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Chapter 317: Battle to Death! Shadow Prince!

Chapter 317: Battle to Death! Shadow Prince!
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Marvin struck suddenly from the archway of the city's entrance.

He cleverly followed the shadows and slashed his curved daggers together at the Shadow Prince, trying to sever his head.

The Shadow Prince was able to block the attack with Nightfall, but the force of the impact made him a bit dizzy.

Glynos fell awkwardly to the ground.

Marvin followed up with another attack, unwilling to pass up this opportunity.

Within a few minutes, the curse should flare up. If he couldn't kill the Shadow Prince by that time, he would be in grave danger.

Thus he used all his desperate skills!

"Slash! Slash! Slash!"

Night Walkers originally had a rather erratic fighting style, but facing the nimble Shadow Prince, Marvin had to become completely unyielding.

No dodging, no flanking, only direct battle.

The two daggers moved together like lightning.

He'd locked on to the Shadow Prince's aura, not letting him escape. Even if he had Divinity, that avatar was just a level 18 Assassin!

A level 18 Assassin locked on by a Night Walker in the depths of night; how could he escape?

Speed-wise, Marvin was faster than him, strength-wise, Marvin was also not lacking, and for targeting, he had Night Tracking. The Shadow Prince had nowhere to escape!

He was already in the palm of Marvin's hand.



'I don't believe you can keep attacking so fiercely!'

The Shadow Prince was frightened.

Marvin's injury seemed to have no effect on him. Moreover, the other party's moves seemed to counter every single one of his own moves. This was the first time they'd ever fought, so why did Marvin give the feeling of having fought against Glynos countless times?

Each of his moves was seen through, and besides barely managing to dodge and block, he couldn't do anything!

This kind of feeling was terrifyingly annoying.


But he hadn't realized that Marvin's injury truly was critical.

Fatal Injuries Immunity didn't actually make Marvin immune to injuries, and his Hp was still going down.

But luckily, he had the [Endurance] specialty.

This specialty could help him suppress the pain, letting him fully display his strength.

He was now going all-out, and his only goal was to end the Shadow Prince.

They had fought like that many times in the game, and Marvin was extremely familiar with the Shadow Prince's skills and habits.

It was tolerable at the start, but after a few strikes, he simply stopped thinking and kept attacking by following his instincts.

After a dozen seconds, the Shadow Prince was completely suppressed.

Glynos was in disbelief!

If it was due to a big difference in level or power, Glynos could still comfort himself.

However, this was a question of skill!

Marvin's ability to predict his moves and react restrained Glynos' movements completely.

Glynos felt as if he had seen a ghost!

He felt terribly depressed.

Ever since that thing with Owl, he kept being hit by misfortune!

He went to the Decaying Plateau to try and reap some benefits, but was caught by the Great Elven King.

He turtled himself in his lair to train carefully, but his own plane was attacked as a result!

His forces on that plane were cleared up at once!

How could that not make him angry?

What was even more depressing was that as time went on, even if he didn't want to believe it, he was still forced to admit that the 15 or 16 year old youth in front of him had richer battle experience than him.

'Who is this Marvin in the end?'

'Why did those guys not notice that Feinan had such a genius!'

The Shadow Prince had no intention to continue fighting Marvin.

He only wanted to escape in one piece right now.

If he wasn't holding Nightfall, he might have already been cut in half by Marvin.

At Level 18 vs Level 18, the Shadow Prince would end up defeated!

...In a direct battle at least.


He started trying to escape again, but Marvin used Night Tracking to keep close.

The Shadow Prince was looking for another gap to wriggle away, but he was always blocked by Marvin.

He followed him and took the advantage to attack. Even if it didn't kill the Shadow Prince, it would add another wound to the Shadow Prince's body!

Glynos would die sooner or later if the situation kept progressing like this!

But apart from his wound, there was another hidden danger in Marvin's body!

That was the curse!


Both of them fought a violent battle in the empty street of Royal City.

Marvin had already sent a few Dark Knights to key locations, as a precaution against the Shadow Prince's escape.

He had to personally kill the Shadow Prince!

Just like his past life.

It would be just like the scene Hathaway saw in her crystal ball in the past!

Thinking of this, determination flashed in his eyes.

The Shadow Prince was getting weaker and weaker.

He kept falling back and tried to use Vanish repeatedly!


He was like a ghost flashing throughout the street.

Marvin seemed confused by this sudden all-out attempt and didn't pursue quickly enough.

