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Chapter 341: Spirit Orb

Chapter 341: Spirit Orb
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Marvin thought that it was already quite fierce that the Night Kill passive specialty was able to increase his attributes.

But he hadn't thought he would be so pleasantly surprised when this specialty reached level 3!

[Night Kill (Hidden Specialty – Activated)]

Type: Passive/Upgradeable

Level: 3

Property 1: During the night, Attack Power +12%, Attack Speed +12%, Movement Speed +12%, Burst Power +12%, Reaction Speed +12%.

Property 2: You obtain the special ability [Spirit Orb].


One effect alone was enough to shock people.

Level 2 Night Kill raised those five stats by 6%, but Level 3 Night Kill raised them by 12%!

The stats all increased by more than a tenth now.

After Marvin reached Godly Dexterity, at night, Marvin's physical abilities already reached the limits of mankind!

With Night Kill's bonus, these stats completely exceeded the limits of mankind!

This meant that in battle, he could rely on his body's physical abilities to completely crush his opponents!

After all, there were countless experts in this world who had reached 28 – 29 Dexterity, but there were only a few who reached Godly Dexterity!

Natives weren't like Marvin. They needed to break through bottlenecks to increase their own power.

And the attributes' 30 point bottleneck was extremely challenging for the natives. Not to mention, running speed and burst power were outside the scope of Godly Dexterity.

In the field of Dexterity alone, Marvin was no longer a beginner who just stepped into the Legendary realm!


What was a little more surprising was that second property, [Spirit Orb].

Its description was as follows: [Killing has already become your instinct. As such your body is now able to gather spirit.]

[You obtained a spirit orb. It is used to automatically absorb parts of the spirit of the lifeforms you kill. Killing will charge the Spirit Orb and when it is filled you can gain a formidable killing skill!]

Even though the character window didn't have a clear explanation of this skill and the Spirit Orb was currently gray, Marvin was still excited.

In Feinan, all spirit-related killing skills were extremely powerful spells or abilities such as [Banshee Wail], [Soul Split], or the ability of the exiled of the Dead Area, [Mind Spike]. These were all first rate abilities.

Once this Spirit Orb was filled, Marvin would have one more hidden card in his hand!

Taking advantage of the fact that the Evil Spirits weren't attacking him yet, Marvin hurriedly took a glance at the details of the Spirit Orb and only saw [0/200].

'Need to kill two hundred?' Marvin tried to interpret the meaning behind this.

Naturally, it probably meant having two hundred spirits.

Regardless, the process of filling the Spirit Orb would take a long time. Marvin wasn't a Wizard after all. He couldn't just use a spell to casually harvest a great number of souls.

Everything would have to be tested in actual combat.


Apart from this, the Night Walker level up also gave him 36 Skill points, and those were temporarily put aside by Marvin because he found nothing special among the skills unlocked at level 7. He would rather save his skill points for now, and if there was a pretty good skill at later levels, spend everything on that.

After leveling up, Marvin was full of confidence. Level 19 meant that he was close to being a Half-Legend. This was the first step to reaching the top of Feinan.

But unfortunately, before he could break away from his happiness, those hateful Evil Spirits once again engulfed the stage under the command of Max who was no longer only thinking with its stomach!

This time, the Theater Spirit was clearly angry.

It transformed all the objects in the theater into frightening Evil Spirit lifeforms and made them attack the stage.

Regardless of whether it was carpets, chairs, or chandeliers, everything was turned into monsters with barbed tips, tentacles, or fangs!

Despite Marvin being strong-minded, he couldn't help feeling cold when he saw that scene.

This was really too frightening.

With his own strength he wouldn't be able to keep withstanding them.

Thinking of this, he clenched his teeth and took out Brilliant Purple from his storage item!

After the end of the Planar War, Marvin went to buy some more Dragon Tooth rounds from Constantine in order to be prepared for accidents. But he hadn't expected Constantine to helplessly tell him that he had already used up all he had. To make more of those powerful killing tools, he would have to gather a lot of important ores. These ores were very uncommon and priceless. The current White River Valley and River Shore City, even with the Ashes Tower on top, would need more than a week to gather them.

And Constantine also had to make the [Dragon Tooth]s himself.

Marvin could only take the remaining Dawn Light and leave White River Valley.

