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Chapter 314: Assassination

Chapter 314: Assassination
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Ashes Plateau.

The light of the Planar Lighthouse flickered from time to time. Hathaway was standing there, waiting calmly for news about Marvin.

She had a solemn expression. From time to time, she would use some divination spell to check Marvin's progress in Arborea, but she was still very worried.

The the last divination showed the scene of Marvin tearing apart the Ophanim, so the situation seemed to be pretty good.

But divination had a delay, and moreover, there was a 21:1 time flow difference between Feinan and Arborea. A few minutes here was enough for an unforeseen event to happen there.

She had a bad feeling. The same kind of feeling she had that day in the Decaying Plateau.

'Thankfully I can still use Divination.'

'That guy, hmpfh. He immediately dared to provoke a god while having that level of strength. After he advances to Legend, wouldn't he directly attack the Astral Sea?' Hathaway thought to herself, a bit vexed.

After the disturbance with the Universe Magic Pool, common Wizards lost their divination power.

But Legend Wizards could use the ambient magic power to form a spell matrix, and she was a Seer. Thus, her Divination wasn't affected.

As long as she had enough magic power, she could keep casting Divination.

But just like the Sha's guns, she needed to cool down. Each time she cast a spell, her spell matrix also needed some time before being used again.

Otherwise, not only would the spell fail, but it might also lead to the spell matrix collapsing!

When she restrained the Shadow Prince before, she used 10 casts of [Space-Time Bind].

This was too much for her spell matrix. In ordinary circumstances, her spell matrix would crumble after three Space-Time Binds.

Fortunately they had Space-Time Diamonds.

Those ten priceless consumable Space-Time Diamonds had an outstanding effect, able to take the load off her spell matrix for that spell, allowing her to keep casting.

But it wasn't the same for Divination.

She didn't have a corresponding material and could only cast it every so often.

On the overgrown plain, she stood still, waiting.

'Time's up.'

Her eyes shone.

She immediately cast Divination.

[Arborea, Marvin, Major Event]

These were the keywords of the Divination. If Marvin saw the process, he would immediately think of his world's "Internet search engines". The spell would display all the major events that happened in Arborea, particularly those related to Marvin, in front of her.

This "search engine" could be blocked and willfully tampered with.

In short, Divination wasn't omniscient.

But she still wanted to take a look.

However, what appeared in front of her wasn't Marvin.

It was a desolate land.

The scene focused on a temple in that land, and stopped on a mysterious man.

The other side apparently noticed her and lifted his head.

Hathaway suddenly felt an explosion in her mind!

She instantly cancelled the Divination!

Despite doing so, she kept shivering, her entire body cold!

This was the result of someone interfering with her Divination.

'No good!' She fought the pain. Despite the constant sharp pain in her head, she still remained clear-headed.

She had recognized that face.


That guy had personally descended to Arborea at level 18!

'Hold on…'

'I obviously divined Marvin, but I saw Glynos…'

'He is going to assassinate him!'

'This is bad, Marvin doesn't know!'

Hathaway was at a loss for a moment.

Who knew when that scene had actually happened? Glynos' assassination attempt might have already begun.

The Shadow Prince was regarded poorly by the gods, but that didn't mean he wasn't troublesome.

He wasn't strong in direct battle.

But it shouldn't be forgotten that he was one of the risen Legend Powerhouses of the 3rd Era!

Countless Gods and Legends fell to his Nightfall!

Even if Marvin was also level 18, if he wasn't on guard, he would most likely fall into his trap.

After all, who could have thought that the Shadow Prince would be willing to take this kind of risk and enter a Secondary Plane.

If his avatar was destroyed, his Divine Source would be seriously weakened.

The reason the Shadow Prince kept sending avatars before was due to the other gods supporting him.

Every time he died after descending, as long as he still had the Time Molt, the other gods would help make up for his Divine Source, and thus he was unbridled.

But after he lost the Time Molt, he had no way to obtain the other gods' support anymore.

In the war against the Decaying Plateau for example, his loss was disastrous. His avatar was crushed by the Great Elven King.

This greatly affected his Divine Source.

Thus, Marvin and Hathaway felt that the always cautious Glynos wouldn't risk entering Arborea.

If he lost a Secondary Plane, he could just make up for it in another Secondary Plane. From what Marvin knew, Glynos had at least four Secondary Planes.

And his Divine Source was something a lot more important. Losing some could mean it was lost forever. A couple hundred years might not be enough to make up for it.

A couple hundred years was enough to develop a few Secondary Planes.


But the Shadow Prince's decision went against Marvin and Hathaway's predictions.

This guy was clearly blinded by rage, no longer making his decision based on reason.

He needed to vent, he needed revenge! He only thought of killing Marvin, and the rest didn't matter!

Hathaway wanted to go there herself, but she was a Legend, so she couldn't enter Arborea.

Figures appeared in her mind, one after the other, but she didn't think of anyone she could ask for help from!

'Hold on…'

'He might have a way!'

Hathaway's eyes shone as she quickly began to move.



Inside the palace courtyard. Nana mentioning that it was getting dark was only subconscious muttering, but it felt different for Marvin.

He felt a lot more comfortable in the darkness.

Night Walker's skills could be used as he liked.

He looked up. It was dusk, the time when the night was taking over the day.

His Night Walker abilities still couldn't be used, all grayed out.

'Looks like I unconsciously became fond of the night.'

Marvin sighed inwardly. The powerful Darksight ability made him feel at home in the night. In fact, he was no longer as comfortable during the day.

But at that time, the Hellhound in his arms suddenly stood up and howled!

A strong feeling of alarm was transmitted from the pet contract.

In an instant, Marvin's hair seemed to stand on end as he felt an extreme chill down his spine!

It came from the Judgement Sword in the Hellhound's stomach!

Marvin reacted keenly and pulled Nana as he dashed forward!

But his movement was a bit slow for the hiding Glynos.

The Shadow Prince sneered.

Since he made a move, the other side certainly wouldn't survive.

A cold light flickered from [Nightfall] as a shadow floated over and stabbed toward Marvin's back.


Marvin stiffened.

He heard the sound of the dagger piercing his own heart!