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Chapter 319: Price

Chapter 319: Price
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The six shadows moved in unison, all exactly the same.

The Underworld's Grim Reaper frowned. Why was it so troublesome to harvest this soul?

The Hellhound didn't matter, but what was going on with those six guys?

Why couldn't he sense any soul from them?

The six people didn't even care about the white shadow. They gathered around Marvin's body.

Soon, their expressions changed. "What about his soul? Could it already have been taken to the Underworld?"

The six people suddenly raised their heads, and each of them took out a milky white gem!

The Grim Reaper saw that gem and his heart shook.

It was actually a Gem of Seeing!

And six of them!

What was going on with these people? Are such precious treasures so easy to gather?

The Grim Reaper was disconcerted.

He would definitely become visible to them with the Gem of Seeing.

Just as expected, after the gems burst with light, the six people turned and focused on the Grim Reaper.


"Seems like it's not too late."

The six glared sharply at the Underworld's Reaper and maliciously demanded, "Hand it over."

The white shadow angrily retorted, "Who are you? You dare to go against the Underworld?"

He noticed that the six people's faces were extremely pale. Their movements were nimble but they seemed soulless like puppets!

It was such a strange sight.

"Who am I?" the six said simultaneously, "What does this have to do with you?"

"Quickly hand over the kid's soul!"

"Or don't even think of returning to the Underworld!"

They sure talked big!

The Grim Reaper felt that today was a depressing day!

He originally had happily come to harvest a soul but a Hellpuppy stole it at the last moment. When he was about to teach it a lesson, six arrogant weirdos appeared.

Why were the material planes so unfathomable nowadays?

No wonder his old boss was under the weather… It was so troublesome to collect a soul in these times!

He looked at them solemnly, the soul shackle and heavy scythe still faintly visible at his back.

"If you really want to challenge the Underworld's might, I'll naturally keep you company."

How could he have expected the six people to just roll their eyes, simply not taking him seriously? The other side remarked disdainfully, "The Underworld's might? I already challenged it in the past. I have no interest in your chatter, quickly hand over that kid's soul."

The Grim Reaper's rage soared and he was about to erupt, but the Hellhound on the side suddenly barked!

The six guys looked back to Marvin's body. There was actually a Hellhound crouching next to it!

As they watched in bemusement, the Hellhound spit out a ball of mist.

That drifting mist was Marvin's soul!

They revealed a joyful expression. "He can still be saved!"

But the Grim Reaper clearly felt otherwise, and rushed forward to attack!

He wouldn't allow a soul he fancied to be taken away by others.

The six men snorted in contempt. One of them took out a scroll and ripped it apart.

A black hole suddenly took shape, exerting an extremely strong pull. The target was the Grim Reaper!

'Shit! A Greater Banish scroll!'

As the thought flashed through the shadow's mind, he was sucked into the black hole before anything could come of his attack!

In an instant, he was sent back to the Underworld from Arborea!


'Who were those six guys in the end?'

'Casually taking out Gems of Seeing, a Greater Banish Scroll... it would be enough to banish someone on the level of an Underworld Overlord. And they actually used it on me?'

The Grim Reaper smiled bitterly.

Even if he didn't catch that soul, he wasn't too depressed now. Instead he felt a bit honored.

Hey! That was a Greater Banish scroll!

In this situation, he could only admit defeat.

But what made him somewhat curious was that soul... what kind of person was it, to have someone unhesitantly use a Legendary scroll for him!



Marvin slowly woke up.

He felt dryness in his mouth, and a throbbing pain in his head. He opened his eyes and saw a thick cotton screen.

This was a bedroom in the inner court of the Nottingheim Palace.

"You woke up?"

A cold voice echoed beside his ears. Marvin saw a familiar face.

Shadow Thief Owl!

But the current Owl seemed very pale.

"Origami?" Marvin asked hoarsely.

Owl slowly nodded. He continued with a grave expression, "You woke up pretty quickly. But the troubles have just started"

Marvin subconsciously wanted to sit up, but he found that he couldn't.

The Hellhound at the bedside let out a pitiful bark.

And not far away, two Dark Knights were standing guard. He also noticed Nana, who looked deeply worried, being blocked outside by the Dark Knights.

Marvin stopped looking around and checked his interface.

Indeed, a state of severe weakness, but this time it was more serious than when he transmigrated.

