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Chapter 331: Holy Blood

Chapter 331: Holy Blood
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The shock on Marvin's face promptly disappeared.

Although he met an "old acquaintance", she didn't appear until a year later in the original timeline. From what he remembered, the [Bloodthirsty Witch] shouldn't have matured yet.

He calmed down completely and observed her, appreciating the nice surprise.

Perhaps because the Swing Inn hadn't had a client for a very long time, the owner greeted Marvin passionately.

Marvin casually asked for some food and hot soup along with a peaceful room before going there to rest.

The owner was followed by a very shy little girl. The girl seemed to be as old as Isabelle.

She hid timidly behind the owner. From time to time she would look at Marvin with her big curious eyes.

And when Marvin smiled at her, the little girl would hide again.

She was a really beautiful girl.


Nightfall. Marvin stirred from his sleep.

On the table, some bread and a plate of shredded meat had cooled down. He grabbed a cup of milk as he began to ponder.

Encountering the opening of Saruha could be considered lucky, but meeting the Bloodthirsty Witch earlier made Marvin a bit suspicious.

If he wasn't wrong, this owner of the Swing Inn was called Barbara and wasn't someone ordinary. She was previously part of the Dark Side!

And that little girl was even more special. Although she wasn't a Vampire, she was actually shouldering the Dark Side's revival mission.

The little girl was said to have the Holy Blood of that Vampire Duchess, the bloodline of the primogenitor [Yin].

That bloodline power was extremely powerful. As long as it was aroused, the little girl would obtain strength comparable to that of the Duchess, Legend strength.

In the plans of the Dark Side, that girl called Jo was to become their leader and rule the entire western coastline.

After all, because of the interaction at the North-South border, the current South Wizard Alliance already didn't pay attention to the western side.

This was their opportunity to break away from the rule of the Wizard Alliance.

The Dark Side had always been actively plotting this matter. And they succeeded in the game.

Although Marvin didn't know about the course of events, he knew that there was a powerhouse in the Dark Side that could match the Bright Side's Duke William.

This was the only piece of information about [Dawn of the Vampires: Dark and Bright].

In that expansion, the Vampires officially entered Feinan's core stage. It began in the chaotic world after the Great Calamity as they started killing their way out.

It was just that the Bright and the Dark Sides had their own ideals. And the two sides couldn't coexist.

As for the players, they always chased after benefits for themselves. Coupled with the fact that the Dark Side was indeed a bit crazy, most players chose the mission to help the Bright Side, ultimately annihilating the Dark Side, only leaving some smouldering embers behind.

In this event, Marvin, as a Ruler of the Night, also made great efforts. He had previously fought side by side with the Bright Side's Duke William to clear out who knew how many Dark Side nests. This let him know the Vampires' bodies like the back of his hand.

As for the Bloodthirsty Witch Jo, she had her Holy Blood removed by the Great Duke William and went insane.


That was the end of his memories on the matter.

From what he knew, Jo's foster mother, Barbara, had been someone of the Dark Side. But because of some matters, she turned over a new leaf and intended to live in seclusion in the mortal world. While hiding from the Dark Side's pursuit, she made great efforts to suppress Jo's Holy Blood. But she ultimately failed.

The power of the Holy Blood was too great, and blindly suppressing would only lead to a bigger rebound.

In the end, the Dark Side found their hiding spot. Barbara could only helplessly hand Jo over, making her change from an innocent little girl into a witch driven by the Holy Blood.

Anywhere Jo went would end up filled with corpses. No one could prevent her bloodthirst and slaughter. Only Barbara could slightly suppress it and let her return to that little girl.

But it was only a slight restraint.

Marvin faintly remembered that before Jo was at death's door, she had accidentally killed her foster mother. Maybe her crazy actions in her final battle were because she hoped for salvation.

These things shouldn't have been shouldered by a little girl.

Marvin didn't know what happened to Jo before, but he was certain that now that this matter bumped into him, he could completely change the situation.

'Although the Bloodthirsty Witch appeared a year after the disaster, that was when she awakened from a deep slumber.'

'Thus it could be inferred that the bloodline on her body had already activated before that.'

'I just don't know when the Dark Side will make a move…'

Marvin sat on the chair, pondering.

He also wasn't that kind of pure samaritan. Although Jo was innocent, the Holy Blood she had was what Marvin valued the most.

Holy Blood didn't have only one property. It could make someone crazily powerful, or turn someone insane.

It was similar to the Book of Nalu. Without enough wisdom, there was no way to handle this power.