This Dawn Light was the only artillery shell left for Brilliant Purple. After using it, the Legendary Weapon would be nothing more than a decoration for a while!

But the Evil Spirits were like a sea, rushing toward him crazily under the control of the Theater Spirit.

Marvin could only suffer a loss in order to protect Gwyn who was still focused on his Perception.

But suddenly, the Vampire glowing with a faint red light opened his eyes. "I found the core!"


Saruha, Gnome's Residential District.

A ghostly figure swept across every corner of Saruha's Residential District area.

His expression was extremely serious. He suddenly stopped at an empty spot.


'That kid's aura obviously went through here, why did it suddenly disappear?'

'If he had a way to hide his aura, he would have used it long ago. No way he would use it here.'

Pale Hand Sky had an ashen face.

If he couldn't track down Gwyn in a closed off area like Saruha, he would become a laughingstock!

After all, he was a Legend who had been famous for many years. One of the two sole Legends in the Dark Side!

But reality was very cruel.

The aura of Vampire Gwyn suddenly disappeared here.

'Could they have met something unexpected?' Sky tried to guess.

At that time, he looked ahead.

He could faintly see a mechanical door that was half opened.

'Could they have found a way to hide their aura and then entered another area?'

The Pale Hand frowned before clenching his teeth and sprinting toward the mechanical door!

He had expected to see rusted steel everywhere.

But he was in fact welcomed by a rotting smell and desolation.


"Evil Spirits again."

Sky retched, clearly in discomfort.

Vampires were all a bit mysophobic, and Evil Spirits were the filthiest things in the world.

He naturally felt disgusted.

But disgust aside, the Legendary Vampire was still a powerhouse. He noticed the dark green altar in the distance with one glance!

'Desolate Ancient Altar? These are the coordinates of the Evil Dragon Cemetery.'

The Pale Hand hid his body and slowly moved forward.

Soon, the altar was revealed in front of him.

Two Evil Spirit Envoys had their foreheads linked as they were chanting something.

A green radiance flickered on the altar and a strong sinister force flowed here from the distant Evil Dragon Cemetery!

Coldness flashed through Sky's eyes.

As he couldn't find Gwyn, he was in a bad mood. Since these two Evil Spirit Envoys were on his path, he might as well take care of them!

He had to remove this stain.

The next moment, Sky passed through the Shadow Plane and broke through the barrier of the Desolate Ancient Altar.

The Legend Vampire displayed his powerful assassination abilities. When he appeared behind the two Evil Spirit Envoys, the two simply didn't react!


Sky smiled sinisterly, the thin long daggers in his hands slashing down ruthlessly like an executioner's blade!

In that instant, the two Evil Spirit Envoys looked like they just woke up from a dream.

But they didn't have time to block the blades.

As one of them was about to die, an angry roar echoed from the distant void and shook Sky's heart!


It was the roar of an Evil Dragon.

The Pale Hand was startled and his body became sluggish.

The hands holding the daggers stiffened in mid air and didn't continue their slashes.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, The Evil Spirit Envoy rolled and avoided this deadly attack!

Then, a flickering green light appeared on the Desolate Ancient Altar.

Sky disappeared and reappeared a dozen steps away from the altar's location.

His face was pale. He knew that staying close to the altar after missing his move was simply courting death!

In a flash, a huge Dragon's head suddenly formed. The Dragon's eyes were the size of a man.

Sky coldly watched the Dragon's head, tightly holding onto his long blades. "Hehe, Tidomas…"

"Throwing away a Projection's life?"


McKenzie Theater, middle of the stage.

"For real? Where?" Marvin happily asked.

"In the back!"

Gwyn decisively turned and charged backstage.

That was the theater's changing room!

Marvin instantly got on the move and the two used their frightening movement speed to shake off the Evil Spirits' net, ultimately rushing backstage.

In the pitch-black changing room, countless large mirrors were set up.

"It's around here!"

Gwyn's eyes swept over the surroundings impatiently.

But at that time, the originally peaceful mirrors showed all sorts of scenes.

Some displayed Gnomish actors and actresses hurriedly putting on makeup.

Some displayed the theater's staff reprimanding the performers.

And even more shocking… Marvin pointed to a mirror in which a pair of Gnomes was mating, "Ancient Gnomes are quite open-minded, they can even do it in the changing room."

Gwyn was speechless.

A low and cold laugh suddenly echoed beside the duo's ears.