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Chapter 328: Curved Dagger – Azure Leaf

Chapter 328: Curved Dagger – Azure Leaf
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Marvin was even more shocked.

He hadn't thought that he would bump into an acquaintance in this vast Thousand Leaves Forest right after leaving the Night Walkers' headquarters.

It was one of the captains of the Elven Iron Guard, who was also Ivan's fiancée, Ollie.

Ollie's expression was very strange.

Marvin was a Night Walker, and the Night Walkers had maintained a good relationship with the Wood Elves for many generations, but appearing at this time in this place, how could it not make people doubtful?

From her eyes, it could be seen that she was on guard. "How did you come in?"

Marvin asked in confusion, "Where is this place?"

Ollie frowned. But at that time, a gentle voice could be heard not far from there. "I dragged him over."

When Marvin heard this voice, he was puzzled at first, before quickly realizing.

The Great Elven King!


Wood Elves' Secret Grounds.

In the center of the Secret Grounds was a deep blue lake. Nine crystal trees spread from the lakeside, ultimately converging at the center of the lake.

An extremely handsome man was soaking in the middle of the lake with his upper body bare.

Marvin stood at the lakeside looking at the handsome Nicholas in a daze, and had a faint feeling that he was losing his mind!

He'd seen many handsome men since he arrived in Feinan. Even if Ivan was the son of Nicholas and quite handsome, he didn't take much care of his appearance and was a little unkempt. The Vampire Gwyn was also a beauty; when he first saw him, Marvin almost thought he was a woman.

But the Great Elven King was completely different.

From what Marvin remembered, he was always indifferent. He wore a crown and had an ice cold gaze which made everyone have a feeling of reverence when looking at him.

But at this moment, when the Great Elven King appeared in front of him wearing nothing, Marvin was truly stunned.

Without his usual kingly presence, his handsomeness was shocking. He was probably the ideal man all women dreamed of!

Marvin took a deep breath and composed himself, his gaze ultimately settling on that burning hole in Nicholas' chest!

If not for this hole destroying the Elven King's perfect frame, his body would have been a masterpiece!

But Marvin also took note that Nicholas' eyes seemed weary, and a hint of grey was beginning to grow on the sides of his temples!

This made him look quite ill and tired.

It also made one feel… pity.


'How could I think like that!'

Marvin was startled by his thoughts.

How powerful was the Great Elven King, how could he pity him… Moreover, what kind of charm was he under, how could it forcefully twist his sexual orientation?

Thinking of this, he couldn't help but sweat.

He stealthily took a glance at his status window, but there was no entry about a charm effect.

Marvin felt very awkward.

To the side, Ollie seemed quite baffled with Marvin's strange expression.

Fortunately, Nicholas, who had summoned Marvin, unhurriedly remarked, "You are a lot more daring then I imagined."

"I didn't have a chance to talk to you after you destroyed the Decaying Plateau before you rushed to Glynos' Secondary Plane. What was the outcome?"

His eyes were extremely clear. Without his kingly aura, he looked like an old friend chatting with Marvin.

Marvin stayed silent for a while before responding, "A victory within expectations, but a price outside expectations."

Nicholas nodded slowly. "A price has to be paid for success."

"Hathaway sacrificed too much for you. This isn't something she should have had to handle. Lady Dark Phoenix's behavior is quite unreasonable. The reason I didn't join the South Wizard Alliance was because I couldn't see through her."

"Rescuing her is going to be extremely difficult."

Marvin shook his head, his eyes filled with determination. "I'll definitely save her. This is what I promised her."

The Elven King looked into Marvin's eyes for a while before saying, "Very good, I hope you can succeed."

"But I didn't summon you today because of the matter between Dark Phoenix and Hathaway, but because of Ivan."

"Ivan?" Marvin froze. What a coincidence, he was actually planning to look for Ivan.

After all, without this guy, the Sea Elven Queen wouldn't help him, and the chances of success in the war at sea wouldn't be nearly as good.

"He thinks that there is a medicine that can cure me in that Dead Area west of the Pambo Sea, but it's actually false. It was an enemy's trick," the Great Elven King explained dully.

Marvin noticed that when he said enemy, his right hand's forefinger faintly pointed upward.

The Astral Sea.

The enemy was very clear.

Marvin nodded.

"Ivan will come across many dangers. Originally I wanted to use them as stepping stones for him, but he will meet dangers surpassing what he can handle this time."

"I should save him."

"But this isn't the time for me to leave."

The Great Elven King's face was firm. The hole in his chest was still constantly burning, and while the lake in the Hidden Ground could apparently suppress it, Marvin could still feel a frightening power from the wound.

That was a god's power!

