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Chapter 321: Six Months

Chapter 321: Six Months
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The Origami clone quickly arrived beside Hathaway.

Hathaway frowned. When Owl left, there were six clones, but only two remained now.

The other four had given their lives up for Marvin.

He didn't have much time left.

A clone looked at Hathaway and smiled bitterly, before disappearing.

Marvin looked dazedly at Hathaway. He opened his mouth and said, "You…"

"Shut up!" Hathaway interrupted.

Marvin stayed silent.

She was currently in her 16 year old form, and even if her expression was grave, it still carried a hint of feminine charm.

A "shut up" was better than countless words.

"I'll rely on Sir Owl to immediately carry you to the Mother of Creation. You still need her help to be saved."

"If you aren't careful next time, no one will be able to save you," she added in a low voice.

Hathaway leaned to the side and looked at the sky as a white light rushed over from the distance!

It was her magic carpet.

She was going to leave.

From the start, besides Marvin's "you", he wasn't able to say a word.

Hathaway took a last glance at him. She was about to get on the Magic Carpet, but she was hugged around the waist by Marvin.


She cried out, but she didn't even get to resist.

Because her lips were gently kissed by Marvin.

Even if it was just a soft kiss, Marvin still felt her body shiver.

He looked her in the eyes solemnly and said, "I know about the person you made a deal with."

"By all means, be careful. She is more than you imagined… A lot more unfathomable..."

"I'll free you in six months, believe me."

Countless thoughts flashed through Hathaway's mind, before she pushed Marvin away.

"Live," she softly entreated.

She then stepped on the magic carpet and turned into a ray of light, disappearing into the sky!

Marvin looked at his palm in a daze. In that instant, Hathaway had slipped him something.

It was a pass to go in and out of the Ashes Plain.

Marvin watched that light flash in the distance.

Shadow Thief Owl's figure appeared. With a soft sigh, he lent an arm to Marvin. "We have to go."

"Yes," Marvin agreed.

"Feeling sad?"


"Don't let pain and guilt destroy you. Be a man and stand up," Owl emphasized, "and don't let her sacrifice go to waste. Now let's go!"

The two silhouettes disappeared!


Northeast of Bass Harbor, in the middle of the Roaring Sea.

A huge fog surrounded this area, and a small island was hidden in the center of the fog.

Black Coral Island.

The South Wizard Alliance's Chief Wizard was living in this hidden location.

A light flashed over from a distant location and stopped above Black Coral Island.

Dark Phoenix stood on the main island with a smile, ready to welcome the guest. But she was surprised to see Hathaway suddenly jump down from her magic carpet!

Her body began to rotate quickly, and as Dark Phoenix watched in shock, a tornado began to envelop the island!

A huge amount of ice crystals began to form, centering around the spinning Hathaway. Even the sea began to freeze.

Dark Phoenix roared, "Stop!"

But Hathaway didn't stop.

Her body continued to spin and the ice crystals falling down wrapped around her.

Ultimately, with her at the center, a small isle west of Black Coral island turned to ice!

Hathaway herself was wrapped in ice as she slowly lowered her head expressionlessly.

"Lady Dark Phoenix, I delivered what you wanted to collect."

Dark Phoenix was very angry!

She wanted a Seer, but what she ended up with was an ice sculpture.

But when she took a step toward that frozen area, a frightening icy aura passed over.

With her magic power, she was actually unable to contend with this icy aura!

'Seers… They truly have a bit of skill.'

'Hehe… Good, good, good.'

Dark Phoenix gradually got her mood under control. In any case, her goal had already been accomplished. As long as this powerful Seer was trapped here, Feinan had one less person that could block the gods' invasion.

As for that Marvin, as far as she knew, he was merely some upstart that had captured Hathaway's attention.

She hesitated, before taking a final glance at Hathaway and making a decision. 'I'll leave him for now. It's not time to expose myself yet, and maybe that group could be useful in the future.'


Black and white flashed alternately in Marvin's eyes as Owl skipped through the Shadow Plane extremely quickly.

Mother of Creation was in the World Northern Forest.

It was very far away from the South. He had to go all out and deliver Marvin before the paper clone needed to be used.

Otherwise everything would be a waste.

But Marvin suddenly shivered!

"What happened? The curse flared up?" Owl asked, deeply concerned.

Marvin shook his head.

