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Chapter 336: Stealth Master

Chapter 336: Stealth Master

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After Marvin opened the treasure chest, he dodged subconsciously.

Just as expected, a terrifying spurt of acid splashed over, which Marvin easily avoided. As for the absent-minded Gwyn, he was almost hit!

Fortunately, his reaction speed was also extremely fast, so he still managed to dodge out of the way.

But sadly, a few droplets splashed onto the fringe of his clothes, leaving him rather glum.

Seeing this scene, Marvin was silently contemplative.

Not only was that Vampire extremely beautiful like a woman, but his actions were also quite similar.

'He wouldn't be a woman in disguise would he?' Marvin thought.

Of course, he was more concerned about the treasure chest.

There shouldn't be any trap mechanisms aside from the acid, so he opened the chest all the way, revealing a few scattered pieces of equipment. Most of them were Common, but Marvin happily found the thing he wanted:

[Rosenthal Bracelets]

[Quality: Magic]

[Property: All Ranger skills +20]


Despite only having one effect and not looking very eye-catching, it was actually the best equipment for the current Marvin!

With Eriksson's Brooch, his Stealth already reached 180 points!

But regretfully, his free skill points were already used up, and he would have to level his Ranger class to get more.

But to advance to Ruler of the Night, Marvin wanted to prioritize his Night Walker class. Thus it would take a while before his Ranger class would be leveled again.

Of course, he could still improve his Stealth through tempering, but it would be very slow, especially as it got higher.

Marvin had been on the lookout for equipment with similar properties. Unfortunately, when Owl raided the Evil Spirit Overlord's treasury, he didn't find any good equipment with bonuses for Stealth. He found some stuff that was almost fitting, but it was more suitable for Thief and Assassin classes, rather than a Ranger like Marvin.

Thus, he always felt so close to the 200 threshold, but couldn't take the last step.

Now with the Rosenthal Bracelets, not only did he successfully pass that threshold, but his other Ranger skills also obtained a major upgrade!

Marvin's capabilities once again had a qualitative leap!

Stealth (200) automatically gave him the hidden effect [Stealth Master]!

This meant that Marvin could now freely run while in Stealth without being discovered!

Marvin estimated that with his frightening Night Walker skills, he already had the assassination strength of a Legend even though he was still Level 18!


After putting on the Rosenthal Bracelets, Marvin ignored the young Vampire's worried expression and proceeded to open the other chests, which held a large amount of treasure.

One chest was filled with blueprints. These blueprints were like the Mechanical Gargoyle blueprint he found before.

Marvin rummaged through it, and found a lot of the scientific blueprints of the Ancient Gnomes. Could there be a steam engine prototype among them?

The contents were mostly a chaotic mess. He would need a Master Alchemist to identify them.

Marvin got a headache when he thought of needing to find a Master Alchemist. To be honest, ever since he transmigrated, he'd had a lot of close calls.

But he wasn't an all-rounder Fighter. Because he chose to be an Assassin in his previous life, he also suitably chose Pharmacist as a Life Class. Since he took Blacksmith as a Life Class this time, it would be impossible to become an Alchemist now.

There was still a lack of Alchemy talent in his territory. Even though Constantine had asked his friend to give a hand with processing the Red Dragon and Black Dragon after the harvesting, that wasn't White River Valley's Alchemist.

Processing the Dragons' corpses could still be outsourced. However, the knowledge of the Gnomes was a kind of secret that Marvin hoped to monopolize.

But sadly, besides that one outstanding performance against Bamboo, the nameless Alchemist only had failures.

Marvin was relatively magnanimous. If it was another ordinary Overlord, he would have already thrown him out!

'Damn, when I get back, I need to use good salaries to dig up a few craftsmen from the Craftsman Tower.'

'When the time comes, I'll need to get Leymann to help me negotiate.'

Marvin put away those blueprints while thinking about how to deal with them.

In the Three Ring Towers, the Craftsman Tower's Tower Master was very young. Although he didn't have the strength of a Legend, he couldn't be disregarded.

The reason was very simple. Even if his magic power wasn't equal to a Legend Wizard's, he was the one with the most Legendary Items!

It was said that this guy had previously been a Tomb Raider, specialized in plundering ancient Legend Wizards' tombs, so he had many precious items in his hands.

Strengthening oneself wasn't the only important part for battles; external forces were also very important!

The Craftsman Tower was the Alchemists' paradise. And Wizard Craftsmen were the most powerful branch of Alchemists.

If he could lure a few top Wizard Craftsmen to become part of White River Valley, then Marvin could boldly gather the Ancient Gnomes' knowledge.

At that time, White River Valley's technology would be a bit strange.

One one side there would be the mechanical structures of the Gnomes, while on the other side they'd have the Shas' firearms. Wayne was currently opening up the path to a complete new way of training for Wizards, and Marvin was getting treasures from all over Feinan. And after the Great Calamity, White River Valley would be able to protect itself because because of the Source of Fire's Order.

Those people losing their minds from the Calamity wouldn't dare approach the Source of Fire's Order for some time. This gave White River Valley the opportunity to develop.

Naturally, Marvin's plan didn't stop there.

Besides the Source of Fire's Order, he also wanted to set up an [Ancient Refuge]!

Therefore, when he found a light yellow shard among the jewels in the 3rd chest, he was inevitably overjoyed!

An Earth Crystal's fragment!

It was already the second.

Three fragments could form a complete Earth Crystal.

And an Earth Crystal was the most important foundation to set up an Ancient Refuge!


In the Crystal Hall, the adventurers were mired in the illusions.

Only Pale Hand Sky's expression didn't change. His willpower was extremely steady and thus he wasn't tricked by a mere Nightmare Crystal!

This was why people said there was a huge difference between ordinary people and Legends. Level 21 was the dividing line.

The kinds of specialties gained after reaching Legend was something normal people simply couldn't even strive for.

Sky's figure flashed, and he soon arrived in front of the three doors.

His eyes kept flickering between the three doors as he frowned.

He then rushed toward the 3rd door and pressed the button!