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Chapter 308: Godly Dexterity

Chapter 308: Godly Dexterity
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The prayer hall on the Eastern Snow Mountain collapsed along with the Idol!

The rumbling sound kept echoing.

The Hellhound managed to escape the disaster, his body rapidly shrinking and quickly disappearing from everyone's sight.

The Shrine became deathly silent.

The Paladins and Clerics who survived the calamity were at a loss.

At this point, they didn't know what they should do.

The High Priestess fell!

The Idol fell!

The Shadow God's palace had already lost all hope.


In the Royal City, a happy expression could be seen in Nana's clear eyes.

'He really did it!'

Even if she had a sort of indescribable faith in that plane traveller from the start, when Marvin truly made it, she was still in disbelief.

And if the Princess was in disbelief, the other nobles and officials were even more so.

Even the always stolid Royal Iron Guards were also stunned for a second.


"Impossible! How could Father God…"

The Great Elder saw everything and roared toward the sky.

A terrifying amount of Divine Power gathered in his body.

Great Scholar Orland noticed that the situation wasn't good and opened a Teleportation Door at his side. He tackled him in.

The two were entangled, flying in the sky!

The remaining Shrine Paladins were already completely disconcerted. They had lost their faith and didn't know what to do.

Princess Nana said with a smile, "Paladins!"

"Open your eyes."

"The God from the olden days has already fallen. We humans will eventually build a free country."

"We shouldn't fight one another."


The Paladins firmly held their weapons, looking at each other in dismay.


No one knew who first let go of his weapon, but afterward, the sound of weapons falling one after the other rang out.

They had pale faces, as if they were mourning for a relative.

Some even fell to the ground and couldn't stop themselves from crying bitterly.

The beliefs they had in life, the faith they had in that supreme Idol for half a lifetime... it all broke down just like that?

Some people couldn't accept this and killed themselves!

Soon, a very chaotic scene could be seen!


In the northern hills, a shadowy figure slowly came out.

An old lady wearing a cloak came to the forefront with the help of people lending her their arms.

She held a crystal ball. The scene of the Idol being crushed and the Shrine collapsing kept repeating inside.

Everyone cried from excitement!

They left the hills one after the other, arriving at the northern boundary of White Elephant City.

Thirty years ago, they took up the banner of rebellion with some thirty thousand people.

Now, only eight hundred old soldiers remained.

They were known as the [Rebels].

But the fooled people didn't know that they were the forerunners of the rebellion against the god in this plane.

They were the best of mankind.

"Let's go."

"It's time to go home."

The old lady spoke in a rough voice as eight hundred people supported each other and walked toward White Elephant City.


All over Arborea Plane.

Shrines received news of the Eastern Snow Mountain's Main God Palace. The Priests and the Paladins were panicking.

Some gathered their forces to attack Royal City, but there were still a few fools just praying to God.

Not realizing that their God already couldn't do anything.

If Glynos was really in the people's hearts, why were so many people willing to go against him?

Ultimately, he regarded Arborea as a pen to raise livestock, and the Shrine was merely his shepherd and harvester.

He squeezed them dry while being regarded as "Father God" which didn't work out in the end.

It could be said that the reason Marvin chose this plane for his first Planar War also was a bit related to that.

He naturally had to make the best of everything!

Moreover, the enmity between him and the Shadow Prince in this life, as well as in the previous one, was as deep as the sea. If he didn't fuck him over, then who should he target?

Also, the moment the Idol shattered, nine tall shadows simultaneously appeared near these Shrines.

Arborea had a total of ten Shrines, and the most supreme one was the Eastern Snow Mountain's Main Shrine!

The other nine were scattered in various parts of the world.

But Marvin, who was knowledgeable of Arborea's history and forces, had made proper preparations.

He wanted to thoroughly destroy the Shadow Prince's foundations in Arborea tonight!

Only that way could he completely erase Glynos' traces from this plane.


Western Desert, above an oasis. The Shrine Paladins had just awakened from their sleep when a frightening shadow crashed into the Shrine.

"Who is it!"

"Quick, stop them!"

The Paladins got up in succession and started gathering with the Priests. The Senior Priest in charge of this Shrine was also woken up and alerted of the situation.

But what shocked them was that the enemy was only one man!

One person alone dared to challenge the Shadow Shrine?

The Senior Priest sneered, "You heathen! Don't think that destroying an Idol means that you can destroy all traces of Father God in this plane."

