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Chapter 320: Plane Traction

Chapter 320: Plane Traction
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The black-clothed woman known as Dark Phoenix laughed softly. "That worried?"

"Rest assured, my Plane Traction skill will definitely not go wrong. Your little boyfriend should be able to keep his life."

"As for you…"

"From now on, you are part of my collection!"



Marvin was at a loss.

When Owl spoke that name, he had a strong but vague premonition.

After hearing of Hathaway's entire plan, he froze completely.

'She… She went as far as doing that.'

Marvin remained silent.

At that time, a loud world-shaking racket was heard!

The entire Arborea Plane began to shake!

Marvin had an anguished expression on his face.

He knew he would most likely be saved, but the price wasn't something he wanted to see.


He bit his lip, clenched his fists and closed his eyes as the plane shook continuously.

After the Shadow Thief saved him, he sent four clones to the four corners of Arborea to nail down spiral pillars!

This was the most important prerequisite of the Legendary Spell, Plane Traction.

And only one person had this ability in Feinan.

It was a woman. No one knew her real name, but her title was [Dark Phoenix].

She was the strongest hidden card of the South Wizard Alliance!

Even in the later stages of the game, she was known as Feinan's number one Legend Wizard.

Everyone held her in high esteem, up till she revealed herself and people suddenly realized...

But right now in Feinan, there weren't many people who knew her true identity!

It was the same for Hathaway.

Marvin was an exception, but he knew that he couldn't stop this now. It was already too late.

Hathaway had already agreed to Dark Phoenix's request, so the matter was already settled.

This was the price for Marvin's recklessness.

It's just that she shouldn't be the one dealing with the consequences!

Marvin closed his eyes in pain as the plane continued to shake.

Even without opening his eyes he could see the scene playing out in space!

The starry sky surrounded the world, and under the powerful pulling force, the entire plane was dragged toward Feinan!

This was [Plane Traction]!

Level 30 Wizards could use such a frightening spell.


Ashes Plain. Hathaway looked calm, but there was a storm in her heart.

Ever since she advanced to Legend, she didn't feel that she was very powerful. In fact, she feared the might of the gods even more.

And even then, besides the Great Elven King, this Lady Dark Phoenix before her was the first who made her feel like an ant!

Dark Phoenix had her hands spread, her whispering voice like an imposing law. She could see Arborea floating toward the Ashes Plain.

She was using the Ancient God Language.

No one knew how she learnt the Ancient God Language, but Dark Phoenix was the most powerful existence in the South Wizard Alliance.

There were no doubts.

With the plane's coordinates and the spiral pillars, she could directly pull Arborea towards the Ashes Plain!

Only in this way could Marvin's life be saved at the fastest speed possible.

But making Lady Dark Phoenix act inevitably had a price.

The price was Hathaway herself.

Dark Phoenix secretly smiled under her veil.

'Hehe… Who could have thought that it would be so easy to take care of a Legend Wizard Seer without exposing my identity.'

'Sorry, Glynos. Your plane has to be sacrificed for the time being,' she thought.


In the Astral Sea, the gods were roused by this abnormal movement.

Especially Shadow Prince Glynos!

His face was green.

The power of his Shrine was eliminated, he had to endure the death of his avatar, and even his Secondary Plane itself wasn't spared!

If he let her take it away, how could he still mingle with the gods in the future?

Arborea was still outside the Universe Magic Pool right now, and due to the Plane Traction, it was causing a large disturbance.

The Shadow Prince didn't even need to use his Perception to catch the plane's coordinates.

If he made a move, destroying a Secondary Plane was still possible!

But before he could do anything, a shadow blocked his path. "Glynos. Sorry, you can't act this time."

The Shadow Prince was startled. "You are back?"

That person nodded indifferently. "I'll compensate you for the loss of your personal plane."

The Shadow Prince asked doubtfully, "What are you thinking of doing?"

"Don't worry, just watch slowly." The reply came very leisurely. "During this trip to the wild areas with the other two, we actually found out a few things that we couldn't obtain."

"God Lance appears to be far from our reach."

"It seems we have to speed up the plan."

Then, the voice spread through the entire Astral Sea. "Set up the Gods' Gathering."

"Get ready to attack the Universe Magic Pool earlier than we had planned."


In the boundless universe, a small light was constantly moving.

If someone could watch from the World Tree, they would see a small leaf slowly swaying upward.

It was gradually approaching Feinan.

But there was a frighteningly huge gap around Feinan and the other planes. The Universe Magic Pool was the biggest hindrance to linking Arborea to Feinan.

"Will the Universe Magic Pool really let Arborea approach?"

Hathaway was a bit nervous.

Even though Dark Phoenix had already explained to her that as long as there were no gods on the plane and as long as the inhabitants had no hostility toward Feinan, Plane Traction could even pull the plane directly to Feinan and the Universe Magic Pool would let it through.

The reason was very simple. These Secondary Planes were once parts of Feinan.

The material plane's origin was Feinan, so reuniting after being divided was a very natural thing.

But she was still very nervous.

If the Universe Magic Pool rejected the return of Arborea, then with the curse on his body, Marvin would be in a hopeless situation.

The spot of light kept approaching and entered that thick barrier.

There was no reaction.

Dark Phoenix immediately chanted louder.

After greatly speeding up the cadence of the incantation in the Ancient God Language, Arborea slowly approached the Ashes Plain!


A happy expression appeared on Hathaway's face.

She could see a snow mountain on its side not far off!

This was because Arborea and the Ashes Plain were fused together, forming a 90° angle where they met!

"I should go, my beauty."

"Remember your promise."

Dark Phoenix's voice sounded somewhat weary. "Three days. You only have three days to handle the remaining matters."

Hathaway nodded.

In the distance, Shadow Thief Owl was carrying Marvin as he rushed over.

Her expression once again turned exceptionally cold.