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Chapter 338: Evil Spirit Barrier

Chapter 338: Evil Spirit Barrier
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A small ladder appeared at the end of the long narrow tunnel.

Marvin struggled to straighten his body and crawled up the ladder. He pushed the rusted manhole cover aside and a strong rotting smell surrounded them.

The Vampire following him couldn't help but frown upon noticing the smell.

"This is the former Residential District of Saruha's Gnomes?" Gwyn guessed.

The Vampire was a bit obsessed with cleanliness, so this rotting smell made him feel a bit unwell. He couldn't help but urge, "We should quickly pass through this place."

But Marvin shook his head.

"If you want to escape from the Pale Hand, follow me."

After saying that, Marvin sped up and went toward the depths of the Residential District.

Gwyn frowned but still followed him inside.

Some noise could be heard from time to time inside the otherwise quiet district.

These noises covered up the movements of the Evil Spirits.

They had already received the orders from the Evil Spirit Envoys after the two left the tunnel.

A huge encirclement was slowly taking shape.


Within the dense fog, Marvin closed his eyes. He pictured a three-dimensional map of the place in his mind.

Tiny red dots hiding between the cracks of the buildings were looking at him ferociously.

Gwyn followed behind Marvin. He was an outstanding member of the Bright Side, and had extraordinary perception.

"We are surrounded," he warned in a low voice.

Marvin nodded, a bright smile appearing on his face. "Exactly what I want!"

Gwyn frowned. Since Marvin was this confident, he also wouldn't be worried about these Evil Spirits.

After all, he could tell that even though there were a lot of Evil Spirits, there weren't any particularly strong ones among them yet.

With his abilities, even if frightening Tentacle Horrors appeared, he wouldn't have an issue dodging them easily.

Marvin sped forward because he could feel that the Evil Spirits surrounding them were tightening the encirclement.

The Residential District was split into five areas, which were all occupied by the Evil Spirits. There weren't any constructs here, only endless waves of Evil Spirits, all under the control of the Evil Spirit Envoys.

And the two Evil Spirit Envoys were residing in the next area, the [Desolate Ancient Altar].

From what Marvin knew, those two Evil Spirit Envoys were unable to leave the Desolate Ancient Altar. Their bodies apparently had fused with it.

To kill Marvin, they could only send their subordinates, or find a way to lead him toward them.

They couldn't have expected that he would know this, but in fact, their plans were already in Marvin's grasp.

He knew that ever since he destroyed the Decaying Plateau, his body's Evil Spirit Enmity had already reached the extremes. This place was Tidomas' domain, so this Negative Energy Plane Overlord had most likely already discovered Marvin when he entered Saruha.

Diggles' fall critically hampered the Negative Energy Plane's attacks on Feinan. All Evil Spirits would hate Marvin to the bone, not to mention Tidomas, who had been on friendly terms with Diggles.

'He'll definitely spare nothing to kill me. But knowing my strength, he should also know that these Evil Spirits wouldn't be able to take me down.'

'They are simply pressuring me, trying to force me to go toward the Desolate Ancient Altar. Because only there could the two Evil Spirit Envoys could cooperate with the army of Evil Spirits and hopefully get their revenge.'

'Hehe, well I'm also fine with that…'

Marvin sneered.

He was indeed running toward the Desolate Ancient Altar!

Thus, these Evil Spirits were surprisingly patient with him and due to the guidance from the Evil Spirit Envoys, they didn't attack.

They even slightly relaxed their formation, leaving a small gap.

And that gap led to the Desolate Ancient Altar.

They believed that with that guy's perception, he would definitely find the flaw.

But to the surprise of the two Evil Spirit Envoys, Marvin, who had been running in the general direction of the Desolate Ancient Altar this whole time, suddenly stopped in front of a building.

It was a rather large and grandiose building!

Although Saruha had already been abandoned for countless years, the building was still standing.

[McKenzie Theater].

Marvin smiled and went inside!

Gwyn hesitated for a moment before following with his teeth clenched.


"He saw through our plan."

At the Desolate Ancient Altar, an Evil Spirit Envoy was frowning.

The other one sneered back, "What about it? In my opinion, all he did was choose his burial location."

"He might think that the terrain inside McKenzie Theater will be more suitable for battle … But he doesn't know that we already have followers inside."

"Summon [Sleeping Max] and seal the entire theater, hehe… I want to see how the so-called [Hero of Feinan] who destroyed the Decaying Plateau will break through our Evil Spirit Barrier now!"

On the Desolate Ancient Altar, the two figures bowed their heads and began to chant softly.

Power started to slowly pour into Feinan through the altar from the Evil Dragon Cemetery sub-plane of the Negative Energy Plane!

McKenzie Theater was already surrounded by Evil Spirits.

At the order of the Evil Spirit Envoys, all the Evil Spirits went in!

Tentacle Horrors, Evil Spirit Servants, Brain Eating Monsters, Corpse Monsters… All kinds of Evil Spirits rushed through the eight doors of the Theater at the same time!

In the theater, Gwyn looked at the army of Evil Spirits and repeated with a pale face, "We are surrounded!"

Marvin sped through row after row of seats and stopped in the middle of the stage!


"But if not for this, how could we hide from the Pale Hand's perception?"

All the Evil Spirits pounced toward him at the same time, just as a huge power locked around McKenzie Theater. A light gray barrier formed, wrapped around the theater.

"Evil Spirit Barrier?" Gwyn's eyes shone in realization.

Under the cover of this barrier, McKenzie Theater was hidden from detection!

All sounds, all traces, everything completely disappeared.

Even if the Pale Hand went all-out to track them down, he probably still wouldn't be able to find this place. This was a high level Evil Spirit Barrier after all. Gwyn estimated that most Legends wouldn't be able to see through it.


Even if the Evil Spirit Barrier could stop Sky's chase, the two were about to face a very harsh challenge!

Countless Evil Spirits rushed up like waves ready to engulf them.

If not for the Theater being so big, these Evil Spirits might be able to just pile together and squeeze them to death!

"What next?"

Unconsciously, Gwyn was getting somewhat used to following Marvin.

Marvin looked toward the closest Evil Spirits and drew two daggers, excitement flashing through his eyes.

"Kill everything!"


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