Succubus' hot curves formed a crazy visual attack.

He felt a bit at a loss.

Madeline blinked innocently. "I was bathing when you called me…"

Saying this, she spread her hand, exposing some bubbles on her arm.

It was just that... the bubbles on Madeline's body were very faint, leaving her body quite visible.

And the transparent bubbles added to her charm.

Marvin felt a fire rising in his lower abdomen.

Madeline's seductive expression and her hot curves ignited a fire in him.

She cooed cutely, "Master, if there is nothing else, I'll get back to my bath. Please wait in my room…"

But Marvin didn't let her finish her words and pounced on her!

The Half-Succubus was pressed against Marvin's body and cried out in surprise.

"Teleportation Door." Marvin's breath became heavier.

"En…" Madeline let out in approval and a Teleportation Door appeared at the top of the tower.

Then, the two entangled people appeared in Madeline's large bed!

The surroundings had turned deep crimson.

Marvin's tongue was parched, and he only felt the fire all over. A cool feeling momentarily appeared in his chest, but was instantly extinguished by the fire!

Only this extremely soft body was in his eyes.

Madeline didn't resist. Her eyes were faintly flickering with a black imprint as she took the initiative to open up her legs.

There was no need to take it slow.

She purred in his ear, "Please…"

The alluring voice immediately triggered Marvin.

He neatly took off his clothes in an instant.

They were naked and hugging each other as Marvin's eyes reddened.

Just as he was about to act, he subconsciously kissed Madeline.


An acute pain spread through Marvin's lower body.


The sudden fierce pain sobered him up. He jumped off from Madeline's bed.

In the distant Three Ring Towers, Hathaway, who had been in the middle of her experiments, suddenly stiffened as coldness flashed through her eyes.

And in Madeline's room, Marvin didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at River Shore City's Lord who was once again frozen into an ice sculpture.

That fierce pain just now was from making a move on a block of ice...

An extremely intense pain had shot through little Marvin at that time!


He smiled bitterly.


The ice sculpture broke apart and left pieces of ice floating in the air for a moment. Madeline was burning all over and melted the ice in an instant!

She currently had the strength of a Legend, and would no longer stay frozen by Hathaway's spell.

A burning fire still appeared between her eyebrows and Marvin's lust was once again ignited. But at that time, Marvin noticed a mark from the corner of his eyes!

"Come Master… Climb on me…" Madeline called out in a low voice.

Marvin firmly clenched his teeth and kept his mind clear.

He roughly pushed Madeline away and then pried open her thighs!

This revealed faintly visible black runes on Madeline's inner thighs.

This was the imprint of the God of Deception!

It started from her private parts straight up the inside of her thighs, gradually becoming fainter.

If not for looking directly, he might have not noticed.

Madeline apparently didn't sense anything wrong.

She simply kept trying to seduce Marvin.

But how could the current Marvin have any lust?

He was already deeply scared!

If he had just done it with Madeline, he would have become like her!

A captive of the Book of Nalu.

This was the frightening power of the Book of Nalu. Despite Marvin being that page's master, and even though the 6th Page, Rebirth, was relatively safe, it was only "relatively" so.

He immediately ordered Madeline to put on clothes and leave the room.

The latter was startled and wasn't aware of what happened.

But she was unable to disobey Marvin's order.

She could only tearfully dress herself and leave.

Marvin let out a sigh.

He began checking his logs.

Sure enough, it showed that when he saw Madeline, there had been an interference with his willpower.

And the source of the interference was definitely the Book of Nalu he was carrying on his body.

He silently opened the Book of Nalu's 6th page. There were still numerous runes written on it, but that time, he saw a gloomy smile.

"You'll become my slave sooner or later."


Those were the words of that smile.

Marvin coldly snorted and rolled the page up.


It seemed he had overestimated his own willpower.

Making Madeline his subordinate was already a big risk, but Raven was the true fuse.

Using that page to control two people increased the chances of connection between the Book of Nalu and Marvin.

Through this connection, the Book of Nalu was trying to corrode Marvin's heart.

It almost succeeded this time.

What about next time?

Marvin bit his lip.

It seemed Vanessa's Gift wasn't enough. He had no other way to increase his willpower in a short time and could only try to think of a way to get that item.


After Marvin had been clear-headed for a while, he made sure that Madeline wouldn't bother him and then took a nap on her bed.

He really needed some proper rest.

The next morning he looked for Madeline, who felt wronged, and made her send him to White River Valley.

Whether it was Anna, Wayne, or the guards, everyone was happy about the safe return of their Lord.

Only his fiancée was dissatisfied and cynically grumbled, "I heard that there was someone who tore a Dragon apart with his bare hands in Rocky Mountain. And the Three Sisters all have good looks, that Sir Robin would probably have a hard time choosing, right?"

