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Chapter 316: Confrontation!

Chapter 316: Confrontation!
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In the Royal City.

The seconds were slowly ticking by as Marvin continued putting on an act for Glynos.

He remained in Stealth, pretending to be looking for traces of Glynos, but the Shadow Prince was a lot more patient than he had thought.

He was certain that Glynos was most likely somewhere behind him. This was a habit of Assassins.

Because Glynos was very confident in his Stealth, the distance between then should be small.

On the way, Marvin had already shown countless flaws and openings.

Others might not be able to resist attacking when seeing these flaws.

But Glynos resisted.

He was as calm as before.

This made Marvin a bit impatient.

Another half an hour passed. It would soon be the time for the second curse to take effect.

'Could it be that he is waiting for the second curse to flare up before trying to end my life?'

Marvin's heart sank.

This was very possible.

Even if the Shadow Prince had become extremely arrogant after ascending, in the field of assassination, he was still that genius that rose up during the 3rd Era.

Naturally, Marvin wasn't inferior in any aspect. In fact, Marvin was sure he could overwhelm the Shadow Prince in a direct fight due to his PK skills.

The reason was very simple. Players tempered their PK skills and tactics through life and death battles. An expert like Marvin excelled in every field, whether in Instances, Story Quests, Duels, or Wars.

Yes, gods were very powerful. They lived for millennia and experienced many fights. But they weren't like the players who had the chance to live again after death with few consequences.

They also weren't as warlike.

By Marvin's estimates, the top players of the game – Feinan Continent – already had battle experience that wasn't much different from the gods' when they had progressed around half-way through the game.

Any player would develop instincts and combat skills after dying so many times after all, let alone an expert like Marvin.

Thus, in a direct battle at the same level, Marvin simply didn't fear Glynos!

But he needed to get this kind of opportunity in the first place.

The Shadow Prince was just stalling. Even though Marvin kept displaying flaws, he restrained himself.

This exasperated Marvin.

He was the one on the receiving end after all. The Hellhound could more or less tell that Glynos was in the surroundings, but finding him precisely was rather challenging.

As for large-scale magic, whether it was Blazing Fury or some of the magic scrolls he carried, he judged that none of them would be very effective against Glynos.

Because as soon as Marvin made a casting gesture, the Shadow Prince would already be far away.

This would actually warn him.

'Endure a few more minutes,' Marvin convinced himself.

He was walking step by step, moving cautiously toward the city entrance.

The city gates were shut tightly, and the guards had already evacuated the city walls.

He was too nervous. There was nothing he could do. Even if Marvin was a master at assassination and counter-assassination, the other side was the Shadow Prince. He already had too much pressure, let alone now that Marvin was at a disadvantage.

If the curse flared up, with no one able to save him, let alone killing Glynos, he didn't know if he would be able to defend himself.

Thinking of this, Marvin became worried.

Memories started to flash through his mind:

The shock of transmigrating, quickly calming down and adapting to this world, Anna's worried expression, Wayne relying on him, White River Valley's landscape… And Hathaway's icy expression before he left!

That face left him breathless.

He hadn't felt it at first, but due to recalling it during this life and death situation, he felt that this cold expression was actually stunningly beautiful.


And from Glynos' point of view, Marvin's movements became strange.

He seemed to have stiffened up a bit and was moving irregularly, as if his mind wasn't following his body.

'Is the curse flaring up?'

'Hehe, his resistances are actually quite high. Luckily, I wasn't careless and chose to continue with the assassination. What if he had returned to Feinan, who knows if that group of people could find a way to remove Nightfall's curses?'

Glynos smiled complacently.

He then suddenly disappeared.

A simple sharp horizontal slash aimed at Marvin's neck!


Feeling the cold aura behind him, Marvin suddenly awakened from his reminiscing!

'Making a move?'

He became overjoyed! His body reacted automatically as he used his curved dagger to slash behind his back!


A clear sound echoed out. Glynos' eyes were tinged with disbelief as Blazing Fury shockingly blocked his Nightfall!

Marvin smiled.

In the past, the hatred between the two of them had been too deep. It was to the point that he knew practically everything about the Shadow Prince!

Including his habits and moves.

He hadn't been expecting the previous sneak attack, as it had been an unexpectedly bold decision for Glynos.

But this time he was prepared. Even though he was a little bit absent-minded, his body still reacted perfectly!

It was mainly due to his Superior Reflex specialty combined with his natural ability; his reaction speed was outstanding!

Before Glynos could react, Marvin counterattacked!

Marvin's slashes rained down on Glynos.

At that moment Marvin had turned around and switched from defending to attacking!

The Shadow Prince could only block!

He tried to use a spell to flee, but since his whereabouts were exposed this time, how could Marvin let him do as he wished!?

His curved daggers were extremely fierce, and although they weren't as nimble as straight daggers in a close fight, they were deadlier!

Glynos wasn't fighting desperately against Marvin. In his eyes, Marvin would die from the curses sooner or later.

And this body was carrying no less than 5 points of Divinity and a considerable Divine Source.

If he lost this avatar, his losses would be disastrous!

Thus he fought very conservatively and just blocked each of Marvin's fierce attacks!


Taking advantage of a gap, Glynos contemptibly used Vanish.

But he hadn't expected that just as he appeared at the gate entrance, Marvin would overbearingly follow over!

Shadow Escape!

Like a shadow following the body.

Marvin's momentum reached a zenith.

Both sides were level 18, they had the same amount of Divinity, and the attributes of the Shadow Prince's avatar were slightly lower than his.

If Marvin let him escape in this kind of confrontation, he would have been unjustly named the Godly Player.

As soon as they came into contact, Marvin took advantage of the melee battle to steal a strand of hair and use Night Tracking.

With the guidance from Night Tracking, he couldn't let Glynos escape!

In Marvin sight, the red thread led to Glynos. The latter was nervous and intended to force his way out and escape.

Marvin smiled grimly. His body blocked the path toward the city entrance.

The next second, he used [Night Beheading]!