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Chapter 298: Calculated

Chapter 298: Calculated
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Rebel execution?

Marvin frowned.

But he saw the people in the street leaving everything behind and rushing hastily in the same direction.

"Quick! Quick! Those who are late will be considered heathens by the shrine."

The crowd's whispers and children's weeping voices echoed in the streets. Women hurriedly picked up the young children as the men moved forward apathetically.

Marvin also followed everyone.

Soon, all the inhabitants of White Elephant City were gathered in the central square.

This square was wide enough to accommodate several thousand people. Four black-gowned Paladins stood on a platform in the middle of the square, coldly watching everyone.

A luxurious carriage was on the side, with a purple-gowned Priestess inside.

The Priests of the Shadow Shrine of Arborea were ranked in a simple way. The strongest was the black-gowned High Priestess. She was bestowed Divine Power and Divine Spells by the Shadow Prince, and was more or less level 18.

After the High Priestess was a group of 4th rank powerhouses, most of them level 16, about the same as the Paladins.

A 4th rank Priest would be called a [Senior Priest], while 3rd rank was Intermediate, 2nd rank was Novice, and 1st ranks were just ordinary Priests.

In general, a Senior Priest held ultimate power within a city.

Punishing the rebels was this Senior Priest's idea.

She was sitting lazily inside the carriage, expressionlessly watching those rebels on the platform.

These were the rebels Prince Aragon had captured when he swept the northern hills.

A total of seven people, six adults and one child.

'The Prince deserves to be called a heroic war deity…'

'He was able to catch those hiding rebels in that ghostly place. Unfortunately, the Shrine doesn't need a King that doesn't listen to the will of the supreme shadows.'

Dina's carriage was full of fruits and vegetables.

A beautiful finger pushed a grape between a pair of bright red lips. As she ate, Dina asked, "Is everyone there?"

A low Priest on the side respectfully replied, "almost."

Dina raised her eyebrows. "What about the Prince's people?"

The Priest sneered, "They should still be on their way."

"Good, kill the six adults first," Dina said with a smile. "I heard this Prince was someone merciful."

"Understood." The Priest immediately gave a command.


On the edge of the square, there were a lot of people bustling around.

But no one dared to make too much noise. Even the mothers carrying their children were covering their children's mouths, doing their best to not let them make a sound!

If they disturbed the Shrine's execution, the only result would be death!

They looked anxiously at those rebels.

Some people cursed at the rebels. Why couldn't they just stay calm in their territory? Why did they have to provoke the Shrine?

Their eyes were cold.

But even if the rebels looked malnourished, their eyes were extremely bright. They were a hundred times better than these mediocre people.

They calmly received everyone's curses, pity, and lack of understanding.

They never lowered their heads.

Including that little girl. She looked 6 or 7 years old. She had a scar and looked a bit pale.

Her eyes were very sharp, and not the attractive kind of sharpness.

'A true tyranny…'

Something flashed through Marvin's eyes, a sort of unbearable feeling.

What the Shadow Shrine was doing in this plane was what Feinan's people would have to face in the future!

In the eyes of the gods, believers were only livestock to harvest Faith. If the plane's Faith dried up, they wouldn't mind destroying it themselves!

This was why there were always some abandoned Demi-Planes on the edge of the Astral Sea.

Those were Secondary Planes which didn't give any Faith.

'Since I plan to overthrow the Shadow Temple, it is necessary to have a figure step forward.'

'But not now.'

Marvin cautiously looked at the side of the execution stand and tightly clenched his fists.

The disadvantages of the Night Walker were apparent here.

It was daytime, with his abilities on cooldown.

Even if there wasn't an overwhelming powerhouse in White Elephant City, Marvin knew he wasn't a match and simply couldn't save these seven captives from the execution stand.

It would be completely crazy!

If he turned into an Asuran Bear, he might be able to cut a path out… But the other side had a Senior Priest overseeing the execution!

Marvin didn't know how many Priests there were in White Elephant City, but some Divine Spells were very frightening. If he rashly made a move, he might die.

He clenched his teeth and used Stealth, intending to leave.

He wasn't omnipotent. There were too many things he was powerless to deal with.

However, at that time, a disturbance occurred.

A handsome man riding on a white horse angrily rushed over from north of the square, making his way through the crowd. He was followed by twelve knights on horse.

"Prince Aragon!"

"Your Highness!"

Everyone became spirited as if they saw a ray of hope.

They all took the initiative to get out of the way.