Because not only were his attributes weakened by 80 percent, but there was also a scarlet line under his status:

[Curse - Nightfall: 10 outbursts remaining]

The curse wasn't over yet. Marvin was still in danger.

"I'm not already dead?" he asked doubtfully.

"Thanks to your devoted Hellhound." Owl glanced at the Hellhound on the bedside. "When I arrived, the Grim Reaper was already there. Your buddy saved your soul and then we transferred the curse to my clone to take it in your stead."

Marvin suddenly realized with Owl's explanations.

He really was close to dying because of the Black Death Curse, but because Owl made it on time and was prepared to transfer the curse to one of his paper clones, it died for Marvin.

"Listen kid, you are in a very dangerous situation right now," Owl solemnly explained. "I only could send six paper clones this time and one has already been used. We can have them die instead of you, but we can't directly remove your curse."

"In other words, you can still afford to die five more times."

Five chances to die?

Marvin smiled bitterly. Hearing this was so strange.

But he understood what Owl meant.

The origin of Nightfall's curse was on his own body. The paper clones could only substitute when the curse flared up, saving Marvin's life.

But as long as the curse wasn't removed, Marvin would still be in danger.

Removing Nightfall's curse was very difficult!

Even Inheim, that mighty Legend Monk, was still being treated by the Mother of Creation because the full power of Nightfall's curse was too frightening!

"The only way is to return to Feinan." Owl looked coldly at Marvin. "But the skill of this plane's Great Wizard is no good. The Planar Lighthouse is being constructed too slowly. It will take at least another day."

"You can't afford it."

Marvin remained silent.

He had really underestimated Glynos' craziness this time.

Marvin slowly shook his head. "So we'll run out of time?"

Owl's expression was a bit complicated. "Not necessarily."

Marvin froze.

"Kid, your ability to cause trouble is truly at the peak. The scene of you dying in the fall of the Decaying Plateau last time frightened us to death, and this time you went to conquer a Secondary Plane without even telling us."

"Do you think gods are that weak?" Owl questioned seriously.

Marvin remained speechless.

Since he transmigrated, he'd always had good sailing. He had crossed many tightropes and narrowly dodged the edge of countless blades, but in the end, he had always been the ultimate victor.

This made him a bit too confident.

Along with his gradual increase in power, he began to grow unsatisfied with his original plan.

Before the Great Calamity, he attacked Arborea and provoked a god.

He wasn't cautious enough and actually was tricked by the Shadow Prince, and now his life was in danger.


Marvin met Owl's question with silence.

He truly had been a bit too crazy there.

But this was Marvin's temperament.

If someone else had transmigrated, they would definitely stay cautious as if they were walking on thin ice.

But Marvin was different.

He had the arrogance of an expert, and the boldness to change history. Taking risks was in his bones!

He thirsted for the stimulating feeling of walking on the border of life and death.

He was addicted to it.

In other words, although Marvin appeared calm and steady, he was incredibly adventurous inside. Especially after several crazy plans were successful, his adventurous side grew restless once again.

He thought he could rely on his foresight to defeat the Shadow Prince.

In fact, he did behead the Shadow Prince's avatar.

But at the risk of his own life!

This life wasn't like his past life.

He had died countless times before, and thanks to the halo of the Golden Children, how could he not have fun?

But this time, death was really death.

This time, if Owl didn't come to save him on time, If Hathaway hadn't noticed soon enough, Marvin would already be dead.

Thinking of this, his expression became quite ugly.


"What? Scared now?" Owl sneered, "It's already too late!"

Marvin was speechless.

After a while, he ground his teeth. "Sir Owl, before I die… White River…"

"Go fuck yourself!" Owl suddenly cursed!

"You did something like this without thinking of the consequences and you actually want to just quit and avoid taking responsibility?"

"Do you think I would struggle to come to this god forsaken place just to tell you that you're about to die?"

Marvin was stunned.

Seeing Marvin's expression, Owl suddenly sighed, "It's quite normal for youths to make mistakes."

"But everyone has to pay for their own mistakes."

"You owe her. I'm afraid this is something that you'll never be able to forget."


Feinan, Ashes Plains.

Next the Space-Time Lighthouse, Hathaway was standing beside a cloaked person.

"You made your decision?"

"For a kid?"

A sexy female voice came from beneath the cloak.

Hathaway was serene, but she had a complicated expression in her eyes.

It looked like she had a lot to say, but she only spoke one sentence:

"Please act, Revered Dark Phoenix."