"Father God is everywhere."

The tall Dark Knight calmly replied while holding a heavy sword, "It doesn't matter. I just have to keep killing till there is no more."

"Even a weak god like Glynos, I'll kill."

The Senior Priest felt his heart tighten. He angrily shouted back, "Who are you?!"

He could feel that this frightening guy didn't lie.

The murderous aura on his body… And the resentment on his body, these had been left by the gods and extremely powerful lifeforms who cursed him before dying!

But he was still alive.

This was enough to explain a lot of things.

"I didn't have a name for a very long time."

"You can call me [Zero] I guess?"

"You are pretty lucky… After all, only just before a fight will I be a bit clear-headed."

Then Zero laughed at himself and shook his head. Crimson radiance suddenly burst out of his eyes!

A massacre was about to begin!


In other corners of Arborea, similar scenes were happening.

The other eight lesser Shrines were also raided, and the raiders were alone.

But Marvin knew that they could do it alone.

Because they were an army by themselves!

The Dark Knights were used to slaughter!

In that era of wilderness, countless gods died by their hands!

Feinan's former glory once more descended on this multiverse.


On one side of the Eastern Snow Mountain, Marvin was gasping for air.

Shooting three rounds of [Dragon Tooth] in a row completely spent his stamina!

His chest ached. With his Constitution, he would be injured with just one shot!

Let alone three continuous shots!

Brilliant Purple's barrel was burning hot. This Brilliant Purple was a weapon personally crafted by Constantine, and its reputation was justified.

If it was any normal Sha weapon, it would have already exploded.

Fortunately three shots were enough to take down the Idol controlled by the Shadow Prince.

The war wasn't over yet, but the fight had already moved in the direction Marvin was expecting.

He sat on the cold snowy ground, using Brilliant Purple as a support as he rested while watching his interface.

The battle exp he gathered after the slaughter wasn't much!

The reason was that this was a Secondary Plane. The essences here were weak, and thus they changed accordingly when transformed into battle exp.

This followed the same principle as Faith. Faith was the essence that gods received from their followers.

Secondary Planes' essences were too weak. The Plane's laws were far from those of the perfect main plane, leading to a reduction in Faith gathered and a limit on the level that class-holders could reach.

But Marvin's great efforts weren't without reward.

He already got hold of something very precious.

Two points of Divinity!

One came from the High Priestess, and one from the Idol.

After the False Divine Vessel automatically absorbed them, Marvin reached five points of Divinity!

This also reached the limit that the False Divine Vessel could contain. To keep going, he would have to upgrade the Divine Vessel's level.

Its current Divine Vessel level was 0, and if he wanted it to become a weak god's level 1 Divine Vessel, Marvin only had to ascend to godhood.

In other words, if Marvin didn't become a god, he couldn't get more Divinity.

And Marvin had been studying that problem for a while.

Previously, he had ascended to godhood. But this time, he didn't plan to repeat that path.

He wanted to become a Ruler of the Night, but definitely not a god.

Ascending to godhood was simply a shortcut for mankind to reach a higher level of power. Through the so-called Faith, they could absorb their people's essences.

It was simple and convenient, but it had a lot of limitations.

The gods from the 3rd Era were a good example.

They attacked the Universe Magic Pool out of helplessness. They were already tied to this world and had left their marks on the world.

They wanted to transcend, but had no other way and could only keep walking on the same path.

Marvin knew that there were a few other ways to breakthrough in this world.

At least, Inheim and the Great Elven King didn't go through ascension and still managed to get power that wouldn't lose to the gods!

Marvin believed that he could also accomplish it!


But regardless, the benefits of five points of Divinity was clear.

First, it raised all Resistances. Divinity also gave Resistance to Charm, Binding, and Insta-Death spells.

When the Shadow Prince's avatar descended, if not for Hathaway casting Space-Time Bind ten times, Shadow Thief Owl would never have had the chance to steal the Time Molt.

If he had one more point of Divinity on his avatar, the conclusion might not have been the same. But the price of an avatar dying was also huge!

Marvin's human body reached the pinnacle with those five points of Divinity.

But his body had another change after reaching five points of Divinity!

This reward was another +1 to all Attributes.

Marvin's strength rose sharply, but the most important part was that his Dexterity reached 30!

30 was the domain of gods.

30 Dexterity was called [Godly Dexterity]!

Godly Dexterity gave three great specialties!