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Chapter 306: Staking It All

Chapter 306: Staking It All
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The battle was in full swing in the prayer hall!

Despite the Hellhound facing the attacks of fifty Zealot Warriors alone, at such a great numerical disadvantage, it was still a creature from Hell, and couldn't be compared to ordinary creatures.

Its fur was as hard as iron. The Zealot Warriors' heavy scythes were specifically designed to handle huge lifeforms, but even so, they could only leave a shallow wound on the Hellhound after going all out!

They looked like fearless ants attacking an evil dog!

But there wasn't much of an effect.

The Hellhound's huge claws swiped forward, crushing six Zealot Warriors into a mass of blood.

Its two heads were crazily pouncing left and right, biting the Zealot Warriors to death.

Those sharp teeth, from a human point of view, were like spears!

Even though the Priests cast Divine Spells at the Hellhound one after the other, helping the Zealot Warriors stabilize the fight, the Zealot Warriors' numbers were still quickly decreasing!

The fifty from the start turned into just 30 after a few minutes!

That fire was still burning in their eyes and their bodies were naked as they shouted, fearlessly pouncing on the Hellhound.

And the Shrine Paladins also rushed over to surround it.

Although the prayer hall was huge, it wasn't good for a mounted assault. With their horses, the Paladins were far from equal to the Zealot Warriors!

They weren't good enough to reach the Hellhound's knees!

'This damned Devil!'

Capella glanced at the bitter scene in front of her, frightened and uncertain.

Her attention was still focused on Marvin.

Even if Marvin couldn't completely escape her senses now, he was truly too fast!

He wandered through the whole battlefield, and then suddenly dashed toward the center!

"Zealots! Kill that heathen!"

Capella instantly locked onto Marvin's body and cast a spell over!

But in response, Marvin's figure soared!

Night Jump!

His jumping ability was utterly shocking. He soared onto the Hellhound's middle head in an instant!

The move left them all speechless. Was that guy human?


The Hellhound's middle head let out a low roar!

It was apparently very dissatisfied with being stepped on.

But Marvin crouched unhurriedly.

"Puppy… I know you might not understand me… But I need your help…"

He gently petted the fur on the Hellhound's head.

He could smell the smoke irritating his nose.

But Marvin endured it.

A dazzling light flickered on Ancestor's Mystery.

The Hellhound apparently understood something.

It ignored the Zealot Warriors and abruptly turned before charging toward Capella's group of Priests!

Marvin was overjoyed with this sudden change, which completely threw off the Shrine's rhythm!


"This guy is actually able to control the Devil!"

"He's definitely one of the Devils!"

Capella ordered everyone to scatter!

The Priests' bodies weren't like those of the Zealots. They would be like paper in front of the Hellhound. One swipe would be enough to kill them all!

The Zealots chased, unwilling to let go!

Marvin suddenly turned and brought out two daggers!

Blazing Fury!

Double [Blazing Fury] spells!

The two spells appeared out of nowhere and blocked their path.

This was extremely high temperature Fire Magic. Even if the Zealots had extremely harsh training and had a high resistance to fire, they still couldn't ignore it.

Even though they rushed across the sea of flames, they were still hindered.

Marvin then took care of the few Zealots still holding onto the Hellhound's back legs, and the Hellhound was now completely free.

He began wreaking havoc in the group of Priests!

Marvin gently petted the central head again.

He could feel that this small deformed head was the one taking the decisions.

With the help of Ancestor's Mystery, he established a wonderful relationship with the Hellhound.

Starting as strangers, they now became faint allies.

"That woman…" Marvin softly directed.

He kept petting the Hellhound's head while pointing at Capella.

The Hellhound seemed to have understood and the three heads focused on Capella!

The latter felt her blood run cold.

This was a gaze from Hell!


In the Imperial Palace, the Royal Iron Guard was still standing watch expressionlessly.

The nobles were worried and impatient, but they didn't dare to say a word.

They looked at that cloud, clearly seeing that it was a magic tool.

This was definitely a premeditated plan!

The Nottingheim Royal Family was truly staking it all.

Their goal was simple. It was to crush the awe-inspiring Shrine under their foot in front of everyone!

Could they really do it?

Everyone had this question in mind.

Even if they could do it, behind the Shrine was still the great God!

Could they want to murder God?

This was impossible!

"Crazy! Crazy!"

The old Finance Minister fell limply to the ground. His previous image had already disappeared.

