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Chapter 327: Advancement Manual

Chapter 327: Advancement Manual
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In the pitch black abyss, Marvin could be seen hopping around.

Since the stones kept disintegrating, he had no choice but to keep moving forward.

He didn't know what would happen to him if he fell.

Even the sight he got from the Night Monarch see through the darkness.

This was clearly a special space.

Marvin skipped across the floating stones for a while before finally noticing a glimmer in front of him.

It was a bonfire.

– Bonfires represent hope. During that era of wilderness, only bonfires could dispel the people's fear in the endless darkness. –

The words Marvin heard from the old blacksmith he set out echoed in his mind.

His eyes shone as he rushed toward the bonfire!

When Marvin reached it, he could clearly see that it was a large floating platform.

The four corners of the platform had bonfires piled up.

There were several rooms on the platform, some filled with books, and some with all kinds of weapons arranged inside.

'This is the Night Walkers' headquarters?'

Marvin subconsciously looked down.

But he was shocked to discover that there were nine such platforms layered from top to bottom in this space.

'The Ruler of the Night's Advancement Manual is said to be in the 3rd floor!'

Marvin heeded Sean's suggestion and controlled his body to land on the 3rd platform.

But after landing, it felt like his body had become sluggish.

There was no trace left of his Godly Dexterity.

'Such a powerful restriction.'

'It is worthy of being a vestige of a place personally arranged by the Night Monarch,' Marvin admired inwardly.

He didn't stop as he kept searching, room after room.

Just as the old blacksmith had said, the 3rd platform was mostly rooms of books.

These books were sealed by a mysterious power and Marvin, as a member of the Night Walkers, could only take one thing when he left.

If he didn't follow this rule, he would lose the Night Monarch's Blessings.

Marvin naturally wouldn't act foolishly.

The purpose of this trip was the Ruler of the Night Advancement Manual.

The reason he chose the Night Walker class at the start was because he knew that the Night Walkers had a Ruler of the Night's inheritance.

Marvin was making preparations to advance to Legend, which wouldn't be easy. He needed to prepare a lot of things. And although Marvin had an exceptional memory, he couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't overlook a minor detail.

Moreover, even though it was the same Ruler of the Night class, he had previously advanced from being a Thief and Assassin, while this time it was from being a Ranger and Night Walker, which naturally changed the circumstances.

It would be good to get a hold of an Advancement Manual first.

He made a trip around the rows of shelves and soon found a huge bookshelf!

On the bookshelf was a tag: Legend Manual.

Marvin's eyes widened!

This entire bookshelf was filled with Legend class manuals?

Wasn't the Night Walker Organization too outrageous?

Marvin couldn't wait to start searching.

The first row was for Fighters. Marvin's hand passed over them as each name echoed in his mind: Blazing Guardian, Stone Breaker, Mountain Lord, Sword of the Arcane Order.

These Legend Classes were already hard to find in the current Feinan.

On one hand, there were few Legends, and on the other hand, it was very hard to find the inheritance of a Legend class!

Thus, in an ordinary advancement to Legend, one of their current classes would become their Legend class.

For example, Marvin was currently a Level 9 Ranger, Level 6 Night Walker, and Level 6 Shapeshift Sorcerer. He was thus level 18 (due to the sub-class penalty).

But after reaching the Legend realm (level 21), sub-classes wouldn't be taken in account in his total level. Only his basic and advanced class would count.

If Marvin advanced while he was a Level 10 Ranger, Level 8 Night Walker, and Level 6 Shapeshift Sorcerer, he would indeed become a Legend.

However, his Legend class wouldn't be Night Walker or Ruler of the Night, but rather [Legend Ranger].

This was why few people would level up their basic class too much. Upon advancing, the highest levelled class would be chosen as a Legend class by default, gaining additional Legend specialties.

Legends were split into different kinds of Legend classes.

But of course there was another way, which was to refuse to advance as a Ranger through the usual process and instead choose an advanced Legend class.

Because of the nature of these Legend classes, they weren't subject to the highest class restriction.

In other words, as long as Marvin completed everything required for the Ruler of the Night's advancement, his Legend class would be Ruler of the Night, and he would gain the specialties rewarded from it, rather than from the Ranger class.

As for the Legend class specialties, they would usually be a lot more powerful than those from the basic or advanced classes.

Ruler of the Night was simply not on the same level as the basic Legend classes!

The importance of obtaining an inheritance could be seen from this.

Many Legends could only helplessly choose their advanced class as their Legend class because they didn't find a true Legend class.

Even if reaching Legend was a lot simpler this way, their strength would also be a lot weaker.


'I didn't expect the Night Walker's to have so many Advancement Manuals for different Legend classes!'

'If I could take them out to sell them, even if those Half-legend had to empty out their family property, they would still be willing to buy them!'

Greed flashed in Marvin's eyes.

But he knew that this was accumulated by the organization over countless years.

He should be satisfied with being able to get the Ruler of the Night's inheritance.

Thinking of this, he directly skipped the Fighter and Wizard shelves, and looked the rogue section.

Marvin noticed the book with a single glance!

– Night Book: Ruler of the Night Advancement Manual –

There it was!

Just as Marvin grabbed the book, the platform faintly quivered.

'Sean said that I have to leave immediately after getting what I need. This place is also too strange. I'm definitely a Night Walker, yet the conditions are so strict,' Marvin thought. After choosing his Advancement Manual, he turned and ran toward a corner of the platform.

There was a small Teleportation Array there, and Marvin stood on it.

But before he was teleported out, Marvin suddenly noticed a faint scroll page on the last bookshelf!

He couldn't see the contents of the page clearly, but his heartbeat accelerated.

'Book of Nalu! 1st page!'

A glimmer of understanding flashed through his mind.

This was the resonance between the 6th page in his possession and the 1st page on the shelf.

The two pages seemed to be calling to each other.

Marvin calmed down. The 3rd page of the Book of Nalu was sealed by Hathaway in the Ashes Tower, the 6th page was in his hands, and he now found the 1st page... it was actually in the Night Walkers' headquarters.

Could he have the chance to restore this strange and powerful book?

Thinking of this, Marvin felt a bit impatient.

But he knew that it wasn't the time yet.

He needed to advance first before doing anything else.

As he was thinking about this, Marvin got teleported out of the Night Walkers' headquarters and arrived in an unknown location somewhere in Thousand Leaves Forest.

He didn't think much of it, as it was a random teleportation array.

But who would have guessed that he'd see a familiar face before him?

"How could it be you?!" That person was shocked.