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Chapter 332: Pursuers

Chapter 332: Pursuers
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"Barbara, you fled with the Holy Blood for so many years, but we finally found you!"

The shadows completely ignored Marvin, instead all focusing their gazes on Barbara and Jo.

Marvin noticed that there was a faint imprint between their eyebrows.


The five newcomers were all Vampire experts from the Dark Side.

"[Pursuer] Huntson!" Barbara's expression suddenly changed.

The Vampire at the lead looked handsome and delicate, but unfortunately for him, a frightening scar crossed his eye, making him look particularly sinister.

He was a Pursuer!

Pursuers in the Dark Side were in charge of tracking down and killing traitors.

There weren't more than fifty Vampires with this title in general, and the western seashore was considered to have numerous experts.


'4th rank Pursuer.'

'The rest are 3rd rank and more or less similar to Karnoth.'

Marvin's expression didn't change.

These guys completely ignored him, which made him feel like laughing.

It was mostly due to him being a Human. The Dark Side clearly differentiated between Humans and Vampires, and Marvin looked like an ordinary Human standing there.

Although he had a faint aura like a Vampire's, it was most likely because he had stayed with these two for a long time.

Huntson didn't know that his overconfident judgement would be his greatest mistake!


Their attention was completely focused on Jo's small figure.

All of the Dark Side's Vampires showed greedy expressions.

That was Holy Blood, the pure bloodline left behind by the first Primogenitor! If they could swallow this power, they could turn into Great Duke Legend Vampires that could match William in strength!

Unfortunately, they couldn't control the power of the Holy Blood after trying to devour it. Back when Jo was small, something like that had been attempted.

Any Vampire that tried to swallow the Holy Blood became a slave to its power and turned into a slaughter machine. They would completely lose their reason, and wouldn't be able to distinguish between friend and foe!

It was a lot more terrifying than Bloodthirst!

Thus, they could only look on in desire while their reason reminded them that their life was more important!

If they could bring Jo back to a Dark Side base, the Elders would certainly give them a huge reward.

This was what they cared about, Pursuer Huntson included. He gave up the chance to slumber and strengthen himself to look for traces of Jo days and night before eventually sensing the aura of the Holy Blood.

How could this not make him excited!


"Child, follow us. We won't harm you."

Pursuer Huntson coldly reminded, "You know how grave the crime of betraying the Dark Side is."

"But for her, we can forgive your previous actions," Huntson mentioned to Barbara.

The Elders of the Dark Side were no fools. Jo was the key to the rise of the Dark Side, but if they hurt her adoptive mother, once her bloodline awakened, she would definitely not let it go.

Moreover, controlling Jo through Barbara had always been the goal of the Dark Side.

Huntson's order was very simple. It was to bring them back without harming the mother and daughter duo at all.

This mission was very troublesome, but Huntson's strength far exceeded Barbara's. As for Jo, she was still a young child who had yet to suck any blood, so she simply couldn't go against him.

'Once this mission is finished, I could even get a Reverse Cross Medal, not to mention a Dense Blood Nucleus or two.'

Thinking of this, Huntson felt very satisfied.


Barbara gritted her teeth, intending to stake it all against these Vampires!

She knew the craziness of the Dark side. If Jo was left in their hands, the only path left would be a path of destruction!

She didn't want to see Jo become a slaughtering monster like the Great Duchess from Castle Tulip that year!

But at that time, a voice behind the the mother and daughter duo sneered, "Turns out the Dark Side's Vampires only know how to bully women and children."

Marvin's words immediately attracted the attention of the five Vampires.

Huntson frowned, but before he could say anything, Marvin already approached!

Since he had already decided to change history, how could he let Huntson capture Jo?

Marvin's body moved like lightning as Godly Dexterity showed its fearsomeness. In a blink, he was in front of Huntson!

Huntson was startled. Marvin's speed already approached the limit of the human body.

He simply couldn't dodge in this narrow room!

But the Pursuer was someone who had experienced countless battles. His body instantly scattered as he turned into a bat, avoiding Marvin's cold dagger!


But the other Vampires didn't have Huntson's luck.

After Marvin missed his slash, he used Shadow Escape, instantly appearing behind a Vampire.

That guy didn't have time to react before his head was cut by Marvin!

The first real battle for [Curved Dagger – Azure Leaf]. That light feeling made Marvin simply unable to stop himself.

He didn't need to use any strength at all. The sharp edge felt as if he was cutting into tofu as it pierced through the Vampire's head!

The remaining three Vampires were pale from dread.

Speed was the ability they relied on to survive, but they were now being completely overwhelmed by Marvin's speed!

"Who is that guy!"

"Doesn't he look a bit familiar?"

"Ah! He is Ma…"

The three hurriedly scattered and fled. One of them used Low Flight, seeming to have recognized Marvin's appearance!

But unfortunately, he didn't have time to finish his words before he was cut in two!

3rd rank Vampire. He didn't have Fatal Injuries Immunity, and even if he did, in front of the pair of Azure Leafs, they wouldn't be able to resist three hits!


In an instant, Marvin went all-out and moved like a ghost as each of his attacks struck true!

After five seconds, the four Dark Side Vampires were already dead!

