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Chapter 302: Marvin’s Plan

Chapter 302: Marvin’s Plan
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Level 18 Storm Swordsman!

Arborea's peak powerhouse.

If not for Aragon being willingly imprisoned, only a few people in this world could stop him, including the High Priestess!

And it was unlikely for these six Paladins to do so, let alone after he got rid of the Divine Spell Prison's shackles!

In an instant, a violent storm rose. Aragon was like a tornado, covering the six Paladins in a flash!

Screams pealed out as the entire Divine Spell Prison was alarmed!


The ball was very lively.

The High Priestess' carriage arrived in front of the Imperial Palace and the Princess welcomed her in.

Nana was all smiles. "Lady High Priestess joining this ball is a great honor for Nana."

"I hope Father God blesses the Nottingheims," the High Priestess told Nana indifferently.

She looked at Nana's face and was about to say something else when suddenly, her expression changed!

"What happened? Lady?" Nana calmly asked.

The High Priestess shouted in anger, "I'm going back to the Shrine!"

"Aragon dares to break out of prison!"

"Nottingheim, this isn't an easy crime to forgive!"

Her voice was powerful, and everyone in the Royal City heard it!

Soon, the ball's atmosphere went cold!

Fear crept across the faces of the nobles as they watched the trail of dust behind the High Priestess' carriage.

They understood that the High Priestess was truly enraged this time.

The previous Nottingheim Royal Family might have still had hope to preserve their bloodline, but they now lost that hope.

Why was Aragon this stupid?

Before they could understand the ins and outs, a black-armored army quietly surrounded the Imperial Palace.

"Princess Nana!"

"Your Highness!"

The nobles and officials cried out in alarm.

The young girl slowly turned around, her dress fluttering as she displayed a beautiful smile. "The ball isn't over…"

"Wanting to leave this early, isn't that making me lose face?"

They all turned silent.

That group of black armored troops, how long had they been waiting?

They didn't even notice them!

"It's the Royal Iron Guard…" The Finance Minister's voice was shivering. "Could the King…"

"Father gave me the Royal Iron Guard three years ago, does anyone else have a question?" Nana answered candidly.

"What about the City Defense Army?" The Military Minister glared at the Princess. "You don't think that the City Defense Army will come help when I shout?"

"Sir, you are thinking too much," Nana smilingly said. "Lady High Priestess said that heathens had come to our world. She already dispatched half of her Paladins, and as for the City Defense Army, they would obviously cooperate with the Shrine's movements."

"Tonight they were dispatched to go out on a mission to capture the heathens. They shouldn't get back to the Royal City for three days."

The Military Minister shouted, "You dared to fake the Shrine's order? Who gave you military approval?"

Nana blinked. "Sir, please calm down. I have quite a lot of friends."

The court was completely silent.

Under the stares of the Royal Iron Guard, all of Royal City's nobles were captured.

After a while, a loud sound could be heard in direction of the Shadow God Palace. It felt like a bestial roar!

An old noble asked with difficulty, "I dare ask your Highness, do you really plan to completely go against the Shrine?"

"If that is the case, why would you come out personally? Letting his Highness Aragon take care of it is good. That way if it fails, you would still preserve a bit of the Nottingheim bloodline."

The Princess' eyes were as clear as ever, her voice very resolute. "After tonight, there will be no Shrine…"


The fight at the 4th layer ended up faster than Marvin expected.

He was still hesitating about whether he should help out when Aragon finished dealing with the six Paladins!

He was a lot stronger than Marvin imagined!

'With this talent, if he was in Feinan, he would have already become a Legend!' Marvin inwardly praised.

This plane's limit was level 18, so Aragon had reached the point where he couldn't advance anymore.

His strength was restricted by the plane's laws. This was one of the negative part of the Secondary Planes.

If he was in Feinan, he would definitely become a Legend.


After easily getting rid of the six Paladins, Aragon and Marvin nodded and the latter once again disappeared in the shadows!

The Princess' ball was a decoy.

Why not break Aragon out of jail?

Marvin's plans were interrelated, and no mistake was allowed.

Soon, Aragon rushed to the 5th layer!

Three heinous criminals were imprisoned there. But they had been tortured by the Shrine and didn't look human anymore.


"You dare to break out!?" A thunderous voice roared beside his ears.

In an instant, the candles died out. The sword in Aragon's hands suddenly let out cold light.

There were four shadows.

The Shadow God Place's four elders.

Each one of them was a peak level 18 Cleric.

The four of them were one of the final cards of the Shadow God Palace. Even if they were quite old, they had a lot of experience in the field of Divine Spells!

In an instant, the four shadows formed a prisoner's cage!

Divine Spell - Shadow Prison!

The four Clerics joined hands to launch a Divine Spell, and even the fierce Aragon was trapped inside.

"Receive Father God's punishment!" one of the elders coldly declared.


On the King Road, Capella's carriage was frantically rushing back.

Numerous images flashed in front of her eyes. These images were fragmented, but they formed a shadow!

It was that heathen!

Capella ground her teeth hatefully.

She watched the four elders fighting Aragon and her complexion ashened quite a bit!

'So this was your real aim…'

'But how did you know that such a dangerous thing was hidden under the shrine?

Capella's eyes were full of doubt.

The next second, her silhouette hurriedly rushed inside the Shrine!


6th layer of the Divine Spell Prison.

Besides six huge candles, this place was completely deserted.

Marvin simply walked forward.

A huge stone wall blocked his path!

He took two steps back and grabbed a Sun Sphere before smashing it mercilessly against the stone wall!


After an instant, the wall was completely crushed and revealed a hidden entrance with a rune.

'Finally found you…'

'Hehehe, Hell's Door.'

A satisfied smile could be seen on Marvin's face. 'Puppy, you should already be quite hungry.'

But the next instant, an ice cold voice echoed behind him.

"Stop now."

"Wicked heathen, you are actually bold enough to try to open Hell's Door..."

"I'll throw you inside God's Fire and let you burn for a hundred days. Your soul will also belong to Father God and will never reincarnate!"