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Chapter 303: Open! Gate of Hell!

Chapter 303: Open! Gate of Hell!
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Marvin slowly turned around.

The black-gowned High Priestess was staring at him coldly, the radiance of a Divine Spell flickering on her hand, ready to be thrown at Marvin anytime!

"You came back quickly." Marvin looked at Capella's cunning face. "Are you so confident that you can stop me?"

Capella took a good look at Marvin.

She had always been very cautious. Father God had repeatedly warned her that these guests from another plane were very powerful and sinister!

This youth before her eyes seemed to be only 15 or 16 years old, yet he was able to sneak into the Divine Spell Prison's 6th layer.

Even if Aragon and Nana provided a distraction, this was a very challenging matter!

But he still pulled it off with ease.

This was simply inconceivable.

"You are the one who killed Dina," she said in a low voice. "Level 18 Assassin?"

The pressure Marvin gave her wasn't small, and she wasn't in a hurry to make a move.

She knew that opening the Gate of Hell needed some time. The seal had been there for many years after all. As long as she was there, this youth wouldn't be able to come up with any tricks.

And even though Aragon was powerful, he couldn't deal with the four Great Elders alone.

He would definitely be subdued.

Once the Great Elders came to help, along with the Paladins that were rushing over, this Assassin wouldn't be able to escape!

Marvin sneered, "You actually know the word [Assassin]?"

"As expected, as a God's Apostle, you know a bit more than others."

"The Arborea plane shouldn't have this class, right?"

"Wasn't Glynos very careful about this point? He didn't allow his Secondary Planes to have Assassins or other rogue classes. Such a narrow-minded person."

Marvin's mockery wasn't without reason.

Since the Shadow Prince was the God of Shadows, he could actually get a considerable amount of Shadow Sorcerers and Assassins as his followers.

If these class-holders were devout enough, it would give him a lot more Faith than ordinary Clerics or Paladins would.

This was because the class holders' essences would be richer. They wouldn't just passively accept God's gift. Instead, they would temper themselves and through that their faith would increase.

But Glynos was narrow-minded. In order to stop others from surpassing him, he didn't allow any Assassin classes in his realms.

That made Marvin feel utterly speechless.

There shouldn't be more than a hundred people that knew the word [Assassin] in Glynos' plane.

This included the Shrine's higher ups and part of the Royal Family. There should be very few thieves among the people, because the Shrine was taking care of them strictly.

Thieves would be executed by fire.

Thus, this place's public security was actually pretty good.


"You dare insult the great Father God…"

Rage flashed through Capella's eyes. Her finger pointed five times and the next second, five Shadow Beasts came out from the Shadow Plane!

They looked very strange, each one of them different from the others, but they were all very aggressive!


They roared as they pounced on Marvin. But Marvin's figure disappeared from where he stood!

Shadow Escape!

The Night Walker's speed was incomparable. With a simple escape skill, he broke away from the Shadow Beasts' attacks.

Before Capella could use another Divine Spell, Marvin's body stuck to that huge copper gate like a gecko!

Capella's expression changed.

Marvin showed a strange smile. "Shhh! Listen."

"Thud! Thud!"

"Thud! Thud!"

Something was hitting the door!

Capella was startled!

"How could this be!?"

"The seal on the Gate of Hell is in proper condition, so why is there this kind of situation on the other side!?"

At that time, three men floated down the flight of stairs!

Three of the four Great Elders!

"High Priestess! Aragon escaped!"

"Sir Novak already brought out a hundred Paladins to chase him!"

"This is the heathen?"

Facing the Elder's question, Capella nodded gravely.

She didn't say a word as those Shadow Beasts hid against the ground, appearing to be full of fright!

Their instincts were a lot stronger than humans'.

The thing behind the gate made them terrified!


"Thud! Thud! Thud!"

The sound grew more intense.

One of the Elders was in disbelief. "This is impossible! I checked the seal two days ago, and it was flawless."

"He just got there. How could he undo the seal so quickly?"

"Despicable heathens, Aragon really colluded with them!"

Capella's face sank. "Gather the Zealot Warriors!"

"We are at war."

Marvin was still lying on the door like a gecko, a bright radiance flickering on the bracelets in his hands, apparently calling out to something!

[Ancestor's Mystery]!

The secret weapon the Numen used to control the Archdevil's head.

Besides controlling the Archdevil, these bracelets actually had other uses. It was able to communicate with Hell's lifeforms, and corrode the seals on the passages leading to Hell.

Of course, the bracelets could only shine at a place with a Gate of Hell.

Marvin was using a daily ability of the bracelets to call out a monster on the other side of the door.

If the seal was attacked from both sides, it would crumble a lot quicker!

During their hesitation, the seal had already been mostly corroded by [Ancestor's Mystery].

Marvin laughed lightly. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sorry."

"I in fact had no intention to target you."

"But I have a bit of a bad history… With Glynos."

As Marvin's sentence ended, a frightening bestial roar came from behind the gate!

They couldn't help but widen their eyes!


The copper door was smashed open as Marvin used Night Boundary to hide in the shadows.

A huge head with saliva dripping from its mouth appeared from inside the gate!

Drops of saliva fell on the ground, leaving huge holes on the stone floor!

Fear appeared on Capella's face. "Hellhound…"


Another roar echoed.

The Hellhound's huge body squeezed through the Gate of Hell.

This was a Three-Headed Hellhound!

But it only actually had two heads. The other one was more of a small deformity, like a swelling between the two heads.

Capella was sweating and the Elders behind her were shivering.

A Hellhound with just one head would be enough to cause them huge pressure!

Divine Spells weren't omnipotent, especially the Divine Spells the Shadow Prince bestowed. They had no advantage against Hell's lifeforms.

If a few more came in...

Capella didn't dare to imagine.

But just then, after the Hellhound completely squeezed through the gate, the gate loudly closed!

Marvin stood in front of the gate. The Hellhound's two heads slowly turned over and looked at him.

Acidic and flammable drops of saliva fell down.

The entire 6th layer was filled with the aura of destruction.