This was the power of his Godly Dexterity and Legendary Weapons. Marvin's strength had already advanced by leaps and bounds!

3rd rank class holders were completely trivial for him to kill!


The basement was completely silent.

Four cold corpses were inert as scarlet blood spread on the ground.

Barbara hurriedly covered Jo's eyes in fear that she would be stimulated by the blood.

But what surprised her was that Jo's body temperature was returning to normal as the signs of the Holy Blood outbreak disappeared.

Marvin stood there warily, his perception focused on the changes in the darkness.

He knew Huntson wouldn't give up so easily, even if the strength he displayed was enough to make most people cower.

After turning into a bat, Vampires were even better at hiding. Marvin's perception was originally average, making it was very difficult to find him hiding in the boundless darkness.

Marvin asked in a low voice, "Do you have a way to find him?"

Barbara froze. She didn't know why Marvin helped them, but this legendary hero should be a lot better than these Dark Side Vampires, right?

She was once part of the Dark Side, but she broke away from the Bloodthirst using a special method, so she couldn't get any reaction from Huntson's hiding place.

Thus, she shook her head.

Marvin frowned. The Pursuer had reacted quickly enough that he was unable to grab something to use with Night Tracking, so that method was out.

'Could it be a deadlock? No way! Huntson will definitely sneak attack. I can't always be on guard.'

Gloominess flashed through Marvin's eyes.

The Shadow Prince's previous sneak attack was still vivid in his mind. Marvin wouldn't make the same mistake twice.

Marvin definitely wouldn't flush Huntson out of his hiding place!

But Jo suddenly pointed at a spot in the darkness and said, "He is there!"

Marvin quickly used Night Boundary!

The strength of Night Walkers' Darksight was pushed to the limits. He focused his sight, and sure enough, he found a bat at the location pointed to by Jo.

The bat suddenly flapped its wings and tried to fly away.

But in such a confined space, it was difficult for him to escape!

Marvin's storage was filled with countless things.

A fishing net flew over before Huntson could fly a few meters.

But rather than a real fishing net, it was actually a magic staff with the [Fishing Net] ability enchanted on it!

Compared to Spider Web, Fishing Net was more suitable to handle the flexible Vampires!

The bat was covered by the fishing net as a silver radiance flickered. A silver dagger was arranged on the fishing net!

This Fishing Net ability had been designed this to restrain Vampires!

After Huntson fell to the trap, he hurriedly turned back to his Human-shape.

But Marvin had already approached, and they engaged in an intense melee struggle.

But despite Huntson being a noble Dark Side Pursuer, he was a lot inferior to Marvin with his Godly Dexterity.

The weapons in his hands weren't common weapons, but in front of the fierce Azure Leafs… They broke apart after three moves!

'Although they don't have Armor Penetration or Disintegration properties, there are definitely hidden properties!'

'These are worthy of the weapons used by the Great Elven King, the quality is wonderful!'

Marvin was inwardly happy. His moves became even more ruthless. He took advantage of Huntson being off guard to use Night Beheading!


A cold ray of light flashed, and a head flew.

Huntson's headless body seemed to become restless, but Marvin stomped his head.

After a moment, Huntson stopped struggling and finally died.

On Marvin's interface appeared a log indicating that he had gained 1000 battle exp.

'Killing 4th rank experts now only gives 1000 exp... the experience is getting worse and worse.'

Marvin shook his head.

Shortly after, he looked toward the mother-daughter duo. "You two, if you trust me, follow me."

"This place has clearly already been exposed. It won't be long before more Dark Side Vampires arrive."

Barbara looked at Marvin in a daze, before glancing at Jo in her arms and ultimately nodding.


North of Ruins City, an ordinary ancient castle was towering on a mountain summit.

It was surrounded by a forest and copious amounts of fog.

Underground, in the Ancient Castle.

A Vampire Marquis slowly opened his eyes, muttering, "The Pursuer died."

"He died while looking for the Holy Blood."

"Some people are secretly coveting the strength of the Holy Blood. It might be someone from the Bright Side!"

An enchanting woman who also had the strength of a Vampire Marquis was sitting in front of him.

The woman frowned. "Huntson's strength isn't inferior to ours... could that Gwyn have made a move? Or a Bright Side Elder? It wouldn't be that old William right?"

"The Bright Side is getting more and more savage. They actually dared to kill in our domain!"

"Fortunately we at least confirmed the location of the Holy Blood. It's in Ruins City!"

"Increase the amount of Pursuers!"

"No need!" An aged voice echoed beside their ears, "You don't need to involve yourself with this matter. Let Stephanie handle it."

The two Vampires' faces turned cold, seeming to recall some memories they wanted to forget. "Stephanie?"

"When did she wake up?" the woman asked sharply. "Are you sure that madman won't eat the carrier of the Holy Blood? And she was someone from the Bright Side in the past!"

Suddenly, a lovable laughter echoed in their ears. "Do you two need to be so afraid of me?"

"I won't eat that little kid. But you two…"

Two mournful shrieks echoed in the Ancient Castle!

Ten minutes later, a bat flew out from the Ancient Castle towards Ruins City!

'I'm a bit curious who can finish Huntson like that.'

'I wonder how it'll taste.'