Nana was still smiling.

But no one knew what this Princess was thinking about.

On King's Road, a shadow was rushing over like the wind!

There were still some iron chains on his body as he rode over on a horse, but he had a sword in his hand and a powerful presence!

"Brother!" Nana let out, pleasantly surprised.

"Prince Aragon!"

They all looked at the outstanding Prince Aragon with complicated gazes.

This man was originally the one shouldering the future of the Nottingheim Royal Family. But now, his actions seemed to be leading the Nottingheim Royal Family to their downfall!


The Military Minister rushed over and pointed at his nose. "Do you really want to lead the entire Kingdom to its downfall because of a personal whim?!"

"Look at the sky, what is that?"

"That's a monster from Hell! You released a monster from hell to suppress the Shrine, do you really think you can succeed…"

His words stopped there as a ray of light flashed!

The Prince dismounted and his sword flashed aggressively, beheading the Military Minister!

Everyone froze!

Was this the Prince who was known for being benevolent?

"Don't let your descendant suffer from slavery because of your own weakness."

"Don't let the so-called God step on our head because of our own cowardice."

"The Nottingheim aren't puppets controlled by God, we have our own dignity."

With a flame flashing in his eyes, Aragon stepped over the Military Minister's corpse as he declared, "Even if we have to work with the Devils, I'll shatter the Shrine's shackles in this realm!"

The nobles and officials were silent.

But at that time, a figure leading a hundred Paladins arrived.

A Great Elder of the Shrine!

"Aragon! You colluded with an evil follower and released a creature from Hell."

"Quickly kneel down and accept Father God's punishment!"

The Great Elder's hair and beard were pure white, and the halo of a Divine Spell was undulating.

The hundred Paladins behind him were holding spears and were angrily aiming at Aragon inside the Royal Iron Guard!

A battle would break out at any moment.

Aragon raised his sword brazenly, intending to welcome them.

But he was stopped by Nana at that time.

"Brother, you cannot be stuck here with him." Nana conscientiously said, "You need to go north."

Aragon hesitated. "But here...

"Let me handle it." An old voice suddenly echoed.

A gray-gowned scholar wearing simple glasses slowly walked out form the Imperial Palace's court.

"Scholar Orland…"

Aragon looked at this scholar with shock, and the nobles were also startled.

Orland was the Nottingheim's heirs' tutor, a renowned scholar worldwide.

Everyone knew of him and respected him.

But how could a scholar without any strength fight against the Great Elder blessed by God?

As if in reply to these doubts, Orland took a big step forward and tore apart his gray gown!

In an instant, a frightening energy filled the whole court.

Orland was wearing a blue gown underneath. He smiled at the Shrine's Great Elder and the hundred Paladins. "I didn't expect to still have the chance to put my skills to good use after hiding for so many years."

"Many thanks, Nana."

Nana lowered her head. "Teacher, take care."

Orland laughed heartily. "Only a puppet, there is no need to worry."

He then spread his arms and unbridled magic power surged out!

Level 18 Wizard.

4th-Circle spell, Spatial Rend!


Prayer hall. The Hellhound's gaze made Capella fear for her life for the first time!

"Stop him!" she sharply shouted.

Her scepter was pointed at the Hellhound, and Divine Spells were thrown out one after the other!

In fact, the High Priestess' Divine Spells were very frightening. At this proximity, even the Hellhound with his high resistances was nailed on the spot and couldn't break out.

Marvin already took the chance to slip away.

If he was hit by the High Priestess' Divine Spell, he would definitely die!

The Hellhound wailed from the Divine Spells raining down on him.

The Zealots once again pounced over.

The Shrine seemed to have taken the upper hand.

But the Hellhound's central head suddenly roared out, "Waaan!"

This sound seemed a bit amusing in this desperate battlefield.

But it changed the battle situation!

The other two heads seemed to have heard his command and simultaneously opened their maws.

Acid shot out fiercely, surging with the power of a waterfall!

The splashes of acid on the Zealots' bodies created frightening bloody holes.

Most importantly, although that crazy acid spray used a lot of the Hellhound's stamina, Capella's Clerics also suffered from it.

Capella felt weak.

'Shit, my Divine Armor!'

This was her last thought.

At that time, Marvin, who was hiding behind a pillar, boldly attacked.

[Night Beheading]!


A cold light flashed.

Under the gazes of the people from Royal City, the High Priestess was beheaded by Marvin!