Owl relaxed and sped up.

Marvin closed his eyes.

He just saw a magnificent scene!

He saw beautiful black corals, and then an even more gorgeous ice crystal.

Inside the huge ice crystal was a girl, with her head slightly lowered.

When Marvin wanted to see her face, she suddenly opened her eyes and blinked twice toward Marvin.

"I'll wait for you," she said in a low voice.

Marvin understood.

He remembered all the details of that scene: the beautiful black corals, a light yellow fish roaming around in the sea, and that layer of mist in the sky!

Six months!

This was the longest time he gave to himself.

'After this curse is taken care of, I'll have to speed up my growth.'

'My current strength is still far from enough!'


Three days later, in a mysterious lodge in the World Northern Forest.

Marvin and Inheim were completely naked and soaking inside a cask.

The cask was emitting a strong medicinal smell.

A plain-clothed pretty woman was looking at these two guys helplessly.

These two were simply madmen obsessed with training.

Inheim was Inheim. When he was arrived he was quickly approaching death, but he survived because of his powerful will to live.

At the beginning, Mother of Creation didn't know the most suitable medicine and method to cure the twelve curses.

It was through trial and error that she figured out the optimal prescriptions.

Inheim had almost completed his recovery.

Marvin reaped the benefits from Inheim's trials and was treated with the best suitable medicine, so he didn't need to bear the pain.

But while these two guys were soaking in the cask to heal, they actually didn't lessen their diligence.

The Monk was naturally training his own body. He was meditating and connecting to the world's aura.

As for Marvin, half of his body was soaking in water and couldn't move. He could only use his hands.

Thus, he was practicing his Origami!

This was the only thing he could train, so he threw his all into it. Owl would come take a look from time to time and give him some pointers.

After going through this planar war, Marvin realized that Origami was marvelous.

This thing was freaking omnipotent!

Beginner level Origami could only fold things like the Thousand Paper Crane. With enough skill, these items could be given all kinds of attributes. Space-type Thousand Paper Cranes had a spatial folding method, while those used for communication had a folding method of their own. Naturally, there were more perfect mixed folding methods that combined effects.

Marvin was now still at the Beginner level. He could only fold a storage crane with 30 cubic centimeters of space. He could also fold a pair of Thousand Paper Cranes for communication, but the maximum distance between them couldn't be more than 10 meters for them to work...

He would need to advance to Master level before he could fold a crane of much better quality.

Shadow Thief Owl had many paper clones of different levels.

As long as his spirit was powerful enough, he could in theory have countless paper clones.

Marvin hadn't had time to train this skill much before because he was too busy. Now, in order to withstand the Shadow Prince's curse, he could only soak all day long in the cask.

It would be a waste not to train.

After a while, seeing that Mother of Creation's medicine did have a natural restraining effect on the Nightfall's curse, Marvin had a request.

He wanted to return to Arborea.

Even if the current Arborea had melded with the Ashes Plain, the time flow still hadn't completely synchronized.

He didn't want to waste so much time healing.

Marvin's proposal met with approval from Inheim, who also wanted to leave. With the two asking, the always benevolent Mother of Creation didn't have much to say against it.

She gave the prepared herbs to the two people and then, with the Shadow Thief's help, the two people left the World Northern Forest.


A lot of time had passed in Arborea.

Under the strict watch of the Nottingheim Royal Family, most of the population didn't dare approach the Ashes Plain bordering the Eastern Snow Mountain.

Moreover, a few Dark Knights were guarding and didn't let them approach.

Marvin's return was definitely a nice surprise for the Royal Family.

They had too many questions that needed answers.

Especially Nana. When she saw Marvin soaking in a medicine cask with a pale face, she blanched in fear.

In her eyes, Marvin was a powerhouse who had defeated a god. She didn't expect him to still be so heavily injured.

Marvin's return to Arborea gave them a chance to fully understand what happened.

And Marvin was also intending to transfer the resources he'd gotten in Arborea.

The resources he obtained on this conquest while overthrowing the Shrine were hard to imagine.

All this wealth would give a huge boost to his territory's development!

But first, he had to figure the Nottingheim's attitude toward Feinan.


In the court, Aragon and Nana were looking at Marvin in the cask somewhat worriedly.

The latter was casually folding origami while saying:

"If you have any questions, feel free to ask."