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Chapter 300: Miracle

Chapter 300: Miracle
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The Prince remained silent for a long time in the prison.

He glanced at the guard and then whispered, "I need to know who you are or I won't be able to trust you."

"I killed that Priest, I can never be on the same side as the Shrine. That's all you need to know," Marvin quickly replied.

"What is your goal? To overthrow the Shrine? There isn't such an expert in the rebel army!"

Aragon grew more and more doubtful.

The man in the shadow seemed to have popped out of nowhere. He had never heard of someone like him in the whole plane.

"If you really want to know, you have to show some good faith," Marvin said. "If you are willing to cooperate with me, there is no harm in telling you my identity."

"Cooperation?" Aragon smiled bitterly. "Do you really think you can overthrow the Shadow Prince with the help of just a few experts?

"Why not?" Marvin asked.

"The Shrine's power is deeply rooted. The Nottingheims had already planned to reduce the Shrine's power from the time of my grandfather. My father also had this wish once."

After saying this, he stopped talking.

Marvin thought of something, understanding what had happened. "The rebel army."

Aragon nodded. "To be honest, with the years of preparations, it isn't impossible to stake it all against the Shrine."

"But the Shrine isn't just a Shrine."

"There is a god behind the Shrine."

"Although the Shadow Prince hasn't displayed any miracle for a long time, he is still present. This plane's future was foreordained. We are the god's people, we can't disobey his will."

Marvin looked at Prince Aragon for a moment.

Even if this Prince was older than 30 years old, he still looked young and handsome.

As one of the strongest of this plane, he clearly had looked further ahead than ordinary people.

"There is a secret library in Nottingheim Palace," Aragon muttered. "I checked it when I was young."

"Thus, I know that the world isn't as small as what the Shrine claimed. This world is very large, and Arborea is merely a fragment of the boundless world.

"The god we worship is only a more powerful existence. I already know this, many people know this. So we rebelled."

"But once a miracle happened, the Shadow Shrine would be unstoppable."

"We don't have any hope."

The Prince's words were dispirited.

But then, that voice echoed once again, full of confidence. "What if I said I can kill your so-called God in this world?"

Eastern Snow Mountain, in the Shadow God Palace.

The daily prayers were still underway.

Capella mutedly read the God's creed out loud, but she felt somewhat ill at ease.

It might be due to yesterday's matter.

A Senior Priest was actually assassinated in White Elephant City!

She knew clearly about Dina's strength: if Prince Aragon didn't personally act, no one could kill her.

Even the dregs of the rebel army didn't have this kind of power.

Who was it?

Doubt clouded her mind.

Suddenly, a dark shadow descended on the ice-cold statue!

Capella's eyes were wide open with disbelief. She piously raised her head as she called God's name!

At that instant, Shadow Holy Power appeared out of nowhere and covered the entire Eastern Snow Mountain.

In the Royal Capital under the Snow Mountain, everyone froze for a second as they saw this scene.

Finally, someone pointed and sharply shouted, "Miracle!"

Everyone knelt in worship.

Some were crying from excitement.

Some froze, at a loss.

A lot more simply knelt down apathetically and prayed for the deity's blessing.

In the Imperial Palace, the old king was helped by a refined girl as they left the court step by step.

He looked at the shadow on the Snow Mountain and fell down with tears.

Everyone at his side knelt down. Only the King and that girl didn't kneel.

"Nana, I wronged your older brother," the King lamented tearfully.

The girl remained silent.

The shadows stayed for a very long time before slowly scattering.

A rain of darkness fell from the sky as everyone around the king felt a powerful force condensing!

In the slums, an elderly man with a serious illness came in contact with the rain and suddenly recovered some strength.

Under the bathing of this dark rain, everyone's mind and body would obtain a slight improvement.

In the Shadow God Palace, a shout echoed through everyone's soul:

"Father God!"

"Father God!" most people loudly shouted in the Royal Capital.

In the Imperial Palace, the old King awkwardly threw himself to the ground while that girl kept standing.

She looked coldly at the sky and said in a low voice, "If he truly was a father, how could he squeeze his own children?"

This sentence didn't originate from her.

Rather, when she was young, she read a book. That book was a hidden treasure of the Royal Family that her older brother stole for her to see.

The book was at least a century old and the author's name and title were very strange.

It was still fresh in her memory at this moment.

Plane Traveler, Teigan.