Jo's mind was pure and it had a lot of room for growth. If she received guidance she could receive the strength of the Holy Blood without falling into the Dark Side's [Bloodthirst]. And Feinan would have one more rational Legend.

The Vampires were also a very important part of Marvin's plans.

Resisting against the gods wasn't something he could do alone. For that, the Barbarians and the Vampires were Marvin's most natural allies.

Because these two races didn't worship gods, but their ancestors!

Their beliefs were in their bloodlines, their ancestors, their descendants.

Thus, their races were like a blasphemy to the gods!

After the gods established their power in Feinan one after the other, the Vampires and Barbarians were among their first targets. The normal Humans and other races had it slightly better.

Because those without faith could still be won over.

As for those believing in their ancestors, the only path for them was eradication.

Naturally, the Vampires and Barbarians weren't weak, so even if the gods joined hands, they didn't manage to thoroughly exterminate them.

These two races were indeed the natural targets for White River Valley to form an alliance with.

Unfortunately, Marvin's path didn't really intersect much with these two races. For the Barbarians, he got to meet a Legend Barbarian that was frightened by his friends back when he went to that icy region in the North. He seemed to be a protector of a Barbarian tribe. As for the Vampires, Marvin only crossed paths with that Gwyn guy.

He had no memory of that person before, so he guessed that he must have died before the Great Calamity.

It was a bitter struggle between the Bright Side and the Dark Side. A genius like Gwyn would definitely be on the Dark Side's blacklist.

'Seems like it's time to contact Great Duke William once I'm done with the matters of the Pambo Sea.'

'We fought side by side in the past… but unfortunately, I don't know how I'll convince this greedy old ghost this time.'

Marvin sighed inwardly.

But he hadn't expected that he would suddenly feel his heartbeat speed up!


In the ice-cold basement.

Covered in a few blankets, the little girl's frozen lips were purple. Her eyes were wide open with an innocent gaze.

"She, she came to look for me again," the little girl whimpered.

The middle-aged woman hugged her gently. "Don't be afraid, Jo, Mom is here. No one will harm you."

Jo calmed down a bit.

"Mom, I'm cold," she muttered in a low voice.

Worry could be seen on Barbara's face.

"I want to drink something hot," Jo said naturally.

Barbara's expression changed!

Jo had never said before this when the Holy Blood flared up!

"Do you want to drink warm cow milk?" She forced herself to stay calm and asked in a low voice.

Jo said blankly, "Warm milk? I want to drink red, warm stuff…"

"Mom, I'm so thirsty… I want to drink warm…" Jo was pleading.

Barbara's heart sank to the bottom.

But she hadn't expected that Jo would suddenly cry in alarm, "There is a bad person!"

Barbara instinctively raised her head toward a hovering shadow!

This was Low Flight, the Vampires' innate skill!

Alarm filled Barbara's face. "Still found by you?!"

In her eyes, someone using Low Flight was definitely a Vampire.

The Bright Side's Vampires didn't dare operate in the western coastline. The current struggle between the two sides was already reaching its climax. If the Bright Side's Vampires appeared here, they would be attacked by groups of the Dark Side's experts.

Those who came here would definitely be the people of the Dark Side she had been hiding from for years!

Thinking of this she couldn't help but bite her lip.

She couldn't let Jo fall into their hands!

She fished out a small silver dagger from her sleeve.

But then a gentle voice echoed behind them. "It should be very exhausting to hide from the Dark Side for so many years while caring for this kind of little girl, right?"

Barbara turned in fright and saw a youth calmly standing behind them.

He moved like a ghost. With this kind of movement, he was probably at least a Half-Legend Vampire!

Barbara was pained as she stepped in front of Jo to protect her. "What do you want? Let Jo off, I'll give you anything you want."

Jo's little head came out from the blanket as she glared toward Marvin. "You can't do anything bad to mom!"

"Or Jo will bite you to death!"

After saying this, her adorable canines started growing, turning into bloodsucking fangs!

Barbara and Marvin frowned. Jo was already somewhat unable to restrain the Holy Blood's power!

Marvin said a little awkwardly, "What do I want to do? Could it be that you don't know about me?"

Barbara froze. Soon, a flame flickered in the basement and Marvin's appearance could be seen clearly.

"You are… You are White River Valley's Viscount Marvin!?" Barbara let out, stunned.

Jo blinked, her fangs disappearing. She was about to say something when a gust of air suddenly rushed in the basement!


A few shadows flashed over.

"Holy Blood… I smell Holy Blood," a shadow said in a low voice.