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Chapter 315: Twelve Curses

Chapter 315: Twelve Curses
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In an instant, Marvin's sight went red.

Countless logs popped up in the upper right side of his field of view.

A wave of pain flashed through Marvin's head and he almost fainted!

Fortunately his willpower was firm. He clenched his teeth and held on.

"Glynos!" he roared, as he abruptly turned around, Blazing Fury slashing over fiercely!

The Shadow Prince displayed a meaningful smile while facing Marvin's vengeful curved dagger. He obviously wouldn't fight with him directly.

What a joke, he was an Assassin, the other was a Ranger. Even at this point, he still wasn't willing to give Marvin the advantage of a battle in the open.


The Shadow Prince's figure vanished from the courtyard!

Nana's face was pale, and Orland on the side rushed over!

That sneak attack didn't last long, but it injured Marvin greatly!


'Thankfully… I'm already 4th rank!'

He had obtained Fatal Injuries Immunity when he reached 4th rank Night Walker!

Even though the dagger pierced his heart, grievously injuring him, it at least didn't insta-kill him.

Marvin was extremely pale, and cold sweat covered his forehead.

The sharp pain wasn't the biggest problem.

The most frightening thing was that he had been wounded by Nightfall!

Someone hit by Nightfall would instantly receive twelve frightening curses!

Marvin's condition was very bad. Moreover, Glynos definitely didn't actually leave. Even though he struck Marvin successfully, he wouldn't hide far off. Marvin was in huge trouble!

"Sir Marvin!" Nana cried out. "Your hand!"

Signs of petrification could be seen on Marvin's left hand.

Marvin frowned.

First curse, Petrification.

This was tolerable.

After Constantine had the Red Dragon dismembered, he had looked for a few Master Alchemists to refine some magic potions, and among them was an anti-petrification potion!

Dragons had high resistance to petrification.

At this crucial moment, Marvin didn't hesitate to take out the anti-petrification potion and drink it!

He drank the whole potion in one breath!

It was a matter of life and death after all, so Marvin wouldn't bother about whether he wasted too much or not.

Moreover, he had half a dozen of those potions!

After the potion entered his body, a power swept through his bones and limbs.

His left hand miraculously began to recover.

But Marvin's expression was still grim.

This was just delaying the problem. Nightfall didn't only have a petrification curse.

Based on his experience fighting the Shadow Prince, after one was injured by Nightfall, the interval between the first curse and the second one would be an hour.

Because you couldn't expect what curse would break out next, for ordinary people, being hit by Nightfall meant death!

[Nightfall] was the dream Artifact of wretched Assassins. It was Glynos' deepest pleasure to stab his targets and then leave, before watching his enemies die to the outburst of curses.

But he didn't intend to leave today.

The Hellhound kept barking.

He apparently could sense that the Shadow Prince had yet to leave.

Marvin looked gloomily at every corner of the courtyard.

The sky was gradually darkening and the Great Wizard Orland had already cast his own Barrier, covering Nana and Marvin inside.

Orland's golden Barrier looked unbreakable. But Marvin knew that if the Shadow Prince wanted to cross the Barrier to attack him once again it would really be too easy.

He had to stay on guard.

This would likely turn into an endless battle of attrition, but this wasn't what Marvin wanted.

Because the more the time dragged on, the faster the curses could break out. After each curse took effect, the interval could slowly reduce!

And it would keep shortening. In theory, if you could survive them till the end, there would be a total of twelve curses attached to your body!

In that situation, it would be too late for even Great Druids to save you.

Perhaps only an Apostle of the Nature God or the Dawn Lord could remove the twelve curses at once and save an ordinary person's life.

But these two Ancient Gods are already slumbering. Let alone their Apostles, finding a follower was very challenging.

'Glynos wants me dead…'

Marvin felt the bleeding wound behind his back and turned cold, his muscles stiff.

His eyes kept darting around.

He had already used Listen and even the wind blowing on the grass was sensed by him.

'Careless… I didn't expect Glynos to personally act because of his face.'

'Since that's the case, he should leave his Divine Source behind.'

A ruthless and tyrannical expression flashed through his eyes.

His Perception wasn't as high as the Shadow Prince's, and even if the latter was reduced to level 18, his Stealth was still extremely powerful.

But similarly, the Shadow Prince probably wouldn't be able to notice Marvin in Stealth!