It wasn't an avatar, it was the power of a god's body!

Marvin suddenly recalled that when they left the Decaying Plateau, even though the Great Elven King managed to rescue the Legends, he was sneakily attacked by a few gods!

This wound was left at that time.

Shame appeared on Marvin's face. The plan had been his, but Nicholas had paid the price.

He had truly been underestimating this world's gods. He needed to work on his plans more before acting in the future.

"I need you to go to the Pambo Sea."

"Only you can save Ivan."

"And I happen to know that you recently planned on looking for Ivan anyways, right?"

Marvin felt a bit awkward.

The Great Elven King was quite the schemer. Marvin guessed that he had used some Divination-type spells or something like that. He even knew about his own journey… Wait, then wasn't his deal with the Sea Elven Queen completely exposed?

Nicholas always had a bad temper. Wouldn't he fly into a violent fury because Marvin tried to scheme against his son?

He looked apprehensively toward the Great Elven King.

But he hadn't expected that the Great Elven King would actually smile. "It doesn't matter. I wouldn't mind Ivan getting married."

"It's good as long as it is a woman."

Marvin suddenly felt speechless.

The father and son duo were truly special.

However, Marvin wouldn't reject the mission given by the Great Elven King.

They had both already helped him quite a bit and he was originally looking for Ivan anyways, so accepting the mission entrusted to him by the Great Elven King was a matter of course.

"No problem," he agreed.

Nicholas nodded.

He then raised both hands and two azure lights burst out from the lake, landing in front of Marvin.

"This is…"

Marvin looked at these two lights in hesitation. They were really too dazzling, to the point that he couldn't make out what was inside.

Under Nicholas' encouraging gaze, Marvin stretched his hands forward.

The azure light suddenly dimmed and Marvin's hands were grasping something.

'It's actually a pair of curved daggers.'

'Legend Daggers!'

Marvin was overjoyed.

"These are the blades I carried when I toured Feinan in my youth. Your daggers were damaged, and they aren't suitable for your current strength."

"These two daggers could be considered as a reward for helping to find my son," the Great Elven King said relaxedly.

Marvin held the pair of daggers, unwilling to let go of them.

This pair of curved daggers was very light. He could hardly feel anything when holding them!

But their properties were heaven-defying!

[Curved Dagger – Azure Leaf]

[Quality: Legendary]

[Attack Power: 45-?]

[Property 1: Magic Penetration +30]

[Property 2: Divine Restraint +30]

[Property 3: 50% chance of ignoring Fatal Injuries Immunity]


Marvin's eyes widened!

This pair of daggers had attributes that completely overpowered most Legendary items!

The three effects could be considered a bug. They were perfect for Rangers, and were the bane of Wizards, Clerics, and other fierce classes!

[Magic Penetration] was simply ruthless. As the name imply it could directly destroy all kinds of Wizards' defensive Barriers.

[Divine Restraint] was also extremely practical. It was mostly the same as Magic Penetration, but instead of Wizards, it targeted Clerics, Apostles, and gods' avatars.

And the third property was the one Marvin felt most deserved to be called a bug.

What was most troublesome when dealing with class holders of 4th rank or above?

Naturally, it was when they had Fatal Injuries Immunity.

For example, when Marvin had his heart stabbed by the Shadow Prince, he could still move decently well thanks to the specialty.

But this pair of Azure Leafs had one chance out of two to ignore Fatal Injuries Immunity.

This meant that Marvin would have an easier time killing!

At the same time, it reminded him to remain vigilant. Although the Azure Leafs were part of the Great Elven King's collection with outstanding effects...

Others' weapons might also have this effect.

He couldn't become careless just because he had Fatal Injuries Immunity.


After thanking the Great Elven King, the Azure Leafs replaced Blazing Fury as his primary weapons.

Nicholas grew somewhat tired, and after explaining a few more matters, he let Marvin leave.

He ordered Ollie to take Marvin to the Elven King City.

There was a large scale Teleportation Array in the [City Ruins] that lead to the Pambo Seashore. Marvin could quickly reach the coast of the Pambo Seashore through the Teleportation Array.

Once he got there, surviving through the frightening sea depended on Marvin's own abilities.

Nicholas gave Marvin a crystal ball that would show the whereabouts of Ivan every day at a fixed time. Marvin could rely on this thing to find him.

'Dead Area…'

'I remember dying several times in that place. The place is too strange.'

'But there should be a lot of good things in the Dead Area.'

Marvin gradually started recalling things about the place, and formed a plan in his mind.

Finally, under Ollie's hopeful eyes, Marvin awe-inspiringly set foot on the Teleportation Array in the City Ruins.