Marvin smiled awkwardly.

Daniela came from the Cridland clan, so having her own information network was very normal. Others might not be able to guess he was Marvin, but she definitely could.

But she was just picking on him. While Marvin was gone, she had meticulously built up White River Valley.

In the field of territorial development, Daniela was really gifted!


Upon his return to White River Valley, Marvin almost didn't recognize it.

The entire territory had gone through a large scale transformation. With gold, everything quickly turned around.

The port at White River's estuary had already finished building their enclosing city wall. Although the inside was still empty, it had been done in such a short time. And this was mostly due to White River Valley having a clear sky most of the time.

The castle had also gone through some renovations to make it more durable.

The agriculture was planned out and Daniela changed the location of the market while opening a few paths to the rural areas, making everything a lot more convenient.

The adventurer camp in the southern part of White River had already been completed.

A small bustling town was formed there with at least five hundred low level adventurers lingering.

They were killing monsters in the wild while Daniela sent people to buy the materials at suitable prices.

These raw materials would go to the newly built storehouse near the previously abandoned wharf.

That wharf had been repaired, and there was a boat sailing on the river.

It was travelling against the current toward River Shore City and would then join River Shore City's fleet of ships to go inland.

In any case, Madeline was already Marvin's subordinate and the entire city was in her control.

White River Valley and River Shore City were nominally two territories, but someone with a good eye could see that the two territories were already one.

The unified taxes announced a few days ago were already clear proof.

Using River Shore City's channels, White River Valley developed very fast.

Although the gold was used up very quickly, Marvin was very satisfied. In his point of view, he had to use all that he borrowed, as money not spent was just useless.

He could just go deep in the red while building nonstop before the Great Calamity to create a true refuge.

At the minimum, they had to be self-sufficient.

Because of Marvin's warning, Daniela didn't forget to develop the agriculture and the new wheat harvest was pretty good.

The team of guards was expanded once more and due to the military instructors' training, there were many guards who successfully advanced.

There were currently seventy guards in White River Valley, with thirty people preparing for military service.

Of these seventy people, the original twenty guards had all advanced to 2nd rank. They were a bit stronger than ordinary 2nd rank class holders because of the cultivation tanks.

Necromancer Fidel was very cheerful here. He was originally a chatterbox, and there were a lot of people in White River Valley that were willing to chat with him, despite his constant contact with corpses. But recently, he had unearthed his gift in the medical field. It might be due to the Necromancer being sensitive to bodies? In short, he had recently become a doctor, curing a lot of the diseases that plagued the inhabitants.

Thus, this guy's reputation in White River Valley was pretty good now.

There was also another guy comparable to him.

The nameless Alchemist.

Because of his intense requests, Marvin had originally given approval to build him a laboratory, but his alchemy experiments were only a waste of money. There was always something going wrong. Not a single decent product came out, so Daniela kept reducing his budget.

This guy wouldn't take it while laying down, so he kept making trouble for her.

All kinds of mischiefs appeared one after the other. And White River Valley's inhabitants knew of his longing for Anna, so no one had a good opinion of him whether inside or outside the castle.

If not for him keeping his mischief within a certain limit, Daniela would have already driven him out.


Seeing his territory clear and orderly, Marvin's heart was a lot more assured.

It could be said that he was fortunate. He had Lola managing the commerce, Anna in internal affairs, Daniela in the construction field, and on the military side, he had nineteen Dark Knights overseeing White River Valley.

While he was gone, the Dark Knights' strength had recovered somewhat.

Their power already reached the lower levels of the 4th rank.

Nineteen 4th rank Dark Knights was a very frightening idea!

Each one of them had the strength to cut a bloody path out of a battlefield.

If they were together, even cavalry with their powerful impact strength wouldn't be able to get any advantage.

They would guarantee the security of White River Valley.

'It seems like this Overlord is unneeded.' Marvin laughed at himself.

Not only was Marvin "unneeded," but Daniela's arrival also gave Wayne some freedom.

He was still young after all. Under Hathaway's guidance, he had started getting rid of the influence of the Universe Magic Pool and studied a unique magic path.

When Marvin returned, he had successfully written a 2nd circle Fireball rune.

This meant he could already break away from the Universe Magic Pool and independently cast spells. This was the symbol of a Legend!

But his strength was actually still at the 1st rank.

Seers truly were a bunch of gifted people.

Marvin knew that this new type of Wizard would rise after the Great Calamity, but he was really happy that Wayne took this step earlier.

He originally wanted to take the opportunity to spend more time with Wayne.

But not long later, Anna came and told him some great news.

Constantine returned.

He also brought with him a Sha clansman… And the loot from the Red Dragon!


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