'Maybe I can exploit this…' Marvin thought secretly.

Marvin then nodded toward Orland.

His body disappeared in the blink of an eye!

Shadow Escape!

The Hellhound barked twice worriedly, but he still followed Marvin's command and stayed inside the Barrier.

It was completely dark outside the Barrier.


The Darkness was the Night Walkers' stage!

Marvin hid in a corner and hurriedly wrapped his wound and entered Stealth.

But his Stealth was actually a bait.

With his Perception, the Shadow Prince shouldn't be able to find Marvin if he was wearing Eriksson's Brooch.

But don't forget that Marvin had already defeated the Shadow Prince before!

'I can only lure the snake out of its hole…'

Marvin forced a smile.

He had to quickly make a move.

Because letting time drag on was disadvantageous to Marvin.

The first curse was petrification and Marvin had a potion to resist it.

But what about the second curse?

The name of each of Nightfall's twelve curses appeared in Marvin's mind. Each one was deadly to an ordinary person.

If not for Marvin's devil bloodline along with his Divinity, he might have already died.

He remembered six of the curses: Petrification, Black Death, Crystallization, Bleeding, Poison, and Mutation.

Marvin didn't know about the other six because the most he had lasted was about four hours before dying.

He hadn't had the chance to learn about the remaining six curses.

But those first six curses were enough to give a headache.

'I hope the next one is Bleeding or Poison…'

Marvin was thinking nervously while in Stealth.

If it was one of these two curses, he had solutions. Bleeding meant that the wound would never heal and would bleed out thrice as fast.

For this, he had plenty of hemostatic potions and bandages, along with healing ointment. He could keep up with the curse's outburst. As for Poison, Marvin's poison resistance was extremely high and he had many different antidotes, so he should also be able to handle it.

If it was Mutation, Black Death, or Crystallization, Marvin would be in trouble.

[Mutation] would transform parts of his body into something weird... he might even mutate completely.

He could transform into a toad or something...

[Crystallization] was even more frightening. His body would slowly turn to crystal before ultimately shattering into pieces.

[Black Death] was a type of death curse. It was named that way because black strings like spider webs would spread out from the heart.

Any of those three would be very troublesome for Marvin!

'I might only have a chance if I return to Feinan!'

At this critical time, Marvin forced himself to stay calm.

He had already called back the Dark Knights. The nine of them gathered in the courtyard and urged the Great Wizard Orland to speed up the construction of the Space-Time Lighthouse for this plane.

It wasn't looking too good. But as long as he sent clear coordinates, then with Hathaway's intelligence, she should be able to notice that something had gone awry.

At that time, there would be many solutions.

Thinking of this, Marvin made a decision.

Before the second curse broke out, he had close to an hour to find the Shadow Prince and kill him!

Even if he was injured, Marvin was confident that as long as he caught Glynos, the latter couldn't be his opponent in the night.


The Royal City felt strange yet peaceful in the night.

An emergency curfew from the palace had alarmed the people.

The entire street was cleared out.

Glynos was hiding in a dark place as a cunning expression flashed through his eyes.

He could feel that faint aura still lingering in the surroundings.

'It seems he had Fatal Injuries Immunity and was also able to handle the first curse.'

'And he is a Ranger with such a strong Stealth that even my Perception is unable to find him. He definitely should have some good stuff on him.'

'A pity… ah… A pity… It's too bad I can sense your general direction since you're at the limits of power for this plane. And perhaps you are unaware that the people injured by Nightfall will not only be cursed, but will also have a hint of Nightfall's aura.'

'Even if my Perception can't find you, I can still lock onto Nightfall's aura!'

After thinking of this, a sinister expression flashed through Glynos' eyes.

'Such a powerful Ranger, with the Night Walker advancement class... wouldn't he be outstanding if he reached the Legend Realm?'

'I must kill him before he grows!'

He moved lightly and slowly approached that aura.


In the darkness, Marvin haltingly moved around, his eyes full of confidence.

He knew that his Stealth didn't completely hide him from the Shadow Prince, but he used it in order to make him take the bait.

He was prepared this time.

'Glynos, since you dared to make a move, I won't let you leave this plane unharmed!'

Marvin was determined!

In Royal City, two shadows, one in front and one behind, had their own thoughts.

Meanwhile, in a corner of Arborea, six figures appeared in the sky, one after the other.

"I hope there is still time," the six shadows whispered in unison.