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Chapter 324: Venting

Chapter 324: Venting
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The waves on the vast sea were gradually becoming calmer.

The helmsman had altered their course to set out away from the land and toward the deep seas because this route followed a specific sea current. It would first go somewhat east before curving toward the northwest.

But it was also because of this that Sword Harbor 1's first trip crossed the path of pirates who were occupying the outer seas.

Further south, because of the South Wizard Alliance's strict rule, pirates had no room for survival.

If pirates were caught there, they had only one end, execution.

This wasn't like Medieval Europe from Marvin's world. It was the Wizard Era. The South Wizard Alliance could even withstand an Ancient Red Dragon, let alone some mere pirates.

Thus, most pirates didn't dare to provoke the Alliance's ships. They usually only acted in open seas, or looted some small island countries.

The North's pirates were said to be a bit savage. There was no alliance between the city-states, so power was scattered and couldn't be easily combined to fight off the pirates.

After Sword Harbor 1's complete overhaul, its sailing speed was very fast, but because it was filled with goods, it sank deeper in the water, lower than the pirates' ships.

Thus, despite the helmsman changing the bearing, the pirates still pursued, reluctant to let them go.

Standing at the end of the boat, Marvin could see a total of seven ships in the Black Sails Fleet. Three of them seemed to be filled with goods and were gradually left behind by the other four.

He estimated that with their speed and the distance between them, these four ships should be able to overtake Sword Harbor 1 before dusk.

And if there was no issue with their course, Sword Harbor 1 would arrive in Bass Harbor tomorrow night.

In other words, they weren't far from the coastal waters.

These pirates were crazy, to actually dare to loot merchant ships in coastal waters.


"It's mostly because we hung this flag, and they have never seen it before," Roberts surmised. "Pirates act depending on the situation. If we hang the Alliance's flag, they wouldn't dare act so brazenly. Especially when they already had a harvest."

Anna frowned. "On this trip to Bass Harbor, in addition to reporting the shipping route, I'll go fetch an Alliance flag."

"No need. We will hang our flag." Marvin smiled coldly. "It's just a group of pirates. As long as they are taught a lesson, they won't dare to act again."

"I want it so that in the future, when White River Valley's flag appears on this sea, every pirate ship will withdraw!"

Everyone was startled.

Marvin's words clearly carried killing intent.

Even though he'd ordered everyone to prepare for battle, he hadn't told them what he was planning!

Those familiar with Marvin knew from his appearance that he might actually be looking for a punching bag!

And even if they didn't know what was going on with Lord Marvin, the sailors understood Marvin's skills.

That night, his devilish skills had left a deep imprint in the sailors' minds.

There probably wasn't anyone on those pirate ships that was able to match Marvin...

Thinking of this, they couldn't help but pity these pirates!


Darkness gradually began to fall. Four old-fashioned pirate ships were tightening their sails as they approached Sword Harbor 1.

But what surprised the pirates was that there were only two people on Sword Harbor 1's stern!

The other sailors were all still at their usual positions, and even though they had weapons, most didn't seem worried at all.

"Boss, it's a bit fishy. How could they not feel a hint of danger at this distance?"

A thin monkey-like man who was watching said, "This boat looks very new. It shouldn't be a southern boat. But it seems that they are on their way to Bass Harbor."

The middle-aged pirate Captain took out a telescope and frowned.

It was really strange.

Was the ship's Captain foolish? Or did they think that they wouldn't try to plunder them?

Thinking of this, he also stopped hesitating and used a huge horn.

This horn had a magic enchantment that let it amplify sound.

"Ship ahead of us, listen up!"

"We are the Boulder Island's Black Sails Fleet. Stop at once for this Captain!"

The voice rang out and reached Sword Harbor 1. The expressions of the people on board were strange.

Only a few sailors were nervously grasping their weapons.

They had yet to learn of Lord Marvin's plan.

"Stop the ship? Why the fuck should we stop the ship?" Marvin's voice called back to the pirate ships.

The pirate Captain was a bit at a loss, but soon laughed sinisterly. "We want to plunder!"

Marvin faintly nodded, and raised his hand to tell Roberts to stop the ship.

Although there were some objections from the sailors, Marvin's prestige was too high and Roberts could only comply.

The four ships of pirates saw Sword Harbor 1 stop and their faces froze in shock!

Was there really such a cooperative merchant ship that would stop when told they would be plundered?



"It's strange! Too strange!" fretted the monkey-like man. "There is a problem with this ship. We need to be careful…"

"A problem?" The Captain sneered. "We have so many people, even if they have an expert on their ship, they will still die from a joint attack."

"They probably feel that they can't escape and want to negotiate with us. That's also good. If they choose to leave some goods behind, I'll actually consider letting them keep their lives."

But at that time, the two people standing on the stern made a move.

As the four ships were approaching, the sea level rose and huge waves appeared!

Marvin stepped on the waves, his speed unfathomable!

This was the ability of the Sea Emperor's Crown to manipulate water. When he stepped on the water, his body flickered and displayed the pinnacle of Godly Dexterity!

The pirates on the four ships were stunned!

They had crossed the seas for a long time, but had never seen this kind of scene.

In the blink of an eye, Marvin landed on the quickest pirate ship!

He was alone, but it felt like an army was standing there.

"Wha- what, what are you doing?" stuttered the pirate in charge of scouting as he kept retreating.

Marvin grabbed the mooring rope with one hand while looking at the sun setting in the distance. He calmly answered, "Killing."


When the final ray of sunshine disappeared from the horizon, the curtains raised on the feast of slaughter.

On the first pirate ship, Marvin was alone, disappearing and reappearing at different places while his two cruel daggers took one life after the other.

He was flickering in the darkness of the night. This pirate ship's strongest few were only 3rd rank Fighters, but even if there were 4th rank powerhouses, they would also lose their lives to his blades!

Kill! Kill! And kill again!

Marvin was indeed venting!

The Black Sails Fleet. Others thought this was only a common island's organization, but Marvin knew that the real leader of the Black Sails Fleet was the Pirate King Pietrus.

And Pirate King Pietrus was actually an incarnation of another person!

'Dark Phoenix!' Marvin's eyes were filled with killing intent!

It would have been fine if they hadn't met, but now that they ran into Marvin, how could he let them off?

He couldn't fight Dark Phoenix, so he could only vent on her subordinates first!


A cold ray of light flashed as the head of the Captain fell.

Mournful cries filled the ship!

The darkness was dyed red by blood.

But the people on this ship could be considered rather lucky, because an even more frightening enemy had landed on another ship.

It was a dog.