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Chapter 323: Black Sail

Chapter 323: Black Sail
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The sea breeze whistled as the sea waves surged.

The Southie was dashingly moving north, cutting through the waves.

This reborn Southie had changed quite a lot.

First was the name change. Although Marvin wasn't afraid of the White Elephant chamber of commerce, it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble.

On the side of the ship, the following words were written in an awe-inspiring manner: [Sword Harbor 1]

Sword Harbor was the name of the harbor Marvin built at the estuary.

Coincidentally, Marvin had an issue with naming, so naming the new harbor was a huge problem.

Fortunately he remembered that way back when Lola was tricking the sailors into rebelling, she had mentioned this name. Thus he simply went along with it and named the harbor [Sword Harbor].

And from a topographical point of view, the White River flowing into the Ocean and the estuary in the coastline formed a cross shape that look quite similar to a sword.

It gave a feeling of sharpness.

At the same time, Marvin also kept with his original promise and promoted Second Mate Roberts to the position of Captain, putting him in charge of this ship.

Normally, the Captain was the most authoritative figure on the ship.

But Roberts' mood was somewhat dampened because accompanying him on this trip was the silent Viscount Marvin, as well as Miss Anna and Miss Lola, who both outranked him.

This made the ambitious young Captain a bit depressed.

But fortunately, Marvin and the others seemed to have no intention of getting involved with the running of the boat. Lola was in charge of the delivery of goods, and Anna's trip to Bass Harbor was to take care of administrative formalities.

Things were very different now in White River Valley. Baron Marvin was promoted to Viscount, and with his rapid increase in fame, as Marvin's butler, Anna's status naturally followed suit.

In order to adapt to White River Valley's quick growth, Marvin simply distributed power. Anna was the one who had followed him the longest, and she was the most demonstrably loyal person. White River's administrative power was basically in her hands.

Sword Harbor 1's trip to Bass Harbor was to establish a new shipping route.

And new shipping routes had to be reported to the South Wizard Alliance or it would be considered illegal trade. They wouldn't get the Alliance's protection, and would be no different from a pirate boat.

This needed Anna to show her talent, as Marvin hadn't been involved in these kinds of tedious matters for a while.

He was purely taking a ride, providing support for the first trip of the Sword Harbor 1.

He had the Sea Emperor Crown in hand and could speed the voyage by manipulating the currents.

His own destination wasn't really Bass Harbor, but actually Thousand Leaves Forest, which was near there!

It was the location of the Night Monarch's tomb.

Before leaving White River Valley, Marvin discussed with the old blacksmith. The latter mumbled for a while before giving Marvin a key.

Hathaway's matter wasn't known to many, but Legend powerhouses heard of it to some extent. And although the old blacksmith wasn't a Legend, he was related to quite a few Legends and apparently understood the situation.

However, he didn't say anything other than to be careful.

Marvin understood.

To survive in this world, one had to be cautious, especially someone like him who kept going from crisis to crisis.

Marvin understood that he had quite a number of enemies, and moreover, after something like Plane Traction had been used, many gods would watch him attentively.

Although they couldn't get into Feinan yet, if they wanted to end Marvin, they still had a few methods they could try.

Thus, he had to be careful.


On Sword Harbor 1's deck, Aragon was dizzily looking at the distant waves, his face filled with interest.

"You said you never saw the sea before?"

Lola's eyes widened, looking at the handsome prince. "What do you have there then?"

Aragon shrugged with a gentle smile. "Forests, dense forests."

"This world is truly too wonderful. My vocabulary has a lot of words that need to be filled in. I previously read some book in the Royal Library that described the sea. However, I took a trip all around Arborea, and the most we had there was a lake, but no sea.

Lola slightly nodded.

The two chattered for a while when Aragon suddenly pointed at the lonely figure at the end of the ship and whispered, "About Sir Marvin, do you understand him?"

Being asked a question like this so suddenly, Lola fiddled with her fingers and asked, "He's younger than me, likes to be in the limelight, and is a Swimming Fish… would this count as understanding?"

Seeing Lola's serious expression, Aragon felt speechless.

'Is she serious?'

'The powerful Sir Marvin… In this girl's eyes, is such a simple youth?'

Aragon was doubtful.

That was someone who could defeat a god!

In Nottingheim, everyone was practically worshipping Marvin. These days in White River Valley he could also feel the love and respect that the inhabitants had for him.

But what surprised him was that this kind of love and respect wasn't a kind of worship.

And someone like Lola looked at Marvin even more differently.

This Chief of Finance was grateful toward Marvin. Because he gave her a chance to use her talents.

Apart from that, she didn't seem to have another particular feeling.

Aragon was getting more curious about Marvin.

He was about to continue asking Lola, but at that time, he heard a strange sound.

This sound was mixed in the sea breeze, and others most likely couldn't notice.

But Aragon was different!

He trained in the way of the Storm Swordsmen, and had an affinity toward the wind!

He turned and saw a few shadows faintly appearing in the distance.

"What is that?" Aragon wondered aloud.


He didn't know when, but Marvin had already come over and was watching the approaching shadows.

Aragon was a bit startled.

He hadn't expected Marvin to notice this before him.

Before he could ask what the word "Pirates" meant, the ship became noisy and lively!

The sailors seemed uneasy.

It was clear that the lookout had seen the shadows approaching!

Roberts' face paled. He quickly approached Marvin. "Lord, it's the [Black Sails Fleet]."

"This is open sea. Their base should be in the North Sea's fog-covered archipelago. They probably robbed a merchant fleet and are on their way back."

"But if we let them catch up, they might not mind getting a few more treasures!"

"Our speed is comparable to theirs, but if Lord's servant makes a move…"

Roberts was talking about the Wind Fairy.

With the Wind Fairy's help, the Black Sails Fleet wouldn't be able to catch up.

But he couldn't have expected Marvin to shake his head and indifferently give the order:

"Prepare for battle."