The Shadow Prince was overjoyed and intended to use a long distance escape skill. But he hadn't expected to see Marvin's face suddenly stiffen as he fell down to the ground while shivering!

On the empty Royal City's street, Marvin collapsed clumsily.

He took out a potion while trembling, apparently wanting to drink it.

But a clang was heard at that time!

A shadow flashed through, shattering that potion.

The blue potion scattered on the ground. Some shards even smashed against Marvin's body!

Marvin seemed to be in an extremely troublesome situation.

The Shadow Prince's proud face appeared in front of Marvin.


"You are still a mortal after all…"

"Let me end your worthless life!

The Shadow Prince had a sinister smile on his face as he was about to step on Marvin's head.

But before he did, his ankle was tightly grabbed!

Glynos stiffened!

He suddenly saw Marvin's cunning smile.


'It was a trap!'

Glynos instantly regretted!

That bastard tricked him and deliberately fell on the ground pretending to be hit by the curse, when in fact the curse hadn't flared up yet!

It was just that Marvin's acting was too perfect, making Glynos think that he had an opportunity to kill off this future obstacle.

The next second, Glynos' was completely locked in place as a large shadow shackled his body firmly.

Shapeshift Sorcerer, Shadow-shape!

Shadow Bind!

Glynos was startled, but soon laughed aloud. This was his domain, how could someone be this foolish, using Shadow spells to bind him?

Where did the name Shadow Prince come from? It was because his Domain was Shadows and Darkness!

Shadows were parts of his body. Using shadows to bind the Prince of Shadows, what a hilarious joke!

He was going to teach Marvin a lesson.

But he was in for another surprise.

These shadows weren't obeying his commands!

He really was temporarily shackled!

'These shadows…'

Glynos was startled and furious, but he didn't have much time left.

After Marvin bound Glynos with the spell, he immediately removed his Shadow-shape and returned to his Human-shape!

"Glynos," he said in a menacing voice, "Don't think that just because you are the Shadow Prince, all the shadows belong to you."

"Shadows and Darkness are part of the night."

Glynos' eyes widened, his breathing accelerating.

Marvin had a solemn expression as he slashed with his daggers.

[Night Beheading]!


With a slash, the head of the bound Glynos fell to the ground!

Level 18 Assassins had neither Fatal Injuries Immunity nor a rebirth skill. Severing their head was sufficient to ensure death!

Marvin let out a sigh.

In fact, Marvin had been a bit unsure whether Shadow Bind could hold Glynos.

This was his last resort.

Fortunately, it seemed that the power of the Archdevil was stronger than that of the Shadow Prince.

With that, as well as the Night Monarch's inheritance, Marvin's power over the Shadow Domain wasn't insignificant.

Level 6 Shapeshift Sorcerer. Even if the level wasn't high, it had a key effect in the battle.

Without this Shadow Bind, it would have been more difficult to kill Glynos!

Battles between rogue classes were very troublesome.

Even if they weren't at the same level, they typically had various special methods to escape, while killing one was a lot more difficult.

Thankfully, Marvin's multi-layered plan of luring the snake, chasing the snake, and pretending to succumb to the curse gave him an opportunity.

Regardless, with Glynos' strength and skill, killing him was still so difficult!


After killing Glynos, Marvin didn't even check his logs and simply sat on the floor.

This battle had given him such high pressure.

"It's a pity… These five points of Divinity…"

Marvin felt some regret.

Even if his Essence Absorption System could absorb part of the avatar's essences and turn them into battle exp, Glynos' avatar still carried five points of divinity. And all he could do was to let it go to waste.

The False Divine Vessel could only hold five, and he couldn't exchange them.

As he was feeling morose, a barking sound suddenly rang out from the corner of a street.

It was the Hellhound.

The puppy hurriedly rushed to Marvin, rubbing intimately against Marvin's leg while looking at the corpse of the Shadow Prince and drooling.

Marvin thought for a bit before making his decision.

The Hellhound was overjoyed as he suddenly rushed past, spreading his maw wide.

The corpse of the Shadow Prince's avatar began to distort before turning into a black smoke! It was all swallowed by the Hellhound!

Marvin calmly checked his pet contract and froze, a weird glint in his eyes.

"This pup really can eat everything!"

"Not only the five points of Divinity, but even the Shadow Prince's Divine Source!"

"Glynos must be mad as hell right now, right?" Marvin thought as he laughed.

But suddenly, pain flared out in his chest.

'Shit, the curse!'

The next second, he grew incredibly dizzy and only felt endless darkness in front of him.