The miracle in the Royal City caused a sensation throughout Nottingheim Kingdom.

People were gradually swayed and their beliefs became firmer.

And following this miracle, the Shadow God Palace's High Priestess claimed to have received Father God's oracle!

This oracle quickly spread through the entire kingdom through every church and priest to arrive at everyone's ears.

The content of the oracle stated: Heathens from a different plane had arrived in Arborea.

These heathens intended to destroy this world.

And the place they descended was shockingly the White Elephant City in the north!

The Shrine had to capture these heathens and kill them!

White Elephant City was once again put in the spotlight.

In addition to the two previous Senior Priests, High Priestess Capella sent five hundred 3rd rank Paladins and two more Senior Priests to White Elephant City.


Meanwhile, Aragon's prisoner transport arrived at the Royal City that same day.

A rumor spread that the Crown Prince not only had ties with the rebels, but had also colluded with those Heathens from another world.

Due to the miracle that descended a few days ago, even most of the population who had sympathized with and admired Aragon didn't trust him.

They watched from the sidelines.

Things started to move in the dark in the Royal City.

The moment the transport came through the gate, people started gathering to watch the Prince moving through the city.

Their gazes were cold and heartless, as if they looked at a true sinner.

Last time he had returned to the Royal City was after he recaptured White Elephant City that the rebels had been occupying for three years. He had returned to get a commendation from the Shrine and the Kingdom!

Such a huge contrast. Even if the Prince had made good mental preparations, sadness still flashed through his eyes.

The prisoner cart followed the Royal City's main street past the Imperial Palace before quickly rushing toward the Eastern Snow Mountain.

There, the Prince would receive the Shrine's trial!

High Priestess Capella herself would direct the trial. As the Apostle of Father God, no heathen would be able to escape her judgement!

The procession kept moving forward.

People watched in silence and followed with their eyes as the Prince they once loved and respected headed toward the main trial hall.

At the bottom of the flight of white marble stairs, the High Priestess Capella was waiting.

Her gaze was cold as she attentively watched the Prince's prisoner carriage.

Aragon looked very depressed.

"Carry him into the trial hall," the black-gowned High Priestess ordered coldly.

Two Paladins immediately removed the prisoner's shackles and the half dead Prince was carried out.

In the crowd, most people couldn't bear to see this.

They lowered their heads.

The entire Kingdom's nobility was on the side, but none of the Nottingheim family came to the scene.

Capella felt pleased.

This world was finally God's world.

She proudly raised her head and contemptuously derided the dazed Prince, "Even a bigger ant, after all is said and done, is still an ant."


In a small courtyard of the Imperial Palace.

A young girl was sitting on a swing by herself, silently listening to the report of the maid besides her.

"Princess, Prince Aragon's trial has already started."

"Lady Capella herself judged him guilty."

The maid stopped there, unable to bear the rest.

"Talk." The Princess' tone was very calm.

"Ties with the rebels, working with the heathens, going against God's desires," the maid quietly recounted. "3rd grade crime. Due to the Prince many year of meritorious services, it was lowered to 1st grade."

"The punishment originally was seven days of withstanding God's Fire… It is now three."

"And it will happen in three days."


A cord of the swing broke, and the Princess stood up, unharmed.

"I understand, you can go."

The maid look at the Princess, a bit at a loss, but under the Princess' determined gaze, she still left.

In the empty courtyard, only the girl remained.

"Come out."

"The swing won't break for no reason," the Princess remarked indifferently.

"Your older brother said you were very smart." Marvin's figure nonchalantly appeared from the shadow of the swing.

"But I didn't expect you to react so nimbly."

"Rebels? Heathen?" Her gaze was clear.

"Is it important?" Marvin asked back.

"It isn't." Princess Nana gently inquired, "So what is your goal?"

Marvin didn't say anything, taking out a ring and handing it over.

A slight change finally appeared on her expression.

"You are someone Brother trusts? Why haven't I seen you before?" She asked cautiously.

"Some people are bound to remain in the shadows." Marvin also didn't explain. "If Prince Aragon dies, the Nottingheim Royal Family will be in an even bigger crisis. He intends to fight with all he has. What is your opinion?"

The girl looked emotionally at the ring. "Brother's stance is my stance."

Marvin clapped. "Good."

"Send invitations. You have to hold a banquet or a ball tomorrow night in the Imperial Palace. Invite some people…"

"Of course, there are also a few other things you need to do."