Even though the Prince had nominally lost his Crown Prince status due to the matter with the taxes, in the hearts of the common people, he was still Nottingheim's future.

"Stay your hand for me!"

"Those are the captives I took back! Only I can handle them!" Aragon shouted in the distance.

In the crowd, Marvin sharply turned his head.

Just from this shout, he could judge Aragon's strength!

Level 18 Storm Swordsman!

This kind of strength was considered the peak of this plane. It was worthy of the powerhouses who dealt with the rebels for many years.

But at that time, the Senior Priestess' lazy voice covered the Prince's shout.


[Divine Spell - Imperial Order]!

A shadow flashed through the eyes of the executioners on the platforms and they abruptly lifted their long blades high up in the air.

Blood flew!

The six adults' heads were lopped off, rolling on the ground!

People couldn't bear to look at it and lowered their heads.

Aragon's angry roar spread through the square. "Dina!"

"You are going too far!"

Dina in the carriage said smilingly, "There is still one that hasn't died yet."

A strong executioner quickly walked toward that little girl.

He just raised his blade high up before he was stunned by the hit from a shadow!

It was the Prince's sword!

Aragon quickly dismounted and rushed onto the platform in the blink of an eye.

He protected the little girl and stared at the luxurious carriage. "Dina."

"With me here, let me see who dares to kill her!"

The entire square went quiet after those words.

Everyone knew that the Prince was truly enraged this time.

But this wasn't the Prince's country, it wasn't even the King's country!

This was God's country.


Dina's pleasant laughter echoed from the luxurious carriage, but her tone was in fact ice cold. "I have an order from the Shrine's High Priestess. The dismissed Crown Prince Aragon has ties to the rebels and violated God's desires. He is to be striped of his position as Lord over White Elephant City."

"He has to be brought to the King to undergo a trial."

"Oh right, I have here an arrest warrant personally written by the King, do you want to take a look? Dear Prince Aragon?"

Standing on the platform, the Prince suddenly felt a chill!

Everyone was silent. Sadness filled their eyes as they looked at the Prince.

Even if they were already numb to the Shrine's rule, they sincerely respected this Prince.

Seeing the Prince become a prisoner, they couldn't bear it.

"Father personally signed it?" Aragon's voice was quivering.

As they talked, the twelve Knights arrived under the platform. The one in front shouted, "Your Highness, don't fall for this woman's evil schemes."

But how could this change anything?

Dina lightly threw a scroll.

"Just written from the king's hands, check it yourself. It cost Priest Ronan quite a bit of Divine Power."

Dina leisurely came down from the carriage.

She was incredibly beautiful, her body extremely alluring.

But in Aragon's eyes, this woman was poisonous like a snake!

"Take her away!"

In an instant, Aragon threw the girl to the Knight under the platform!

"Your Highness!" The Knight caught the girl and entreated, "Come with us!"

Aragon shouted back, "Leave! This is an order."

The Knight ground his teeth and carried the little girl with him as the twelve people left!

"Stop them!" Dina ordered coldly.

The Shrine Paladins waiting in ambush intercepted them.

These twelve Knights followed the Prince in every campaign and, even though they were very powerful, there were more than a hundred Paladins!

This was all calculated.

Dina sneered as she looked at the Prince being handcuffed by the Shrine's bailiff.

He wasn't resisting. He never went against his father's orders.

A happy expression appeared on her face.

"Truly a refined person."

"Bullying this kind of refined person is such a happy matter."

"What do you say? Ronan?"

That low Priest at her side quickly bowed his head. "Lady Dina is the greatest one. We serve God, and capturing heathens is our duty. Prince Aragon went against God's desires, so he is a heathen, the filthiest existence. He should be punished."

Dina smiled even more happily. "Your words are correct. It's a pity... such a strong man, do you think he can last more than a few minutes in bed?"

Cold sweat immediately appeared on Ronan's back.

Dina glanced at him. "You deceitful waste. You wanted to climb on this Lady last night. Luckily you look good, but I didn't expect you to be useless. Ahhh... If it wasn't for the High Priestess' firm order, I would really want to taste this Prince…"

"Eh? Why is it getting dark?"

In an instant, the area near the carriage plunged into darkness!

Dina was stunned. She could even see the starry sky.

An ice-cold voice echoed beside her ear:

"Sorry, I can't bear it anymore."

"Seeing a slut like you really makes me itch... and it will keep itching if I don't kill you."

The next second, ice-cold daggers cut across Dina's neck!