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Chapter 325: Plan and Alliance

Chapter 325: Plan and Alliance
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After Marvin cruelly massacred the first ship, the Hellhound and the Wind Fairy also finished with their ships.

The pet and the servant had each attacked their own pirate ship.

Marvin gave them a simple command. Dispose of the enemies!

The fate of the pirates on the Wind Fairy's ship was a little bit better. The Wind Fairy had grown to be quite powerful and could already control the wind very skillfully.

It flew gracefully on the pirate ship and blew a gust of wind that capsized the ship!

This pirate ship was originally light and its center of gravity was quite unstable, as it had been kept empty to store more loot. The Wind Fairy's gale made the pirates howl in grief as all of them were blown far away into the sea!

Although most pirates who hit the water died, compared to the pirates who met the Hellhound, they could be considered rather fortunate!


A low roar burst from the Hellhound's mouth.

In front of Marvin he was very docile, but his nature as a lifeform from Hell hadn't changed!

After swallowing the Shadow Prince's avatar and Divinity, the Hellhound's strength sharply increased. That middle head had already fully developed and a bulge seemed to be appearing on the left side as a second head had began to grow.

Although the current Hellhound wasn't at the 4th rank yet, it was more than strong enough to deal with the group of pirates!

He charged crazily on the ship, tearing these unlucky frightened pirates apart!

Every bite would suck blood from these poor people.

And most frightening of all, their souls would also be swallowed!

At that moment, it looked like the shadow of a death god was surrounding that ship.


The 4th ship had a lot more luck.

Aragon was very kindhearted, and although Marvin had him lend a hand to end these bandits, he didn't go all out.

Storm Swordsmen could display a lot of power on the sea.

After he beheaded the captain of the ship and a few leadership figures, the rest of the pirates immediately chose to surrender.

Aragon didn't exterminate all of them and only made them tie each other up.

The pirates didn't hesitate to do as they were told.

Because they saw the tragic fates of the other three ships.


Sword Harbor 1. Everyone remained silent.

Although they already knew Marvin was powerful, they hadn't expected him to end four pirate ships in an instant!

It didn't even take ten minutes before two ships had their crews exterminated, one was capsized, and while the last one was okay, its crew was all tied up.

As night fell, the four pirate ships were like ghost ships floating on the sea's surface.

Marvin wasn't surprised by Aragon's way of handling it. In fact, he intentionally let Aragon act.

If all the pirates were killed, who would spread White River Valley's name?

Moreover, even if Marvin wanted to vent, he already made proper plans.

The Black Sails Fleet was a very good opportunity, a chance to probe Dark Phoenix. He couldn't miss out.

While Dark Phoenix was very powerful, she was extremely cautious when acting in public. She definitely wouldn't reveal her true identity until that key moment. Thus, Marvin made a plan in advance.

He definitely would not be careless this time.

"Let's go. These people should consider themselves lucky."

"Next time another pirate ship dares to think about attacking our White River Valley merchant ship, I will completely destroy them, even if I have to wipe out their headquarters!"

Marvin's words seemed to be addressed to Aragon, but it was in fact for these surviving pirates.

He was certain these pirates would carry his words to Pirate King Pietrus.

With Dark Phoenix's character, she would either choose to endure, or wage war.

'Her attention is on Hathaway, so she shouldn't make a move against me. On top of that, there are many Legends on my side, and if she acts directly, it would definitely reveal her identity, which would be extremely detrimental for her.'

'The best outcome for her would be if she could use Pirate King Pietrus' identity to get rid of me.'

'The bait has been delivered in front of you. I don't believe you won't bite,' Marvin mused.


The two men returned to Sword Harbor 1 and Marvin immediately ordered Roberts to head toward Bass Harbor at full speed.

As for himself, he had other arrangements.

Even if Anna and Aragon were a bit worried about Marvin's plans, after he showed the magical abilities of the Sea Emperor's Crown, they were relieved.

In the still of the night, Sword Harbor 1 sailed straight toward Bass Harbor.

As for Marvin, he dove into the sea alone.

Those pirate ships were of course not his targets.

He entered the sea and immediately used [Eye of the Sea].

Just as he expected, shadows were frolicking at the seabed.

A smile appeared on Marvin's face.

That was a group of Sea Elves!

The Sea Emperor's Crown quickly and secretly carried him down there and he soon arrived beside the Sea Elves, startling them.

Marvin used the Sea Emperor's Crown and communicated with them.

Not long after, Marvin followed them to a cave in the seabed.

After a while, a light shone before his eyes.

The water pressure was removed and a sumptuous palace appeared in front of him.


"Good little kid, you snatched away my man and still dare to appear in front of me?"

A tender scolding voice echoed beside his ears as Marvin smiled bitterly before quickly entering the palace.

There were few people in the palace, but they were all female Sea Elves.

And sitting at the end was a young and beautiful Sea Elf, the Sea Elven Queen Marvin had met before!

It was already known that the Sea Elven race was a matriarchy and was relatively more open-minded, but this sounded so wrong!!!

Who the hell snatched away your man?

Marvin coughed and calmly replied, "That was Ivan's own decision, Your Highness. It had no relation to me, right?"

The Sea Elven Queen was clearly brooding over this matter and looked at Marvin with some dissatisfaction. "Then why did you come this time?"

"Lying to my clanmates about giving me the most valuable treasure of the Sea Race like that...."

"How could a human like you have the Sea Race's most valuable treasure?"

Marvin nonchalantly took out the Sea Emperor's Crown.

In an instant, the entire palace became lively!

"The Sea Emperor's Crown!"

"It really is the Sea Emperor's Crown!"

"Is this Human crazy? He just took it out like this? Isn't he worried we will snatch it?"

"No, apparently he came to give us the treasure… Hold on, Humans are crafty, he certainly has a plot."

The group of Sea Elves kept chattering. Not only did Marvin get somewhat annoyed, but even the Sea Elven Queen sitting on the throne frowned.


The main hall immediately regained its peace.

The Sea Elven Queen watched Marvin coldly. "What do you want?"

"To form an alliance," Marvin answered concisely. "In the near future, I might have a war at sea with my enemy, and thus I need your help."

"An alliance?" The Sea Elven Queen revealed a tender smile. "Actually, I don't care much about the Sea Race's most valuable treasure."

"If you can make Ivan marry me willingly, never mind just a war, even if it was ten wars I would help you!"